Saturday, March 18, 2006

Oxymoron List and "Up Close With Val"!...

                "Hold a true friend with both your hands."
- A Nigerian Proverb

I'm glad it's the weekend again.  I give myself permission to be a bit slower on the weekends.  I do a bit less housework and worry a less about things getting done and I rest a bit more.  I tend to maybe watch movies, find alone time, or do things that I have neglected that are fun.  Weekends are more about me.  During the weekdays, I don't work during the day and I don't have a family to take care of and yet I still wonder why my days are filled with so many things to do!  Sometimes it gets crazy.  I have been feeling like I have been spinning my wheels lately and haven't been accomplishing much.  I hate that feeling.  I don't feel like I am getting behind, though, so that's good.  Spring weather usually brings on a burst of energy for me, so bring it on!  Spring is in two days!  I hope it brings on Spring-like weather!  In my area, the change of season doesn't necessarily coincide with change in weather.  It has been very cold and even snowing this past week.  Ah, I just want to open my windows and smell that Spring air!  It will be soon, though.

I was very, very pleased and excited by the list of oxymorons we all came up with!  I was worried that there would be little participation, but we have a list of 22!  Some made me chuckle and some made me ponder as to where they came from.  Hmmm... I do wonder about the origins of words and expressions alot.  Thanks for participating, you guys!!  Here is the list:

          jumbo shrimp
               last chance
          working vacation
          deafening silence

          lowfat salami                
          dry ice
          icy hot                            (thank you, Kellen!)
          spend thrift                    (thank you, Mark!)
          defensive strike              (thank you, Roberta!)
          "friendly" killer whale    (thank you, Kathy!)
          idealistic realist              (thank you, Angela!)
          pretty ugly                      (thank you, Barbara! [queenb])
          open secret                  
          clearly misunderstood
          black light
          cold sweat
          extinct life
          plastic glasses
          tight slacks
          found missing 
          silent scream
          clear as mud                   (thank you, Barbara! [mastersblynn])
          a little pregnant              (thank you, Betty!)             


I have an installment of "Up Close With Val" for you today!!  These are always fun for me!  If you have a guess as to what the object below in the photo is, put your guess in the comments section or send me an email at  I will announce the first correct guesser in a day or two.  Have fun!!


I'm off to go jump in my warm bed.  It's just been too windy and chilly this past week.  Enjoy your weekend, everyone! xox


  1. Theres you telling how its OK to take it easy at the weekend which Iwas wholeheartedly agreeing with then you show us these pics and make us guess ,Oh my brain hurts lol ,.......Jan xx

  2. Inside your wall? Barbara

  3. Closet rod.  To hang clothing on.
    Hugs, Lu

  4. a grinding wheel have a good weekend


  5. Yep - closet rod for sure.  Blessings, Penny

  6. Hi Val,  Is it a water pipe?  :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  7. Looks like it has ice on it. An outdoor water pipe of some kind?

  8. PS love all of the oxymorons. : )

  9. Hot water tank? Or a sideways view of a radiator?
    Take care.
    Sylvia xxx

  10. loved the list of oxymorons! I bet your picture is of a step with ice on it??


  11. I'm gonna have to guess pipes in your house.

  12. love the proverb and oxymorins. hmm the pic looks like ice to me and wood.


  13. hello friend those were some cleaver ones people came up with lol thank you for sharing i could not think of any just drew a blank too much in my mind already i guess lol i think the picture looks like the stecco or water pipe or floor of the basement floor from the basment looking up have  a good restful weekend i will be busy as usual God bless kelley

  14. love the oxymoron thingies :)...........Jules

  15. My first crack at one of these... and probably way off.... but the shaft on the right looks like the spindle of clock.. and the hands... so that is my wild guess... a clock face.  
    Oh, well, I tried.  It was fun.


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