Saturday, March 11, 2006

"Up Close With Val" and Birthdays!...

Happy Saturday, readers of mine =)!!  There are alot of birthdays to celebrate in my world.  My best friend from middle school and high school is having a birthday today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jennifer!!  I won't tell anyone how old you are, sweetie ;-).  Chelsea turns 20 tomorrow!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Baby Girl, Roo!!!  Krissy has a birthday on Monday, too, if anyone wants to send her an e-card or email.  If you don't have her email address and want it, please ask and I will send it to you.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dearest, sweet, sister-o'-mine!  I miss you so much!!   You three are so, so special to me!  All born within three days, amazing!  I love you guys!!!                    


I have a new installment for "Up Close"!  I was able to get to Krissy's computer and upload some pictures!  Yay!  I hope someone is able to guess this one.  I know that the last one was too hard for you guys and I had to give you extra clues.  So, here is the picture.  If you have a guess as to what this picture is, leave your answer in the comments section or send me an email at  I will announce the first correct guesser in a day or two.  Good luck and have fun!!


A fellow journaler just started up a new journal and needs some readers.  Noelle at
The Ways of Rayne
needs a few readers to come by and say hello and lend her some support in starting up her journal!!  Thanks for going by and saying hello to her and introducing yourself!

Have a lovely weekend, all.  I hope you are having some fun in the sunshine! xox



  1. Happy b/day everyone it an apple ...........Jan xx

  2. A rose hip.
    Take care my friend. Hugs.
    Sylvia xxx

  3. Hi Val!
    Is it a mango? Happy Birthday girls!!!! Barbara

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )

    I think that's an apple! Am I close? LOL! I'm so bad at these things.


  5. Happy birthday everyone.

  6. happy birthday to everybody. Will Krissy be able to pick up her e cards, I have sent one, to her AOL email address...............Jules xx

  7. Hi Val, a very happy Birthday to everyone!  I don`t have Krissy`s email address and I was wondering how to send her a card. I received an alert for her b/day yesterday.  Is that an apple in your pic?  :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  8. Do wish Krissy a happy birthday from me if you talk to her on her special day, Val. Happy birthday to everyone else that is special and dear to you.

    I think the picture is of a vase???

    I'll check out that journal you mentioned


  9. Happy Birthdays all around!!!
    I'll send Krissy a bday card even though it will be a little late...
    Hmmm could it be a vase or a bowl...
    Have a great weekend!
    Linda :)

  10. Happy Birthdays to three special people in your life!!!!!  Is the picture a pomegranate or an apple?

  11. It's a papaya! ;)  C.

  12. at first glance, it looks like apple but I'm positive it is Mango lol!
    Please send my warmest wishes to Krissy..does she have different email address now? I'd love to send her bday ecard.
    Gem :-)

  13. Is is fruit? A mango? Or something else? LOL
    I do SO bad at these things.  Happppy Birthday to Chelsea! Woohoo! Out of her teens.  And please send me krissy's email if you have time.  Happy Birthday to your friend Jennifer also.  My baby girl will be 28 on Mar 22. My late mother's bday was the 21st.  I so hoped Robin would be born on her bday...She just missed it.  
    Hugs, Barb  

  14. Thank you so much for mentioning me and my journal on your's!!!  you are so sweet


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