Saturday, July 5, 2008

Winners of "Weekly Sentence" #20, etc...

Hi all my Sentence Game players!  I am deeply sorry for being a week late posting the winners of the "Weekly Sentence" Game.  I  had family in from out of town and had a couple of crises that kept me away from the computer.  So very sorry.  I hope you all understand.   I take pride in this game and I know you work hard on your submissions, so please know that when this happens, it is unforeseeable.  Now on to the winners of "Weekly Sentence" #20...

Wow, you guys DID NOT make it easy for the judges.  There were so many wonderful sentences!   The judges and I would like to CONGRATULATE:

Cindi of My Turn
Southern coastal waters tempt sea turtles.


Donna of
Ladymagnolia's Daily Blog
Scotty caught worms through suction tubes.

Congratulations again, Cindi and Donna!! 
Please visit their journals and congratulate them if you are able.

Your awards are below, ladies!  Right click and save as .gif.  If you have any problems, just pop me an email.


to all who submitted this week!!  Submissions are below:

  Some cute women take showers twice.
  Sinister cops walk through some trouble.
  Scott can water the sick tree!
  Scottish Celts were the supreme travelers!
  Some children want the strangest toys.
  Since creation, women's tastes survived tamales.
  Seattle's coffee whipped the stranger's tongue.
  Seven castaways were totally stranded together.
  Sunshine can waken the sadly troubled.
  Songs create wonderful, tantalizing, sensual tingles.
  Some clown went through Schenectady twice.
  Social commentary with twists survive time.
  Silly cat with tantrums STOP twirling!
  Seven cats with tempers scratched themselves! 
  Saucy Charlotte whispered, "Tonight sweet Tiger."
  Santa Claus was transporting several toys.
  She couldn't wear this season's thong.
  Sacred cows waded through sticky toads!
  Sam, can we tickle Sally's tummy?
  Stephanie can water the snapping turtles.

I will see you all tomorrow morning with six new letters for your submissions!  I'll be posting wedding pictures of my grandsons soon, too!  Stay tuned... Hugs, Val =)


  1. Congrats to the winners.

  2. Another bunch of great entries and winners. Lots of iomagination in the responses. I love them, Bill

  3. excellent bunch of winners...

  4. lots of great sentences this week!! thanks Val; sorry you had some crises; hoping all is going as well as it can

    was by to offer congrats to the winners; those were such cute sentences

    thanks for your diligence in running this game :)


  5. Congratulations Donna and Cindi!  I laughed at Donna's, that was a riot! LOL  
    Val hope things swing back to normal soon!  God bless!

  6. thanks all

    Val...thx for the always 1st!!!!!!! this just takes our minds off of stuff!!!  hope all is well for u & family

  7. Wow-I missed this one altogether.
    Congratulations winners!!

  8. Congrats to Donna and Cindi... I am glad I didn't have to judge.. all the sentences were very creative.

    Val.. hoping your your crisises have come under control and that it didn't cause too many problems for the wedding or your 4th of July.  Glad you got to see family and make new special memories with them.

    I am looking forward to the next list of letters.

  9. ladymagnolia1963July 6, 2008 at 9:02 PM

    Hi Val Ü,

    I was so happy to open my e-mail and see that I had won another sentence award!!! I really enjoy making silly sentences out of the letters we get Ü.

    Thank you so much for the award Ü.


  10. Way to go Cindi and Donna-congrats!!!!


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