Thursday, July 31, 2008

Weekly Sentence reminder, some news...

Hi you!!  I haven't smoked in a week =)!!  It hasn't been easy but it has been a whole week!  Yay me!!  I am using the patch and that has certainly made it easier.  I quit once in my 30's using the patch.  I picked up smoking two years later, though, and continued to smoke another seven years.  Oh, don't ever think just one won't hurt when you are a smoker who has quit.  It DOES!!  I tried Chantix (a smoking-cessation drug) a couple of months ago and I got so darn sick on it I couldn't continue.  Wish me well and if you are a praying person, I would appreciate your prayers!

What I really came on here for is to let you all know is that the deadline for the Weekly Sentence Game is in about four hours.  If you would like to still play the letters are
JDATRP.  The deadline is 4PM EDT.   If you want to play click on the link below:

"Weekly Sentence" #23

Have a good rest of the day!!  Val =)


  1. Wishing you luck Val and praying you will make it.  I have never managed to kick the habit and I have tried patches and hypnotherapy.

  2. Hang in there with it if it's working:)..........alice

  3. Hubby and I quit 8 years ago-cold turkey-I was smoking 3+ packs a day.
    Not a minute goes by that I don't still want one.....especially when I'm stressed...good luck and congrats-I KNOW it ain't easy...
    Hugs to ya!!

  4. Man, I hope they never tell us that chocolate is truly addictive and will kill us.
    Congrats on a week of being smoke-free. I've got you on the prayer list.
    ;^) Jan the Gryphon

  5. You can do this!  Congrats on one week!

  6. I wish you well with the no-smoking. And you're so right, 'just one' will almost always end in tears. I know this from experience.

    Be strong.

    B. x

  7. Excellent Val, way to go! Here is to the next 7 days, 7 weeks, 7 months, 7 years and onwards and upwards!

  8. WTG Val!!! wonderful gift for your body not to smoke!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!! it willl get easier with time!!! just keep plugging away one day at a time and soon it will be a month, then 2 months, etc WITH NO SMOKING!! I HAVE FAITH IN YOU!!


  9. Woo Hoo on no smoking!!!
    I am so proud of you!!
    Linda :)

  10. I quit in January and used chantix and had wonderful results. But..... after 4 months, I just started the nasty habit again. I'm going back on chantix and I think staying on it longer than I did before. Good luck and best wishes to the both of us!

  11. Valerie, I am still praying for you.  You go, girl!  I felt led tonight to ask Mary to pray for you to the Lord.  I love you, Sissy.  You can do this.

    Krissy :)    

  12. stay strong val you'll be able to handle it.

  13. congrats on quitting!  Keep it going!


  14. Val~I'm praying that you will have no temptation at all left to smoke. Yucky! You can do it!!! Deb ;-)


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