Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Weekly Sentence" #23!...

Hi "Weekly Sentence" game players!  Good Sunday afternoon to ya!!   It's time for six new letters for "Weekly Sentence with Val" #23.  Before we proceed, I would like to congratulate yesterday's winner, Alaina of a single girl rants about life in general This week's six new letters will follow the rules below.  If you have never read the rules, please do.  Thanks for playing and have fun!!


Each Sunday I will post a set of six letters.  A sentence must
      be made from these letters.  The letters today are:

      An example of a sentence could be -
Jumping down a tree
      rips pants.  These letters MAY NOT be re-arranged.

There is a three - five persons judge panel (of JLand journalers)
      who will pick the best sentence submitted each week.  How will
      they decide the winning sentence?  The submission that receives
      the strongest reaction -  Did it make them laugh, sad, ponder,etc.?

The winner will receive a logo for his/her blog sidebar with their
      screen name on it.

  Place submissions in comments section.  If you do this game as an
      entry in your journal please come back and leave your ENTIRE
      entry URL so your entry can be judged. 
Submissions are due by
Thursday, 4PM EDT. The winner will be announced Friday morning
      or afternoon.

A new set of letters will be placed in my journal, There is a
       Season, every Sunday Morning.

  *   If you submit more than one sentence, only your first sentence
will be judged.

      Have fun!!

                   This Week's Letters:

Thanks for playing!!
  Have a good rest of the day!  Val =)


  1. Here's mine
    Just do all that reaps praise.

  2. "Jeff dared Alice to run patiently."

    Linda in Washington state

  3. John doesn't allow those reality pressures.  blessings, Penny  

  4. John did a typo revealing plot!

    Hugs, Rose

  5. Just don't accept that ridiculous premise!


  6. Just doing a thrilling repeat performance.

    ;^) Jan the Gryphon

  7. Junk dealers always try raising prices.


  8. Jesus did announce the right path.

    thanks Val and I'm surprised we are up to #23 already! where is this year going?


  9. JDATRP.

    Justification doesn't allow the reprehensible peace.

    thanks as always for making a math major think.


  10. Just Drank Applejack Too Rap Piddley

  11. Jack decided against the retro plaid.


  12. from makemarc:
    Just desserts are the "right pastries.

  13. from shrbrisc
    Just do all the room please.

  14. from sprklythngs
    July days are teachers' rapturous pleasure.

  15. Just don't anger the rhinoceros, please.

    Thank you ,Val

  16. "Just don't ask to read Playboy!"                alice

  17. Jury duty at trials, rationalize perpetrators.

  18. Jelly doughnuts are the real pleasures!

  19. Hi Val.    My dial up has not even brought up the video in your previous entry.     It takes up to an hour to download several minutes.   Thanks for visiting and viewing my roof and pasture view.   Salty and I will be walking for the next hour or so.    I have been inside all day resting as the weather is affecting me.    Last night Salty and I walked for 2 entire hours up and down the lane completing at least 2 miles.    I was drenching wet in sweat and we stopped for more coffee for me and water for Salty.     When walking for exercise my lumbar feels the best since surgery.    Working on my building causes me difficulty and I am wearing my back brace to help.    Just walking lets me see how much surgery has improved the lumbar.    I am not cut out for doing this construction activity.     My upper back and shoulder are hurting.    Take care and hugs,   mark

  20. Justice doesn't always take right paths.

  21. James Dean's Automobile Tried Racing Past

  22. sriranjan_bagchi@yahoo.comAugust 2, 2008 at 2:16 AM

    Judges Dont Accept Those Re-hashed Phrases


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