Friday, March 3, 2006

"Wordplay", Update on Krissy...

  "My second favorite household chore is ironing.  My first one
    being -- hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint."
     -Erma Bombeck

Good morning all and happy Friday!  I think this quote is hilarious!  When I read it for the first time I laughed and laughed and laughed... I don't iron.  If something needs to be ironed it is not worn.  I buy clothes that are wash and wear.  If it is wrinkled it goes to the back of my closet and doesn't come out.  How lazy am I?  It gets thrown in the washer and then into the dryer and then gets hung up or folded.  If it doesn't look good after that, well, it is never worn again.  LOL  I have the luxury of doing this because I have too many clothes.  I need to give some away, in fact.  Anyone need any clothes?

I talked to Krissy a couple of days ago and she wanted me to let everyone know that the computer at the Hope House is no longer available for use.  I think it died.  She went to the library and that one is not available for her either, so she is not able to do any entries.  She can't access her journal or her email.  She sends her love and wanted everyone to know that she does not know when she will be able to have access to a proper computer.  On the positive side, if you have not read her MDS journal yet, you will want to know that John is doing great!!  He got test results back that show that his immune system is now 84% of the donor's immune system.  In other words, the transplant is working!!  84% is an extremely high number for the first test!!  Your prayers and love are working!!  Thank you all!!


I was thinking about what to do for "Wordplay" today all morning.  If anyone has any ideas about future "Wordplay" installments, let me know!  I will give you credit!  Christina, I have yours!  I love it and will use it soon!  So, I think I will talk about nicknames today....

Do you have any nicknamesWhat are they How did you get themIs there a funny story behind themWhat about childhood nicknames?

Leave your answers in the comments section or write your responses in your own journal and leave the URL to your entry so I can go read them!!

My answer:  I am called "Val", which is, of course, shortened from Valerie.  I am also, "Mom" and "Mommy".  My other nickname is "Lav".  I have had that for many years.  That comes from childhood when my younger sister wrote my name all over the bathroom wall.  She was just learning to write and she spelled it backwards!  I have been called "Goosebumps" by a couple of friends because I get goosebumps easily.  I was also called, and I can't believe I am telling you this, "Spanky" because I looked like Spanky from the Little Rascals for awhile.  That was when I was little.  I also had a couple of nicknames as a child that I WILL NOT mention because my siblings were cruel.  LOL  I haven't really had too many nicknames as an adult, though.

What are/were your nicknames?

On another note, I was thinking about doing a second entry on pets because more readers came back and told me about their critters.  If you would like to send me pictures of your pet, please do so!!  I would love to see them and hear about them!!  Thanks!!

Have a good day, all! xox



  1. hello sweetie i hate irioning too and have to everyday my uniform for work arggg good news with john and krissy praise God for that hope they can come home soon they are probably more then ready too lol ok now for nicknames well in junior high I was nicnamed flirt because I was voted biggest flirt for the yearbook then now just mommy mine by hannah lol and treasure and blessing by my sweet hubby but my heavenly father calles me his too and his bride and chosen one Guila has a nickname we have called her La La since she was a baby and princess that is all our girls thoiugh and pandra is doodle and hannah is called her middle name cooper and bannana so there is my family oh my hubby i have called him pretty eyes since we first started dating and lovely ok enough lol have a good weekend God bless kelley

  2. So happy to hear he is doing so well. Puts a big smile on my heart. : ) : ) : )

    Nicknames.....Hmmm. The usual for my name: Angel, Angie, Ang, Ann.....I answer to all of them. : )


    PS......My sister-in-law's real name is Marie but she's been call Pat all of her life because her father called her Pat-a-cake as a toddler. She has two sisters. One's nickame is peachy because she was the rosey complected child in the family and she has another sister nicknamed hippy.....for obvious reasons but the funny thing is, I've known my sister-in-law and her family since I was eight and I don't know her sister's real names. LOL!

  3. I have had many nicknames throughout my life.  When I was in grade school the mean ones called me bug eyes...and no I have not forgotten who you were.  In eighth grade I got contact lenses and all those hateful boys wanted me for a girlfriend then...NOT.  My favorite nickname was given to me by my little sister.  She called me name backwards.  Over the years I have been called Babs, Barbie and Barb.  Any of these will do, but I answer to Barbara most often. Hugs, Barbara

  4. Hi Krissy!  I miss you!  I am so glad that John is doing well.  You are in my daily thoughts and prayers! Barbara

  5. More pets would be great!  LOL

    I don't really have a normal nickname because Dawn is short already.  That being said, my dad called me Charlie growing up.  I had friends that called me Darla.  My husband calls me 'hon' or Ed.      Yes, Ed.  From the cartoon Ed, Edd, and Eddy.  I also call him Ed or Eddy.  lol Yes, silly I know.  I also used to be called 'MommyReptar' back when the kids watched Rugrats all the time... lol

    be well,

  6. Wonderful to hear that John is doing good! Keeping him and Krissy in my prayers.  Love the quote by Erma ... I don't even own an iron, maybe Sonny had one around here.  However, I don't touch the thing!

