Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Six Things" Meme...

Miss Alaina tagged me to list "Six Things You May Not Know About Me".
I had to think for a couple of days on this one because I have not been
shy about revealing myself to you all. I even did a list of 100 Things About
Myself not too very long ago. I am going to re-post the list here soon so
my new readers can get to know me better. Here is my list of six along with
the rules for this challenge:

1. I love to eat with chopsticks. I prefer them over a fork.
I find that you can taste the metal when eating with a fork.
I have been searching for chopsticks to buy in my area and
can't locate any. Anyone know where to purchase them?

2. I hate the telephone. I wish I didn't have to own one.
Whenever my phone rings in the afternoon or evening it makes
me anxious. Sometimes I curse at it. LOL I can't get rid of
my telephone anxiety. It doesn't bother me as much in the
morning for some reason. I think it has something to do with
my increased pain and fatigue in the later hours of the day.
I also have anxiety making phone calls. Now what is wrong
with me? I have lost friends over not wanting to be on the
telephone. Most of my friends and family understand this
anxiety now, though.

3. I love doing sudoku puzzles. I have done so many of
them that the difficult and challenger level ones are
easy for me. I also love to do crossword puzzles and
word puzzles in general. I do all puzzles in pen.

4. My biggest pet-peeve is lack of empathy, or I guess we
could call it apathy. I think indifference, at this moment,
is causing more pain in this world, than evil is. Where has
empathy and passion gone, everyone??

5. I drink my fruit juices Kool-Aid, teas, etc., watered-down
or very, very weak. When I drink a glass of orange juice
it is 3/4 water and 1/4 orange juice. Drinks that I buy at
the store are just way too sweet for me. I have done this
all my life. Soda is too sweet. A can of soda will last me
all day and I will only drink half, if that.

6. I am appalled that we kill four - six million animals in
shelters in this country. Where is the outcry?? I believe in
the trap, fix, and release of feral cats. I think we can get
rid of this big problem in just ten years if people become
educated and responsible pet owners. Please spay or
neuter your pet if you aren't a breeder. If you must give
away a pet, do everything you can to give it a good home.
Also, please do not get a pet on a whim or for another person
for a gift without their consent. Thank you!
~off of soapbox~

The six people I am tagging are:


If anyone else wants to do this, go ahead!!

The rules for this challenge are:

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  1. It was fun to read your responses, Val!

    I found a package of chopsticks at Target a while back!

  2. Val...send me your address via and I will send you a pair of real chopsticks that a Japanese friend gave me! I won't ever use them! I have telephone anxiety too! It's weird, but it's what makes us unique! Soduku...well I can kinda do that easy ones, so instead..I do Scrabble and Mahjong online! I am goooood at those! Hugs, Lisa

  3. Our local shelter is a no kill shelter.
    I cant bear the thought of an animal being put down for no reason.

  4. Val, thank you for thinking of me but I do not do tagging. I named your journal, Krissy's and others the other day purely because it was an award so it was special. Hope that you understand that this is just not my sort of thing. Hugs xxxxx

  5. Very interesting! Have you tried going to a chinese resteraunt for the chop sticks? Our local resteraunts sell them.

  6. thanks for tagging me :)

    interesting to read these in people's blogs to learn more about them

    I have never been able to master chopsticks; I think its wonderful you prefer them :)


  7. Hey my val. Thanks for including me. i will get round to doing it as soon as I can. I just loved your answers! Wow how interesting!. My chop-stick lady! lol. Love Pam xx

  8. never tried chopsticks.

    sudoku puzzles hurt my brain.

    Great answers.

  9. from donphisher via email...
    Never Swerve When Banking Right Turns

  10. I never saw this. Boy am I behind. No, I must have been in Hershey, perhaps? I didn't get home until a few days before Thanksgiving. So I was there or just got out. I will have to do this. Okay, thanks!

    Krissy :)
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