Monday, March 6, 2006

Pet Stars Part 2!...

Look see!  Look see!  I'm on the Face Wall!  I submitted my picture about two months ago.  Neat!  Did you submit your photo?

I had so many additional, inspiring stories about journaler's pets this week!  I have had a grin all week reading the stories and looking at the pictures that have appeared in my email box!  Thanks so much for sending them everyone!  I wanted to do an additional shoutout to these five dogs and six cats!:

Hi Toby, Lady, Marta, Katinka, Cinnamon, Kiki, Scooby, Tipsy, Pandora, Shadow, and Skippy!!  Give your furry friends a pat for me everyone =D =D!!

Here are the wonderful pictures that were submitted to me.  I had so much fun viewing them!!:

, who is incidentally traveling right now, sent me these two pictures of Katinka.  She is a Maine Coon.  Maine Coons have enough fur for several cats!  I know this by brushing Michael so much!  Have a fun and safe trip, Jeannette!



sent me this darling picture of Scooby.  Scooby is a rescued doggie that has lots of wrinkles on his face, but not on his body.  He is a shar pei.  He is very gentle according to Jan.


submitted these two pictures of her darling Pomeranians.  The first one is of Kiki who is a year old.  This is her favorite spot.  She is the queen of the house.


Here are Cinnamon and Kiki together.  Cinnamon is six.  This is Angelrose's favorite picture of the two of them.


sent me several pictures.  She has quite a few pets!  The first picture is of Shadow and Pandora.  She named Pandora after Pandora's Box.


This is Stoker.  He is named after the movie Stoker Ace.


This darling kitty is Skippy.  He is named after Skippy Peanut Butter.  As a matter of fact, my kitty cat, Baby's,  very favorite treat, even more than steak or chicken is peanut butter.  Hmmm..


Finally, this is Tipsy, named because of the way she walks.


I wanted to add recent pictures of Michael, Honey and Baby, just because they are my favorite kitties in the whole wide world and because they are recent photographs taken in the last week.  Baby is 17, maybe 18 pounds now!!  Michael is 25 pounds!!  Wow!!




I'm glad you all enjoyed the pets.  It has been truly a blessing to see all of them!  Have a good week, everyone! xox



  1. Tiny wants to know where her picture is!  She loved this entry. Barbara

  2. What a lovely entry.  Wish I had known you were doing it and I would have sent in pictures of our boys.  Really cheered me up Val, thank you.

  3. P.S. Cannot get on the face wall, it is only for Americans :(

  4. Hi Val,  How nice to see more photos of the beloved pets of J-Land.  I`ve seen those photos of Katinka before, isn`t she regal looking? And Jan`s Scooby is a real sweetheart. :o)

    Sandra xxxxxx

  5. this is soooo cool, thanks for sharing and making me smile!!


  6. I saw you on the journal page. HOW CUTE YOU ARE......LOL!
    And all of these wonderful animals can really make one smile A LOT!


  7. Awesome!!!  loved the pics and learning about everyones fur babies!

    be well,

    ps... send Krissy and John my love and tell them they are in my ferverent prayers...

  8. Thank you so much for doing this for the babies:) yes i call them our babies they are famous:)


  9. Caught your photo on the face wall, and loved those dog & cat pics! Now I just know I have to get myself a digital


  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos.  I am going to have to go over to the face wall!!  Do me a favor Val?  Say an extra prayer for my son and DIL's kitty Oscar.  He is only about 2 but he is at the Vet tonight with Kidney failure.  He had been sick one night and they took him in for tests. It doesn't look good. There is a chance but only a slight one that he can survive.  You know how I feel about cats, but I LOVE Oskie (as we call him).  They think that he was poisoned somehow.  I sure hope it wasn't on purpose.  They let Oscar & Biggs roam the neighborhood and Oscar doesn't know a stranger. These cats are my DIL's babies and she will be crushed if anything happens. Will try to catch up in an email tomorrow ... hopefully.  LOL
    Love and Hugs,

  11. I saw your face on the "wall"  How cool is that!!! :-)  I didn't know anything about it until you mentioned it.  I also enjoyed all the pictures .. I got sidetracked and forgot to send my Toby picture - sorry :-(


  12. All of these are so cute!! Fun to see other J-landers pets. Thanks, Val, for organizing this all.


  13. hello friend so cute they all are I am thinking about doing something like this in my journal it was fun to see all the animals and get to know all about them thank you for sharing have a good dya Gods bless kelley



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