Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Winner, etc...

Congratulations to the birthday girl, Chelsea, who correctly identified yesterday's picture of "Up Close" in an email.  She sent me an email that simply stated, "mango, mango, mango!"  Yes, honey, it is a mango!!  


I think she was correct because she has seen me and her O'ma and O'pa (Pennsylvania Dutch for Grandma and Grandpa) eat plenty of these in her lifetime.  They live on our tables.  Barbara of Confessions of An Angel Waitress was a correct guesser as well and missed being first guesser by only a few minutes!  Good job, Barbara!  Gem of Journally Yours was also a correct guesser!  Good job, ladies!!  Now here is your blue ribbon, Chels!:

I was feeling very nostalgic and warm and fuzzy this morning after talking to Chelsea and wishing her a happy birthday.  Wow, she isn't a teenager anymore.  I was thinking about her baby and toddler years and am getting so excited about her giving me a grandson!!  I am certain her baby will be a blessing.


                                 HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY, CHELSEA!!
Krissy thinks she and John will be at the Hope House for atleast three or four more weeks as they are putting John on a new intravenous drug.  If you missed it on my post yesterday, tomorrow is
birthday.  If you want to send her an e-card and don't have her e-mail address send me an e-mail at and I will give it to you.  I am sure she would love receiving contact from journalers.  You guys are wonderful support for her.  She mentions it all the time on the phone and asks about everyone =D!!  I have passed on all of your sentiments in my comments to her in a few emails so she HAS gotten them.  If you want her to receive any message I would be happy to give it to her.  Just send it my way!  Thanks everyone for your support for her and John.  It means the world!

I'm off to have a slow day.  I need a break.  Think I will take it easy today.  Maybe watch TV and take a nap.  Now that sounds nice.  Have a nice coming week everyone! xox


  1. Congrats to the winner ,I thought it was an apple Hm close! lol Chelsea is a lovely looking girl  Happy B/day to her ............Jan xx

  2. Great entry, Val! Cutie then and now! Happy BDay Chelsea! xox Sassy

  3. Hi Val, your daughter Chelsea is absolutely gorgeous, such beautiful blue eyes!  I hope she has a really nice birthday.  I should have guessed it was a mango, I buy them every week for little Roman who loves them. :o)

    Sandra xxxxx

  4. Your daughter is GORGEOUS. How proud you must be of her. She glows. : )

    BTW, I never ate a mango!

  5. What a Beautiful Daughter:) happy b day late :)  Tell Krissy and John to hurry up and get well so they can come home we miss them both:)


  6. your daughter is gorgeous! I never would have guessed the picture was a mango. Barbara from Confessions of an Angel Waitress is good at these guessing games too!

    So glad to have the update on Krissy/John. I bet they will be happy to get home whenever it happens.


  7. Dangit...I said papaya didn't I?  I ALWAYS mix those two up!  Happy Birthday to your girl! ;)  C.


  9. your daughter is absolutley must be very proud of her and i hope all worsk out with the birth of her son!

  10. Wonderful photos of Chelsea.    She has a wonderful smile and beautiful teeth.    I only have Krissy and John's old email address so could you send me her new one.     Have a great week!     mark


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