Monday, June 5, 2006

Monday Morning Question...

I wanted to wish Mark from Mark's Daily Journal a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Have a blast today, Mark!!!  Which leads me into today's Monday Morning Question usually sponsored by Krissy, but she is still away.  Come back soon Krissy and John!  Wishing you two the best!!

Monday Morning Question

What is your earliest (or an early) birthday memory?  What is a present you received, if you can recall?

My answer
:  I remember my 4th birthday.  I think this was actually as far back as my memory goes.  I was playing in my back yard with plastic, interlocking, colorful clowns I had received for my birthday as a present.  I loved them so much!!  I remember thinking they were so much fun and so wonderful!!  What about you?

I will be back soon with entries for the Photo Scavenger Hunt along with my own entry and next week's subject.  Sorry that I have three entries today.  I am condensing them as best I can =).  Have a wonderful start of the week everyone and Happy Birthday again, Mark!! xox


  1. I remember my third birthday, I got a twin dolls pram. It was one of the old carriage built ones and identical to the real ones. I loved it so much! I'd push it round the streets with my mum till my legs ached!! Jeannette xx  

  2. I can remember having a birthday party when I was four, and seeing other kids from a poor family,watching us through the window , My Dad fetched them all in to join us..........Jan xx

  3. I remember my two year old birthday.  My mom and dad and big sister Pam woke me up that morning with a cake being pulled inside a wagon.  They sang Happy Birthday to me and I sat up and rubbed my eyes and blew out the candle.  I got a doll which I loved and some clothes which I could care less about.  Barbara

  4. cherry2sweet2eatJune 5, 2006 at 8:53 AM

    I think it was my third or 4th birthday when i lived at my oolllld house lol (we moved around alot) anyway my dad brought me a bike with training wheels and still managed to hurt myself by riding down the hill into a wall.

  5. getting too old to remember much!!!

  6. At my age, I have a lot of memories. LOL! I'll share two.

    On my 40th, my girlfriends gave me a party and my best friends sister's present to me was a almost a room full of balloons. I never got balloons before and I was like a little kid. I looooooooooved them. LOL! Took the sting out of turning forty. : )

    I don't remember which birthday it was but my daughter took some small cards and on each one she wrote a different thing. It was called the coupon birthday. She wrote things like this:
    1) This coupon entitles you to one load of laundry washed.
    2) This coupon entitles you to  have me (her) do your grocery shopping.
    There were a whole bunch like that. I really loved that present. It was the gift that kept on giving. I was working at the time and whenever I was too tired to do something, I handed her a card.....That birthday lasted a good six months. Great present. But she wasn't stupid enough to do that again. LOL!


  7. Hi Val,  I was about 3 or 4 and my parents bought me a cowboy outfit.  It was my pride and joy because I wanted to be a boy, not a girl and refused to play with girl`s toys or wear girls!  Somewhere I have a photo of me wearing the outfit complete with hat, holster and! :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  8. I played here's my answer:
    Take care, Chrissie

  9. Gee, I don't remember any childhood birthdays!  I do remember one when I was a teenager, though, and my sister Therese gave me a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers that she ordered from the florist.  I will never forget that bouquet.  She also gave me a lovely cake with my name on it.  That was my first cake with my name on it, LOL.  I was stunned, and still remember it.

    Krissy at Hope Lodge

  10. I don't remember any early birthdays.  Does that mean I'm getting too old and the early stuff is just falling away to make room for the later stuff?  Just a question.  I remember well my 40th birthday.  My son Robert gave me a Limited Edition Southern Belle doll.  I still treasure it.  Honestly, I can't think of any others.  Even this year's birthday is a blur for me.  Blessings, Penny

  11. Thanks for the heads up on Marks bday... Off to wish him a happy!
    And to think of an answer for todays question...
    Linda :)

  12. I wised up to those birthdays, and I quit having them a long time ago.   You'd be surprised how long I've been 25.   Heh

  13. I had my most memorable birthday when I was about 7 perhaps and I invited kids from my school and the number I invited was greater than the number expected so I recall my mother and sister having to go to a store to hopefully get the party favors for the extra kids.    We all got tropical straw hats like sombrero's but with the palm thatching sticking out on the edges of the brim.   I have been so tired and sore from working on my house with another person to do the heavy lifting that I have just been resting when finished for the day.     My new room is finally open and I like it tremendously.    I have been having to shingle my cabin because the shingles are 35 years old.    Also, the start of the next addition that will go around and over my kitchen is underway.     In order to hopefully get it all done we have to work on it nearly continuously.    Thanks for remembering me on my birthday!    mark

  14. When I was 3 in July 1953, my father took his fledgling family to Florida, and carrying me on his strong shoulders, took me out into the deep waves so I could truly experience the sea.  I never forgot it.  Cathy


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