Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Winner of Sentence Game #34!...

Hi you! Hey, did you vote? I hope so! It is going to be an interesting TV-viewing night tonight. I will be at the edge of my seat, no doubt. Oh, I am a bit scared =:o!

I have been dragging out the Weekly Sentence game a bit as we are all still trying to find one another's journals. I will announce the winner here in a moment and give you the six new letters tomorrow morning. I will give you all a few extra days this week, too, and then perhaps it will get back to its normal day and routine. We'll see. For now, if you know anyone who used to play, let them know where I am located, if you please... I have lost a few players along the way =(.

Now on to this week's winner! This week's letters are
The judges and I would like to

Jeannette of
Outside - Looking In:

Blogger caused weary minds lingering doubts.

Please visit Jeannette and say hello and congratulate her when you are able.
CONGRATS again, Jeannette!

Jeannette, your award for your sidebar is below. Right click on your award
and make sure you save as .jpg.

I would also like to thank all who submitted this week!! Submissions are below:

Boldly caring will make love deeper. (Dannelle)
Bea carelessly wasted many Little Debbies. (Krissy)
Boisterous children want many loud diversions. (Alaina)
Brandishing cleavers would make Larry disgusting. (Jan)
Blue carrots will make Lonny die. (Betty)
Beautiful comments will make life delightful! (Rose)
Because children want Mommy love develops. (Bill)
Big cuddly women make lavish dinners. (Pam)
Boys could work more like Dad. (Chrissie)
Black cats will make love daily. (Lisa)
'Bama criticisms will make little difference. (Don, no blog)
Blogspot could warm most Landers dreams. (Connie)
Blues cry: Why must love die?

I will be posting six new letters tomorrow or Thursday.
Take care and go vote if you haven't! Hugs, Val =)


  1. thanks Val!! off to congratulate Jeannette;

    I think its just going to be fine no matter who wins today the Lord is still in control and that is good enough for me!!


  2. congrats to all the winners and thanks again val for bringing the weekly sentence game back!


  3. Was very happy to see that I had won Val. Thank the judges for me. There were some really good ones entered, so I was surprised that I got it. My award is now on my sidebar.

  4. Congrats to Jeanette. I have your blog on my list of followers but I haven't received any notice of your entries but saw this mentioned on someone else's. Thanks for taking the time to do this :).........

  5. Hi there...so where do I go to enter?? Explain simply and slowly.




  6. testing, ignore

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