Wednesday, March 8, 2006

"Wordplay" and the sex of the baby!

Chelsea had a sonogram done two days ago and they are 80% certain she is having a boy !! =D =D !!!  Proud grandma, here!!  Chelsea is coming to visit in May.  I bought her a ticket to stay for a week and her friends and I are having a baby shower for her!  I bought the ticket for her birthday.  Her birthday is March 12.  She will be 20 in four days.  I know what I was doing 20 years ago in four days :-o.  She WAS NOT an easy labor, but I won't go into that.


Chelsea is having a hard time agreeing on a name for her baby with the father.  I thought I would use that for "Wordplay" today.  This idea come from
Barbara as well.  She wanted to know how everyone came up with their children's names.  I would like to know as well.  How about your name, tooHow about middle namesAre there any family names that have been passed down through your family treeDo you have any "name stories" you would like to tell?  Leave your answers in the comments section or write an entry in your journal and come back and leave the URL to your entry so I can read it and comment!

My answer:  When I was pregnant with Chelsea and Matt, my husband and I decided that I could pick the girl names and he could pick the boy names.  We each could veto, but we never did.  I first heard of the name Chelsea from my sister Deirdre.  I had never heard of the name before and thought it was beautiful.  She was one of the first Chelsea's before the name became popular.  Her middle name is Ann, named after my mom, who is Barbara Ann.  My son is named Matthew Aaron.  I have a cousin with the name Matthew.  We really liked the name.  I think I came up with his middle name if I remember correctly.  My name, Valerie, was given to me because my mom said she knew a Valerie that was very poised and beautiful.  I like that!  I was almost named Monica, according to my Mom.  My middle name is Maire (pronounced mor-uh).  It's Gaelic for Mary.  The five girl siblings in my family all have forms of Mary for middle names - Maria, Miriam, Marie, Maire, and Maureen.

What about your nameYour kid's namesAny name stories?

On another note, I got a mammogram yesterday.  If you are a woman 40 and over, have you had your yearly one yet?  If not, call and set one up today!

Have a good rest of the week everyone! xox


  1. I never cared for my name Barbara Lynn until my Mom told me why she named me that.  Barbara came from her maid of honor and Lynn was the name of my Dad's best man thus Barbara Lynn.  Now I love it!  To think that they named me after two of their best friends is quite an honor. I only had one child.  His name is Eric Wayne.  Eric was the name of this really cute guy I remembered from childhood...Rick doesn't know that LOL and Wayne is Ricks middle name.  My big sister has a nephew who was around 6 at the time and he was so excited thinking I had named the baby after him.  I let him think this since it made him so proud.  If we would have had a girl, there would have been a war because I wanted to name her Anastasia Lindsey.  Anastasia...because I like that name and Lindsey after Ricks grandpas middle name.  Rick wanted to name her Stacy Lynn...which I tried to explain to him could be a nickname for the name I picked...He didn't get it.  Oh well there you go. Sorry so long...maybe I should have made this an entry in my own journal LOL Barbara

  2. Well I called Becky Rebecca because I had always loved the book and film.  Although Rebecca in the story does not come out too well someone says of her "she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen."  Also it is a Biblical name.  I was named Jeannette after the singer Jeanner MacDonald who was a particular favourite of my mother, although mine is not spelled the same way.  Dad wanted me to be called Leslie!  Names handed down in the family. Well, my second name is Mary and so is Becky's after my Grandmother, great-grandmother etc and also aunts.  If Becky had had a daughter then her second name was going to be Mary as well.
    Congratulations again. Woo hoo, a boy!

  3. The real story is that every girl in my family's middle name is Marie or Maria after Our Lady, unless of course it's their first name. LOL. Now, having said that, I wanted to name my daughter Carolyn after a girl I knew at school as a little girl who was the sweetest girl with a beautiful smile. My husband prefered the name we compromised and got Karen. My daughter doesn't like it and changed it to Kara (my father called her Cara which means "dear" or "dear one" in Italian).
    Wanted to name my son Keith (dumb reason......TV commercial....LOL). Anyway, my son was named Michael after his father and he got the middle name Keith which is just fine since it turned out he married a Norwegian girl whose brother's name is Keith (Psychic?). I'm named after my father's mother......Angela Simone.


