Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Kaleidoscope and "Wordplay"!...

Hidey-ho and happy Wednesday, everyone =) !!  Seems Spring wants to be winter in my area.  It's been a bit cold and I still need my electric blanket.  The daffodils are peaking through, though, and things are looking a little bit greener.

Saturday's "Up Close" picture seemed hard until I added the second picture, then three readers guessed it correctly!!  The first correct guesser was Chuck
from Dribble by Chuck.  I had the biggest chuckle at what he wrote.  This was his guess:

     " Gad... a brass tube resting on a wooden block.  Two discs, very corroded,
        and the end one very decorative, good gosh.  What the heck.  some kind of
        kitchen implement judging by the corroded disc...but what.  The discs must      
        rotate, but not on the brass tube... All right, this time I guess an antique
        kelidoscope... Cant wait to see more... I have a suspicion that I wont know
        what it is even when I see all of it."

Yes, it is an antique, or vintage kaleidoscope.  I should have polished it before I took a picture of it.  Does anyone know how to polish brass?  Ramblin' Man Rich
and Roberta from Bert's World also guessed the picture correctly!  Good job, guys!!  Here is your blue ribbon, Chuck!:



I found this kaleidoscope at a local thrift store that I volunteer at.  I got it for $15... half price off of $30!  I was looking up vintage kaleidoscopes on ebay yesterday and couldn't find any that looked similar to this one.  I found some that were just brass tubes for $99.  I couldn't find any that had the stained glass wheels.  Interesting.  When I look through this at the light it is incredible.  I wish I could show you pictures of the inside!  The second wheel behind the colored wheel has textured glass without color.  You can "set" the kaleidoscope either on a color or a texture.  I have a love of glass and art, so this was a nice find.  I can sit with this for long periods of time and just stare into it.  I really do need to clean it up, though.  So, DOES anyone know how to clean brass?


So, today is Wednesday and time for "Wordplay".  If anyone has any suggestions for future Wordplays put your suggestions in the comments section or send me an email.  I will give you credit!  I have a couple of questions for you guys today...

     1.  In the English language, we make most of our words plural by
        adding an "s" or an "es".  There is one word, and only one that we      

            make plural by adding an "en".  Can you name it?  hint:  no it is NOT    
            children, that is an "ren".

    2.  There are only four words in the English language which end in
.   Can you name them?

Put your answers in the comments section or send them to me in an email at  Good luck!

Have a lovely day, everyone! xox


  1. I sent you mine. Barbara

  2. I would have so picked up that kaleidoscope myself!  Not only is it an interesting conversation piece, I bet it's beautiful to look at the colors of the glass and the designs it must make.  I'll pass on the word play - my brain is not functioning at the moment.


  3. Can you buy brasso ,in the States thats what I would use ,failing that brown sauce is a good cleaner for brass ,spread a thin layer onto the part to be cleaned leave for a while... polish it off voila !...........Jan xx

  4. Hey!  I guessed kaleidoscope!  Yes, I HAVE seen it before, that doesn't disqualify me from guessing it right, lol.  So you should have mentioned me in your journal as a right guesser, lololol.

    Krissy still at Hope Lodge  

  5. Tremendous, horrendous, stupendous, and hazardous.

    have no idea about the "en".  Would say women but that isn't adding it is changing.


  6. hello friend not even close was I lol it is pretty thiugh now that i have seen the whol thing lol hope you get some enjoyment out of it the word play i have no clue cant wait to see the answers have a great day GOd bless kelley

  7. stupendous, horrendous...fabulous, magnanimous.
    Cant think of the en words.

    As for brass, I've heard lemon juice, baking soda (a little on a wet rag) or vinegar and water.....Frankly I wouldn't use vinegar but who knows.
    Knowing me, I'd use Colgate original formula white tooth paste on a soft cloth. : )


  8. last word has no d. LOL!

  9. wow, that kaliedoscope was beautiful! Loved reading the story about it.

    no clues on the wordplay today; too many typing words and brain tired, LOL


  10. buy brasso it really cleans up nicely


  11. I like the kalidescope.  Very cool!  I love looking at antiques.  The past has always fascinated me.  
    Look for my answers to will be tomorrow probably.

  12. I sent you my answers Sissy.


  13. I see that Readmereadyou got all four, I had guessed two.    I would guess children, but that would be like women.    I wonder if you could shine a flashlight through the kaliedoscope and project the image on a wall.   Antique's are great.    mark

  14. If you find kaleidoscopes fascinating, go to or

  15. Hiya Val~kewl kaleidescope! Sassy ;-)

  16. I didn't look back through all the comments to see if anyone suggested Brasso.  Brasso is a special combo metal polish for 'brass' , imagine that.  And, oh where do you get it?  Online I suppose or your local Ace hardware or OSH.


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