Friday, March 14, 2008

Weekly Sentence #6 winner!...

Happy, happy Friday everyone!!  I like Fridays =)!!  Time to announce the winner of the "Weekly Sentence" game!!  We had fewer players this week.  Maybe you all were busy.  Maybe you were busy reading the journals I suggested in my Guest Editor's entry.  LOL  Next week I will have special letters for St. Patrick's Day!  At any rate, I wanted to CONGRATULATE this week's winner!!  Here is Cathy's sentence:

Cathy from Dare to Think:

Smoking tobacco attracts nicotine-addled diseases.

Gosh, isn't that the truth!  Cathy, I will be emailing you your Award.  The "add image" icon in AOL journals is not working today.  Again, congratulations!!!

Below is a list of the sentences submitted this week.  I want to thank everyone who participated!!  They were SUPER sentences, as always!

Six ton Annie never ate donuts.  (buggieboo1)
Sloppy toddler ate Nana's apple dumplings.  (ab45yui)

Sister Thelma ate Nancy's apple dumplings.  (lv2trnscrb)
She took a nap and dreamt.  (specialadyfink)
Starving tormented Africans need aid donations.  (Pamal3)
Some teachers are not as dedicated.  (swmpgrly)
Stand tall and never admit defeat.  (fisherkristina)
Stop the antics, not appropriate, dear.  (justplainbill)
Sally typed all night and day.  (xxroxymamaxx)
Snapping turtles are not always dangerous.  (hpycmpr155)
Sequoia's told about native architectural's design.  (chaoticbeauty34)
Several times Anne nudged away distraction.  (gryphondear)
Stupid terrorists anger nations and destroy.  (kaydeejay5449)

Stop by Saturday morning for six new letters with a St. Patrick's Day theme!  Have a lovely weekend, my friends =)! xox

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  1. Thanks Val for the fun game!

    Krissy :)

  2. Congrats to Cathy!  I shall have to add that into my next weeks update on Glenn!


  3. WOW there were a lot of good ones this week!


  4. Great sentences.  Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Great responses, interesting to see how differantly our thoughts are as we approach the assignment. I am a smoker, for 65 years, and smoking and tabacco never entered my mind. Bill

  6. I looked at the letter and thought .. okay I'm not going with my first thought this time. So I wrote them down and was going to get back to them.. I saw the letters on a post it and though WTF is this?  I threw it away! dang I forgot to get back to it!

    Next time I will go with the first thing in my head.. obvisously waiting doesn't work!

    Loved the sentences!


  7. Those are some really good sentence's that people came up with.   I thought Krissy's was exceptionally good as if the letters were made for her and John.     I will send you a letter about my upcoming surgery.    hugs,   mark

  8. Congratulations to Cathy!  WTG !

  9. Those are some awesome sentences.....
    Very creative stuff....
    Thanks for sharing them.

  10. I liked Krisy's answer best!  But Cathy's was good, too.  Love, Merry

  11. Krissy's sentence was a good one too!! I liked Cathy's; such thought provoking answers these people come up with :)

    thanks Val for organizing this; I'll pop in to congratulate Cathy


  12. Val, I sent in a suggested sentence last wek and I do not see it in the list.  I wonder if there was some mechanical problems because I see you have many fewer replies than usual.  WQhat do you think?  . . . dadeo. . .

  13. Well done to Cathy. Great sentence and as usual I loved reading all the others. Thanks val. I really look forward to a new game every week. Love Pam xx

  14. Humble thanks, my Maire.  Such creative wordsmiths we have in JLand, I enjoy reading these even when my brain won't function lol.  xoxo CATHY


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