  4. Anthony was after his father who had the middle name tony and Steven just seemed to go with it, Natalie was because there was a girl called Natalie in my class at school and I always wanted her name, Jane seemed to go with it and Barbara was added at ther baptism after my mum, who passed away not long after Natalie was born......................I was named after a song in the charts at the time I was born....................Jules xxx

  5. Hi Val,  Ever since I first heard the story of Daniel and the Lion`s Den in Sunday School when i was five, I wanted to have a little boy with that name.  Well I got my wish when at 25 I had my much longed for son.  He`s almost 29 now and I still love his name and always will! :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  6. Dear Gramma~ ;-) What a great present for both of you! Yay for Pisces! ;-) I have a cousin Lisa, who named her daughter Chelsea--it is a pretty name.
    My name stories? Well, ya know how a lot of people get carried away with one letter--that's me. Since I'm Deborah, my son is Dylan and my cat is Dustin. My middle name is Elizabeth after both Grammas. "Dylan" besdes being a D name I found in a book of names and also remembered I liked the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Since he's now 28, it was not at all popular yet. Dustin would have been my second son's name just because I like it, but since I didn't have another child I named the boy cat! I like Damon too. "Orion" is Dylan's middle name after the constallation. My dog is Teddy Bear cuz he is so much like one, my first stuffed animal I loved as a kid~so it kinda means LOVE too. :-) xox Sassy

  7. How exciting! A boy!!! Congrats to grandma and mom/dad to be.

    My son's name is also Matthew Aaron. He was named for my husband's grandfather (Matthew) and my husband's dad is Aaron.

    My daughter's name is Claire Louise. We wanted something different for a girl. At the time Sarah and Jennifer were popular names and although we liked them, we didn't want her to be one in a crowd, we wanted her to stick out. So we liked Claire. And then Louise seemed to go well with it. As it is, Claire is so uncommon that at times its hard to find personalized things for it like it is for Matt (coffee cups, magnets, etc).

    My mom liked the name Betty Jean for me; my dad wanted Donna Jean. Glad they settled on Betty than Donna. Nothing wrong with the name Donna, but I think I'm more of a Betty than a Donna.

    fun game :)


  8. Well, I don't have kids yet, but my parents were looking through a baby book and found my name and liked it and picked it.  They took three names to the hospital, Kyle, Kellen, and Daniel.  I think I'd like Daniel, cause then I'd go by Danny...(Oh Danny Boy, the pipes the pipes are calling, from glen to glen, and down the mountain side...)
    My middle name, Edward, is my grandfather's name.  My confirmation name John, is after John the Disciple, the one Jesus loved the most, and who was entrusted with the care of Mary.  O'Grady....son of Grady.  Totally Irish.
    Kellen Edward John O'Grady

  9. Woo hoo, a BOY!  Seems everyone has been having girls so it's fun to hear about a boy coming. =D.   How exciting you get to have Chelsea home in May ... that's when I get to be with my own children.  May seems so far yet so close. ::sigh::

    Names: I was named after the city I was born, Santa Monica.  My dad loved the name Monica ... they pronounced the Spanish way but, in school it was the American way and that stuck.  As for my children, my ex and I had a difficult time with names.  It was OK to use his family names but, nothing from my family so naturally we didn't use any family name.  A few days before I was to go to the hosptial I read about Rod Stewart's daughter being born and her name was Kimberly Ann, I liked the sound of it with our last name so, we settled on that name.  There's no story behind my boys name, they were just names that I could finally agree with my ex or he could agree with me.  As for my granddaughter, Heather picked the first name, Robert got to pick the middle name.  They went with Amelia Rachel - Heather liked the old fashioned names and Robert wanted to use his grandma's (my mom's name is Rachel/Raquel) name. =D


  10. I got out-voted both times over naming my kids. Robert & Gillian were Ron's choices, I wanted James and Caroline. I'm too soft with Ron - but too old to change lol.
    Take care, pass my love on to Krissy please?
    Sylvia xxx

