Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Your Pet Stars!!...

I had a blast reading about everyone's pets throughout the week!  Thanks for stopping by and telling me all about your little critters and what they mean to you!  Wow, it was really amazing to hear some of the tales where they came from and to about their antics and how they are a part of your families.  I encourage you to read some of the comments about everyone's animals.  If you are an animal person like me, it will really touch you.  I found it very, very interesting that most readers had rescued pets from the S.P.C.A. or abused animals that they took in from others.  It really warmed my heart.  It made me realize that we are truly a warm-hearted, caring bunch.  I took a tally of what everyone had and I came up with 18 cats, 17 dogs, two rats, one guinea pig, one hamster, one rabbit, and a litter of unnamed doggies.  How many are in your litter, Kelley?  I could be wrong on a couple of the rats/guinea pigs/hamsters as I was looking at pictures and I was just not quite sure what was what!  LOL  I was very interested in the names so here they are in no particular order.  I wanted to say hello to and shout out to and make a star of...

Tiny Masters, Sara, Amber, Sabrina, Smokey, Sunshine, Jake, Koda (Matt's Koda of the Big Sky), Pumpkin, Liberty (Libby), Tina, Lightning, Pumpkin, Ellie, Jake, Frodo, Bruce Lee, Scarface, Sidney Yankee, Serenity, Nino Brown, PeeWee, Cleo (and her unnamed litter!!), Foxy Cleopatra, Socks, Midnight, Baby, Big Kitty, Kokoapuffy (Sissy), Raisin, Casper, Kirby, Cocoa, Smokey (Smo-Cat), Sundown (Boo), Scooby, Jasmine Mystic Rain, Shayane Heaven's Angel, Little Bear, Mystique D' Aleigh, Cherokee Flying Eagle, Salty Dog, and Michael.... phew... Did you get to the end?? LOL

As promised, here are the pictures that were sent to me by readers...

This is
Angela's Ellie.  She is a white, purebred, shepherd puppy.  Angela was originally looking for a male dog she could name Elvis, but fell in love with this dog, a female and named her Ellie...


This is Ellie's mother, Fraulein...


This is
cat, Pumpkin.  She's three and Roberta got her in a shelter.  Her original name was Cheddar so she changed her name to Pumpkin...


This hefty Main Coon darling is my
sister Krissy's
and her husband John's kitty cat, Michael.  He is a real sweetie.  I have been taking care of him for a month since my sister and John have been out of town.  He is so lovable and so, so good.  She saved his life when he was a kitten.  Originally she was going to get a female kitten promised to her named Michaela, but that fell through, so she ended up getting a male kitty cat instead.  She named him Michael after Michaela.  He was so sick when he was a baby and that is why she got him, so she could nurse him back to health.  She and John saved his life!  Now that is so sweet, Krissy and John!...


Kelley from Life at Our House (private journal) sent me several pictures.  She has quite a few animals!!...

This is Hannah with their ferret Socks...


Cleo with her puppies!!...


This is a blind kitty they rescued from out in the rain.  They call him Baby...


Hope everyone enjoyedall of the pets!  I really had a great time!  This took me awhile to put together, and I am sure took you guys awhile to read, so I will be back later today or early tomorrow to post "Wordplay".  Have a wonderful day!! xox


  1. Just catching up with you all Val and found this lovely entry.Take care. {{{Hugs}}}
    Sylvia xx

  2. sweet entry; Koda says thanks for the shout out! I like the pictures of the other pets. John and Krissy's cat is sooooo cute


  3. I read this to Tiny today and she was so honored to be named first.  Which, she says is the way it should be. LOL  Great entry and Whew!  I bet that took you awhile.  We are all blessed to have these wonderful creations in our lifes.  My life just would not be the same without Tiny.  She has listened and not talked back for years now.  Thanks Val! Barbara

  4. Wow, what a precious, precious entry Val!  My favorite pet is Michael! ;)  


  5. What a lovely entry ,I didnt realise you wanted a pic I posted Scooby on my own journal ,last Fiday!Durr got it wrong again ,Did you see it? lol ...........Jan xx

  6. Hi Val, what a great entry, you made a really good job of it!  Thanks for mentioning Jake, though I saw another Jake there, I wonder who he belongs to? :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  7. I love your entry, awesome. What gorgous animals. I haven't been able to read many jouurnals lately due to work so I missed out on alot. Wish I knew you wanted animal pics and stories casuse I sure have some,lol . Have a great day! Glad John is doing better!


  8. Tally one more up for the cats!  MARTA!  

  9. Love the pets:) we have 5 4 kittys and 1 dog



  11. i think they all so cute but then im a sucker for animals lol

  12. Thank you, Val. This was so much fun.....Seeing all of the darling pets and the babies with the mommy. Awe!!!! : )
    What a great idea. So you! : ) : ) : )

  13. hello sweetie thnaks for including my pets too bad peewee and midnight could not scan then we have the big boy cross eyed kitty who adopted us when we first moived in her lol GOd bless kelley

  14. What a FUN entry ... really made me smile to read about the pets that we have included in our lives.  I'd be lost without my Toby or now our Lady who recently joined us even after we said we would NEVER have more than one dog.  HOW that happened, I'm not sure, got blindsided I think.  (Sonny's brother couldn't keep her and I didn't want her going to the pound)


  15. I enjoyed seeing and reading about all the animals from J land.   mark

  16. Hey girl.  Long time no talk.  Sorry I am behind on my alerts.  I am trying to catch up this weekend.  The pets entry turned out so well.  Thank you for doing such a nice tribute to the pets.  You're a sweetheart.  I hope to talk to you soon.  I'm always thinkin about ya though!!  Hugs, Barb  

  17. Awwwwww! way cute pets, Val! I loved this entry.



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