Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winner of Sentence Game...

Hi guys! Did you hear it was my parent's 50th wedding anniversary this weekend?!
I think that is awesome!! I am very proud of them and love them very much!!
I hope everyone is having a nice weekend out there. Are you?

It's time to announce a winner for "Weekly Sentence with Val" #36!
This week's letters are NSWBRT. The judges and I would like to CONGRATULATE:

Dannelle of Odes to the Odd pt. deux:

Naughty Santa writes bawdy reports tactlessly!

Please visit Danelle and say hello and congratulate her when you are able.
CONGRATS again, Dannelle!

Dannelle, your award for your sidebar is below. Right click on your award
and make sure you save as .jpg.

I would also like to thank all who submitted this week!!
Submissions are below:

New sound was by radio telegraphy. (Jeannette)
Norbert's savings were best rated trivial. (Sandra)
Nellie says women browbeat respite truckers. (Alaina)
Nice sisters won black round tires. (Betty)
Never show weakness but, remain true. (Lisa)
Never swerve when banking right turns. (Don, no blog)
New song will be rewarded tonight. (Amanda)

I will see you all later today or tomorrow morning with six new letters!
Take care and stay warm! Hugs =)


  1. Wow, I came to see who won and it was me! Thank you so much I love to play! Everyone should!
    50 years of marriage- that's wonderful they are truly a modern miracle. Tell them Happy Anniversary from me! Dannelle

  2. that was a great sentence!! off to congratulate Dannelle; thanks Val!!

    I'm having a good weekend;are you having a good one??

    thanks for bringing the sentence game over here to Blogger; love it :)



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