Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"Wordplay" Wednesday!...

Good morning word wizards!!  I have something for you this morning that I think will be alot of fun!  I found these teasers on Just Riddles and More.  Let's see who can get the most correct!!   Come back more than once if you want to and feel free to copy them and work on them at your own pace (but please don't go back to the site and copy down all the answers and post them so others can play)!  Here is how you play...  Each equation below is comprised of initials that you must replace with words which make the equation correctFor example, 26 = L. of the A. would be 26 = Letters of the AlphabetPut your guesses in the comments section or do this as an entry in your journal and come back and leave your entry URL so I can go view your entry!  Have fun and send a reader or two my way, if you would like, to see if they can solve some that you can't!!  I will post the answers in a few days.  Enjoy!!

  1.        7 = W. of the A. W.
     2.      12 = S. of the Z.
     3.      54 = C. in a D. (with the J.)
     4.       9 = P. in the S. S.
     5.      88 = K. on a P.
     6.      13 = S. on the A. F.
     7.      32 = D. at which W. F.
     8.      18 = H. on a G. C.
     9.      90 = D. in a R. A.
    10.       9 = J. on the S. C.
    11.       3 = S. Y. O. at the O. B. G.
    12. 4 + 20 = B. B. B. in a P.
    13.    200 = D. for passing G. in M.
    14.       8 = S. on a S. S.
    15.       3 = B. M. (S. H. T. R.!!)
    16.       4 = Q. in a G.
    17.      24 = H. in a D.
    18.       1 = G. L. for M.
    19.       9 = L. for a C.
    20       50 = W. T. L. Y. L.

Have a good rest of the week everyone and take care of yourself and one another! xox


  1. This will take me years to figure out! LOL

  2. got fourteen.  yay

  3. I got two so far, LOLOLOL.

    Krissy at Hope Lodge


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