Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!, etc...

I wanted to wish a Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there in J-Land!!  I also wanted to wish a special Happy Father's Day to my Daddy!!  Happy Father's Day, Daddeeoo!!!  I love you!!!


My best friend from middle school and high school got married yesterday.  I wish you a long, joyful life with Doug, Jennifer!! 
Congratulations, you two!!

I only had a couple takers on this week's "Wordplay".  I'm not sure what went wrong.  Were there too many of them?  Did they take too long to figure out?  Let me know in the comments section.   Congratulations to Chuck
who figured out 14 of them!!  Krissy was the only other player.   Thanks for trying, hon!   Here are the answers...

     1.       7 = Wonders of the Ancient World
     2.      12 = Signs of the Zodiac
     3.      54 = Cards in a Deck (with the Joker)
     4.       9 = Planets in the Solar System
     5.      88 = Keys on a Piano
     6.      13 = Stripes on the American Flag
     7.      32 = Degrees at Which Water Freezes
     8.      18 = Holes on a Golf Course
     9.      90 = Degrees in a Right Angle
    10.       9 = Justices on the Supreme Court
    11.       3 = Strikes You're Out at the Old Ball Game
    12. 4 + 20 = Black Birds Baked in a Pie
    13.    200 = Dollars for Passing Go in Monopoly
    14.       8 = Sides on a Stop Sign
    15.       3 = Blind Mice (See How They Run!!)
    16.       4 = Quarts in a Gallon
    17.      24 = Hours in a Day
    18.       1 = Giant Leap for Mankind
    19.       9 = Lives for a Cat
    20.      50 = Ways to Leave Your Lover

Again, Happy Father's Day and as a reminder, Photo Hunt submissions are due tonight!  Hope you can join us!  Toodles! xox


  1. Have a great day!

  2. Shoot, I guess I missed that one.  That would have been fun.  Working...I get really backed up on Alerts sometimes, so don't catch them all.  I keep saying "I don't have time to work."  Linda in Washington state

  3. Like Linda I missed that one 'how ' .....Jan xx

  4. I got the deck of cards one, it was easy, LOL.  I also got stripes on the American Flag.  And I got quarts in a gallon.  Sorry I couldn't get more than that, LOLOLOL.

    Krissy at Hope Lodge    

  5. Sorry Val, I was trying to play, but I got busy this week and I only had time to figure out 5 of them. So I wasn't to good at it. Take care, Chrissie


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