Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cats, etc...



"Happiness is like a cat
- If you try to coax it or call it, it will avoid you. It will never come.   But if you pay no attention to it and go about your business, you'll find it rubbing against your legs and jumping into your lap.   So forget pursuing happiness.   Pin your hopes on work, on family, on learning, on knowing, on loving. Forget pursuing happiness, pursue other things, and with luck happiness will come."
                                                                                                - William Bennett

Speaking of cats,  Krissy and I have submitted our kitties to ratemykitten.com.  If you want to view them
and click each picture and give them a nice high number I would appreciate it =)!!  If you have any feline friends at home, submitting your cat photos is alot of fun!  I can get lost for a long time on this site.  It is so happy!  A companion dog site is linked to it as well for all the dog lovers out there!

Baby has been driving me CRAZY the past three days with this rubber fish.  He has been making me play fetch with it from sun up until bedtime.  Hours upon hours of tossing this rubber fish.  If I don't play he whines.  My cat whines.  The only way to make him stop whining is to toss this stupid, rubber fish.  The thing is, he doesn't drop it right at my feet like a dog would while playing fetch.  He brings it about half-way back into the room.  So I am getting my exercise.  I tried hiding the fish, but he found a nice piece of rope to play fetch with instead and that is even harder to toss, so I brought the rubber fish back out.  Silly cat.  Baby and Honey are finally starting to play with each other, too.  Finally after a year and a half they tolerate each other to a degree and even romp with each other at night.  They don't play during the day, but I hear them while I am in bed and see evidence of their play in the morning.  It is about time.  Oh my goodness, Baby just got onto my computer table and is into my yogurt.  Anyone want a cat?

One of my dearest friends in the whole wide world wrote a wonderful entry
in her blog about my journal.  She just started blogging herself and has a positive, serene and happy place already!  I wanted to thank her from the bottom of my heart for such an awesome entry!!  Thanks, sister-friend!!    Go have a look at her wonderful journal and say hello and tell her Valerie sent you!

This week is National Hurricane Awareness Week
.  They are expecting 80% more hurricane activity than last year.  I subscribe to the Emergency Email and Wireless Network.  You may want to as well!  Here is their linkThis site can provide you with  free reports and alerts, direct to your email or cellphone, on breaking natural disasters, homeland security issues, health alerts, etc. from your local, regional and national government sources.  Please become educated!

I will be back tomorrow with "Wordplay".  Hope everyone is having a nice Spring day! xox


  1. I'm pleased you're getting your exercise too! How good that Baby and Honey are getting on well now! My two are getting on like a house on fire after ten days! I'll email a pic to you. Thanks for the links, I'll go and visit. Jeannette xx

  2. Well Val, after oo-ing the kitty pix and voting accordingly, I took a dip into the pool of "Serendipity" it was certainly all it claims!  Namaste.  Cathy

  3. Wow.  your main coon is HUGE!  They all look like happy cats.

    Have you heard of another site called catster.com?
    here's a link:  
    Deb's cat Darby has a page on there somewhere.


  4. Cats are amazing creatures...with all the activity outside, my 6 month old cat is experiencing spring and summer for the first time.

  5. I'm not thrilled about the predictions of the hurricanes hitting our area. Oh well.....In God's hands.


  6. I sure hope the hurricane predications are wrong this year.  Take care.

  7. Happiness is definitely my two kitties... well, mostly just the one as the other one is kinda mean and still feral, but I do love her too.  lol

    I will check it out and vote for you gals!

    be well,

  8. Happiness IS like a cat!  And I LOVE those kitties!!!

    Krissy at Hope Lodge

  9. armstrongcourierMay 24, 2006 at 2:42 AM

    I am new to this blog business and yours was the first I have ever read. You should write a book about adventures with your cats. I was very entertained. I am about to go to ratemykitten to see your putty-tats. Mine are there also.See "Reba".
    You are a happy soul. It comes through in your writing. ~Joanne

  10. Great journal and sorry you are having constant pain.

    I'm dealing with some myself.

    I know about Chiari. Our grandson was operated on at 3 months and is fine now.

    Mary Louise


  11. Hi Val :-) I will check out the kitty site and vote for yours of course!! I might even put pics of my two on there!! I hope you don't get hurricanes!! Sometimes this country drives me mad but at least I don't have to worry about that.......thinking of you :-)
    hugs Debbie ~xxxx~

  12. Your kitty and the fish is great.    Salty and his bone's are my constant enjoyment.    He has his growl when I reach for the bone.   Then I get him excited and he puts the bone in his mouth next to me on the bed and then quickly snatches it away.    He is teasing me with it to let me know what a trickey dog he is.     I throw him the stick in the pen and he races and gets it.   I squat down and act like I want him to bring it to me and he races toward me and goes around me and runs back to the other end.     He has a one track mind.    I do not think he is trainable.   lol   mark


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