  11. hello sweetie congrates to you grandma well names hugh ok my name is kelley christeen after my g-ma her middle name is christeen and her last name is kelley then when i got pregant i wanted to name the baby affter my mother who had dies when i was 11 days old her name was Guila marie so that is how guila go ther name and when i was pregant agian i told my hubby he could name the second baby since he waited 13 years to get another baby lol and since him and guila and i had prayed for this baby when we found out she was a girl we decided on hanah which means prayer and grace which he gave us and my hubby had a boys name picked out cooper so we did not know if he would get his boy so we put cooper as the middle name so she is hannah cooper as for names for boys I wanted noah or jonah i like those for some reason get a book at the christain book store to find some more good luck God bless kelley

  12. I am happy that  Chelsea and the father are together with the interest of the baby.   My middle name is after my Grandfather Will.    mark

  13. Congradulation on the grand baby, they are so special.
    My name was decided on by names being drawn from a hat. My dad drew my first name Barbara and my mom my middle name Ann.

  14. my son is named Jason...My bestfriend was Jason, he died 6 years ago one month before he would of turned 18 yrs old...I swore I would always name my first son after him so when i had my son  sept 03 I very proudly named him Jason!

  15. Hi Val,

    Let's see--I'm named after my Dad--James Lee--I'm Jaymi Marie.  My parents were 70's parents--all of us start with J.

    I have the name Thaddeus chosen for my first born son--I promised st. jude if I ever got married and had a baby i'd name my son after him.

    For a girl--I love the name Leona--that was my adopted grandma's name.

    I tend to prefer bliblical names:  Luke, Isiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel--stuff like that.

    O--wanna hear a funny story---
    my brother's name is Jeremy--we went to catholic school--one day an old nun said--Jeremy--that's a derivative of Jeremiah--do you know who Jeremiah was???   Jeremy said--Jeremiah was a bull frog and he was a good friend of mine.

  16. I was named after a book my sister was reading at the time I was born.  For years I hated it - I had no "formal" name, just Penny and no middle name.  When my daughter was born, we actually had 8 girls' names picked and he wanted a boy named after his father as was tradition in his family.  I wanted a boy, too, but had a distinct feeling that she was a girl.  I got to pick her name - not on the list - Heather Lynn - I've always loved that name.  We named our son after him - John Michael.  That's a lot of years ago . . .Blessings to you and yours.  Penny

  17. Hey sweetie!  Great idea...if I felt better I would do a journal entry... maybe later... My name, Dawn is from the Four Seasons song, 'Dawn, go away, I'm no good for you'.  My parents had to have  'D' name.  All our initials were the same.... 'D' first name, 'A' middle and then our last initial of course.  My middle name is Ann, like my mom.

    Be well,

  18. Dear Grandma Val.......I am glad Chelsea is coming to visit. And I am happy its aboy.  I havent had any children so I dont pay attention to many names.  I like Sumner for a boy.  My name is Michael Francis.  My Mom said she was going to name her baby after her brother who was killed in the war whether it was a boy or girl.....I came along...a big fat 9lb girl...I have had fun with the name Mike.
    Tell Krissy and John that I am always thinking of them......
                                                                         Love and hugs    Myke

  19. Congratulations, a grandson... Boys are great ya know even though mine are giving me gray hair. Lol...
    Let's see my niece who is five months older than my oldest, her name is Chelsea Marie and her sister is Krystal Noel. Noel being Leon backwards since her great grandfather had just passed away before she was born. My oldest is a Jr, Franklin Dale after his dad, my ex. My ex had a girl name picked out, Rochelle Lynn so oldest was three days old with no name so we gave him a jr... My second is Christopher William, husband picked out the first name and middle is after hubby. Then youngest is Jacob Eugene. Second son picked out the first name and then the middle name is after hubby again...
    Yes I know I need to get a mamagram myself...
    Have a great Sunday!
    Linda :)

  20. congratulations..a grandson..wonderful! I have two boys LOL!
    not sure why my name is Gemma (full name) but it is common in the Philippines...but not here in US. I later learned that the name "Gemma" is an Italian word for "Gem" which is my nickname. Also, I found out there's a saint called "St. Gemma" of Lucca, Italy (Galgani 1878-1903) patron of apothecaries.
    Gem :-)


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