Saturday, July 19, 2008

Val's computer isn't working

Hi, this is Krissy, Val's sister.  I have some not so hot news to tell you.  Valerie will not be able to use her computer for a little while.  It could be a few days, or maybe a week or two.  Please hang on, don't abandon her, and wait till she gets back! 

She, of course, plans on continuing her Weekly Sentence With Val game, and all of her other entries, when she gets back.

Something crazy happened.  The guy upstairs put his air conditioner in wrong, and water came down and ruined the phone system in her whole house.  So she doesn't have phone power for her computer.  No phone, no computer, ugh.  She'll be back when it is fixed. 

It could be soon.

Take care, Krissy of Sometimes I Think 


  1. What a rotten thing to happen.  Hope she gets everything fixed soon.  Thanks for your comment on the new journal.  Perhaps you could send the link on to your friends, we need the word to get around.  Hugs.

  2. That stinks.  I am so sorry to hear this.  I hope something happens to recompense this.  Tell her she will be missed.


  3. Oh darn.....that's too bad.  Please send her my best...and let her know of COURSE we'll hang in there!


  4. Hi Krissy,
    thanks for letting us know, Val will be missed.  I'll say a prayer things are back up and running soon.

    enjoy your w/e

  5. Poor Val, hope they get it fixed quickly!  I bet A/C guy feels bad!  

  6. Tell Val I'm sorry. They will fix her problem and computer if necesary right? ASAPFS weekly letters- as soon as possible for sure! Love to you both and John! Dannelle

  7. Oh no, that is no good at all.....
    Hope it gets sorted out with not too much hassle....
    Linda :)

  8. I'll be waiting!

  9. oh poor Val!!! do tell her we'll be waiting for her whenever she comes back!!


  10. What a nuisance, hope everything is sorted very soon for Val

  11. I hope the mongrel ait conditioner is in correctly now.
    We are missing you already Val.

  12. AWW what a shame.. things like that are so frustrating and annoying. But we are thinking of you, missing you, and hoping it is a quick easy fix.  Waiting patiently for your return.

  13. That's a nightmare for poor Val :(  I hope she can get it fixed soon xx



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