    I've had a few nicknames in the past - Mommika - it was my daycare children, Mon from my closest friends and some coworkers, Hamburger from my friends when I went to school in England because I didn't like the idea of eating fish n chips wrapped in newspaper so guess what I ate!  Goldfinger from my dad for the longest time ... I have to give the FULL story.  He saw me with something in my finger it looked like (according to my dad) ummm poop.  However, it was PEANUT BUTTER and I thought I was going to get caught sticking my finger in the PB jar and get in trouble.  Instead I lived with that nickname for AGES.  I wouldn't be surprised if he's in Heaven right now laughing about that nick name.  I never did stick my finger in PB again!  Of course, there have been other nicknames that have come and gone (thank goodness!)


  7. It's good to hear that John is doing well.  I sure Krissy is frustrated not having access to a computer.  Hopefully soon they'll be home and everything will be back to normal.  Thanks for letting us know...Linda in Washington state

  8. First of all, tell Krissy that we love her and John and are still praying! Nicknames?  Well, my sisters called me Penelope Jane (my full name is just Penny), Syl-Char-Shar-Penny! by my mom, tons of people have called me Nickel over the years, I've been Pixie - my nickname as a teen (I was cute and impish) - and Mommy, Mama, Honey, Sweetheart, Flame Top (I kept my hair red for years), Henny Penny, Grandma and Beloved.  God calls me His beloved.  Amen  Penny

  9. thanks for the update on Krissy/John, Val. Tell them I'm thinkign about them and praying for them.

    I don't have a nickname. But my son has one; His name is Matt, but I call him "Guy". Why, I'm not sure. Just something I started and stuck with.

    Koda has a nickname, LOL. Matt calls him Buddy and he gets very upset if anyone else calls him Buddy; he just wants it between him and Koda.


  10. I'm so glad John is doing well, He and Krissy are in my thoughts and prayers. Give them my love when you see them. I'll email you a couple of photos of Katinka, my Maine Coon. Have a good weekend. Jeannette.  

  11. I'm like you, I don't iron, if it's wrinkled I don't wear it, hubby irons...
    Tell Krissy and John Hi, I will have to send them some paper mail soon...
    Have a great Sunday!
    Linda :)

  12. How Erma is so true and poignant.   She is a master at leading you on till the other shoe drops.   The news about John is the most wonderful answer to his and Krissy and you and the entire family including all the J land ppl that have been hoping and praying for his recovery.   His emotions must be drained going from the lows of his learning of his condition and subsequent illness to the incredible grafting of his bone marrow transplant.   Krissy has been on the roller coaster with him along with their entire family.   This has to be the most spectacularly dramatic moment since their wedding in their lives.   May he continue to get better and better.   He has entered the light at the end of the tunnel, for sure.    My nicknames were M.T., Trib, Tribs and for some reason the family dentist and member of our Father/Son "Indian Guides" meetings called me Marco Polo, but only when I was in the dentist chair.   My Indian Guide name was "Flying Eagle", and my Dad's was "Sitting Eagle".   It makes me truly happy remembering that time of my life!   So many memories that have faded away are brought back by the questions in J land ppls journals.    mark

  13. Glad to hear John is doing so well, that is wonderful news

  14. My parents called me Ol' Bean when I was really little.  I think's just because of the Anglophiles that exist in my family.  My English teacher Freshman year could never pronounce my name and called be Kellum.  I'm still teased about that to this day.  

  15. So glad to hear that John is doing well.......Nickname? I used to be called Tommy back when I was little...the name sticks as far as some of my older relatives are concerned. Oh, btw, whenever I try to iron clothes I tend to burn


  16. Just checkin' in to see how you are, Doodle! Hope you had a good weekend!


  17. Yay!  Thanks for the update.  Tell them hugs upon hugs, please.  LOVE Erma!  I won't EVEN get started on my nicknames over the years. ;)  C.

  18. I had a couple of nicknames when I was a kid.  Dad called me Peepot.  I was a bed wetter. My grandpa called me Grasshopper..LOL  One year there was a horrible drought and the grasshoppers were taking over.  One day I had to go out with Granddad and it was SO hot, SO dry and SO dusty.  We had to ride through the fields with the windows shut.  The car was COVERED with grasshoppers.  He had to use the wipers to get them off.  I was terrified of them for years! I still hate them.  My babysitter's husband called me Barbarella.  He still does (since I was 5!!).  I had a couple of other stupid nicknames.  One of my girlfriends in school called me Bud Nevershave.  For the life of me I can't remember why.  LOL


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