Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Wordplay" Wednesday! Happy Summer!...

Happy first day of SUMMER everyone!!   It seems like just yesterday it was cold and wintery.  Yay, summer!!  I wanted to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Deborah!!  Go visit her and wish her a happy one if you can!!  Have a good one, Deborah!!


It's time for "Wordplay"!!  I wanted to do a simple installment today because last week's was very difficult and hardly anyone took a crack at it.  If anyone has an idea about a "Wordplay" game send it to or leave your idea in the comments section.  I will give you credit!!  I wanted to discuss today what words and/or phrases we commonly used.  What are some commonly used words and/or phrases in your vocabularyAre there some words and/or phrases that come out of your mouth many times during the dayAre you guilty of over-using certain words and/or phrases?

I wasn't sure about what I said alot so I asked my boyfriend this morning.  He said that I used the words cool and right alot.  When I say them I drag out the vowel sounds.  They sound more like keeeewl and riiiight.    I also say that's crazy alot.  I drag out the "a" in crazy, too.  I am not sure why I drag out the vowels in these words or other words.  Now my boyfriend has started dragging out his vowels.  LOL  Krissy, do you ever drag out your vowels?  I wonder if it is a VA thing (where I grew up).  What about you?

Hope everyone is having a nice first day of summer! xox


  1. Or you sure it's Debs BD...I went & wished her HB...then noticed in her entry it's her sister Denises's BD! I feel like a fool. LOL
    Hugs, Sugar

  2. I think my favorite one that I use all the time is "for crying out loud". and "Lord help me".

    I'm back to journaling; here's my new link


  3. cherry2sweet2eatJune 21, 2006 at 8:26 AM

    "through with you" "get it together" i just have phrases i say alot like through with u is basically when someone does something funny or odd and it cracks me up and i say o im just to through with you. And get it together is when people got something in they life out of line for example my mom may lose her medicine and i would just say u need to get it together so thats me.

  4. Ok....I say ok alot.  I didn't realize this until Eric as a small child was playing cash register and he kept saying it. LOL  I still do it today!  Ok well I am off to see a nephew.  You have a good day ok? Barbara

  5. hello friend happy first day of summer is it hot there it is cool here what do i say alot hmmm dude calif thing and God bless and I love you to my family and my little hannah bannana lol have a great day God bless kelley

  6. Happy summer
    I say really alot. I also use cool alot. Thats all that I can think of.

  7. I have a lot of them. But I notice that when the kids pretend not to hear me I say on the loud side: Helloooooooooooooooooo! That usually wakes them up to the fact that I know they are not listening to me. : )

    Happy summer,

  8. Hi Val :-) Some of what I say a lot can't possibly be printed here lol ~ but only when I'm fed up lol......other things I say a lot ~ I have no money, yeah right, okies, way to go to name but a few!! What a great idea, I'll try and think up some "wordplay" games ~ I'll put my thinking cap on lol, hugs and take care
    lotsa love Debbie ~xxxxxxxx~

  9. Happy first day of summer to you!

  10. We get some complaint calls in the call center where I work, from time to time.  They'll call and say that "the magazines in the waiting room were from last month" or that "the valet parking people took 5 minutes to get their car when they were ready to leave." To me really petty complaints.  Now if the doctor cut off the wrong leg of their loved one or removed a kidney instead of the me that's a serious complaint.  But to the people complaining about the magazines, etc. my response is (after they are off the phone of course) "they'd scream if they were hung with a gold rope."  I also have been known to call them "lunatics" after listening to their whinning. And I also like the phrase "that's my story and I'm sticking to it" and "no way.. Jose'."   Linda in beautiful western Washington  

  11. oh geez! ..
    that's what I say a lot! lol.
    have a wonderful summer....going to PA tomorrow!
    Gem :-)

  12. I say "cooool" a lot (yes I drag out the vowels, LOL).  I also say "Jesus, help me!"  I also say "You've got to be kidding."  

    Krissy at Hope Lodge  

  13. Just stopping in to say hello & wish you a nice upcoming weekend.
    :) Sugar

  14. When someone does something for me, I will usually say, "Thank you much." I don't know where that came from, because I've never heard anyone else say it. Sometimes when someone says "how are you?" I'll say "Me fine." Don't know where that came from,

    Happy second day of summer, Val!


  15. er......happy third day of, anyhow, have a great one.....


  16. HEY THERE VAL... guess who? Memember me? Hope all is well and you are pumped up with an energetic and stress free day... well as stress free as things can be these days.

    I say "kewwwwwwwwl" often as well. Or "awwwwwwwsome!" Another very common phrase that I have picked up from living in MN is "You betcha" I try NOT to say it but then it slips out! FUnny how that works eh? Oh dear there's another one I picked up from being so close to Canada "eh?" Said as a question or emphasis to a positive statement. "Great day eh!!?"

    Hope all is well. I've actually made a few entries to my journal lately.... trying to come up for air. Stop by and say howdy doody.

    Be well. Laugh often. Play hard.

  17. Hi Val. How's it goin', eh? That Michael, he's a hoser. Full toque and everything. He even drinks Canadian beer. Take off, eh?

    Also, I tend to use whatever slang the kids thought was hip last year, causing my twelve year old son to roll his eyes a lot.

  18. Hi I jus found your journal thru the carnivaol journal..... thought id stop by and play along (about a week late)
    my comonly used words are "neat.. uhhuh.. cool..ya think? hey , ya'll ...and really " lol
    stop by my j for a visir if ya like

  19. Visiting via CarnivAOL.  I suppose with school out for a month now my most frequently uttered words have become, Not Now!  LOL  -  Barbara

  20. sazzylilsmartazzJune 30, 2006 at 6:21 PM

    Coming your way via CarnivAOL here! Well, some of my most commonly used words are not polite! LOL
    The latest thing coming out of my mouth lately is "Smokin Hot." You are not supposed to pronounce the "g" amd the "o" in smokin is long.
    Nice to meet you!

  21. My only rules for myself as I told the person helping me with my addition are:  "never will I say -awesome-dude".    I am so tired of hearing those words repeated over and over.     I gave up groovy, far out, heavy, and all the other hippie terms long ago.     Now 'cool' came back and it can be used in context as long as it is no over used.      I did use 'knarly' once in describing wood and we thought it should not be on the list of words that cannot be used be me.    lol   mark


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