Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sitcom fun!...

I wanted to do some TV fun today!  I got this idea from Phil.  Phil made a list of TV sitcoms and male characters on sitcoms and rated them from his least favorite to favorite.  I added four sitcoms to the list.  If you took a crack at this in your journal, come back and leave me your journal URL so I can drop by and give yours a read!  Let's compare!

     Characters from least favorite to favorite
          Frank Burns
          Agent 86
          Hawkeye Pierce
          Herman Munster
          Vinnie Barborino
          Ted Baxter
          Barney Fife
          George Jefferson
          Archie Bunker
          Jack Tripper
            and my favorite all-time character is...
Cosmo Kramer!


     Sitcoms from least favorite to favorite:
Gomer Pyle, USMC
          Beverly Hillbillies
          I Dream of Jeanie
          Dick Van Dyke Show
          Diff'rent Strokes
          Mork and Mindy
          Mary Tyler Moore Show
          The Cosby Show
          The Jeffersons
          All in the Family
          Welcome Back Kotter
          Family Ties
          Laverne and Shirley
          Happy Days
          Everybody Loves Raymond
          That 70's Show
            and my favorite all-time sitcom is...
Is your list anything like mine?  This washarder than I thought it would be.  Interesting.  Toodles, all! xox


  1. I've got no TV so I don't know any of these shows, apart from the old ones! Jeannette xx  

  2. Val, I liked some shows never mentioned.  The Odd Couple and Gilligan's Island.  And The Brady Bunch.
    I like Archie Bunker also.  Everybody gave him such a hard time, but I think he was an OK guy at heart, LOL.  At least he learned as years went by.  At least he tried.  And he was so funny.

    Krissy at Hope Lodge

  3. I think my favorite sitcom is The Cosby Show...I know all the episodes by heart but I can still watch them over and over again.


  4. Oh dear one my favorite characters is Hawkeye Pierce and Mork... Nanu,,, Nanu (I know I didn't spell that right) Just read Alan Alda's new book DON'T HAVE YOUR DOG STUFFED a really good read.... covered much more than *Mash*

    aint it grand that we all have such unique tates and can celebrate variety?

  5. Unfortunately I don"t watch many comedy shows. Nothing against them, they just all seemed to be on while i was watching one of my "heavy" shows. Npnetheless, I did see a few, now & then, and can't believe Barney Miller wasn't listed anywhere. I could probably go on & on, just to be a bugger, BUT, I'll just go quietly into the night......lol...rich

  6. I did like Taxi (wish they'd show the reruns), The Adams Family (how about Cousin It?), All in The Family, Cheers, Frazier (loved to see those Seattle landmarks from time to time)and I'm still watching reruns of M*A*S*H and Everybody Loves Raymond.  I remember when my dad was alive, his favorite was Alf.  He'd laugh and laugh at that show every week.  Linda in WA


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