Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Nice Matters"...

I received a "Nice Matters Award" from my sister Krissy.  I am so humbled, honey.  Thank you.

This award was created by Genevieve Olsen of
Bella-Enchanted who says this:

"This award will be awarded to those that are just nice people, good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration!  Those that care about others, that are there to lend support, or those that are just a positive influence on our blogging world!"

Wow, I think this is so positive!   Thanks again, Krissy!

Now comes the hard part of narrowing down my picks.  I am allowed to choose a few journalers to hand the award off to.  I thought for a couple days on this.  I would like to give it to so many of you, but I had to narrow it down.  So I now present the "Nice Matters Award" to the following:

Merry:  Merry from Merry's Thoughts, the good and bad, dreams and wishes
has quietly been a confidante of so many in JLand.  She is a cheerleader and quietly loves and supports others in the background.  She champions many causes.  As I've gotten to know Merry I find her to be the nicest of the nice!!

Sylvia:  Sylvia from Ye Olde English Posy
  has many things that she must do athome to care for her husband.  Yet, through her blog, she is constantly gracing us with her inspirational stories and poems and her stunningly beautiful photos.  Taking the time to do this for us, is indeed nice.

Kellen:  Kellen from Faith in Roman Catholicism
has helped us through his wonderful blog.  Although he is still a young man, he gives us sage advice.  Kellen has also enhanced the blogging community by fostering great community spirit.  If you've ever joined one of his Journal Tournaments, you'll know what I mean.  They are educational, community building, but most importantly just plain fun!  Kellen's a joy to have in the blogging community.  And Kellen's more than nice.  He's really nice.

Jeannette:  Jeannette from Jeannette's Jottings
shares with us her poignant poetry and stories and beautiful photography in her blog.  She has also shared her journey with breast cancer treatment.  She allowed us to follow her to her appointments.  She champions animal and hunger causes and has a large readership.  She is a joy to read and a joy to know!

Congratulations on your Awards!  You may pick them up below and pass them on:


If you want to see Krissy's picks her entry
is here.

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  1. Oh Val, thank you for choosing me as one of your picks.  I am truly honoured my dear friend and this has certainly lifted my spirits.  I value our friendship highly and that of Krissy also.  I will do my part and pass it on, going to be hard, there are so many wonderful people out there.  God bless you and thank you again.

  2. What a nice honor and well deserved.  And it's especially nice to recognize others in our community who are worthy of such an award.  The only Journals you mentioned, that I read,  is Jeannette's journal.  I read her every entry.  Well done !  Linda in Washington state

  3. You are very kind Val and I feel honoured to receive this award. Thanks my friend.
    Love & hugs
    Sylvia xx

  4. I have passed the award on Val.  So hard picking a few out of so many, but eventually it will get passed on by others.  Thank you once again and big hugs.

  5. Thank you so very much for the award.  I am deeply humbled by your kinds words.  Thank you.  

  6. Congratulations Sissy!  I chose you for this award because you more than deserve it!

    Krissy :)

  7. Congratulations, Val!  Krissy made a wonderful pick when she picked you.  I just love you and have been immeasurably helped by the kind and compassionate words you and Krissy offered to me when I was new to J-Land and struggling.  Love and blessings, Penny

  8. Wow I so envy those who give so much and take so little. And those who have many readers. I can only dream that my life could effect someone like they do. I don't think I'm very inspiring at all...but I can only be who I am. Congrats to all those who were picked....June:)

  9. You too so deserve this award!  (where have I been I haven't been here in a long time) I think my alerts stopped or something.
    You'll be getting slammed with promise comments in the next few days lol

    Luv ya

  10. Congrats on the award!

  11. Congratulations!!

  12. Very nice picks for the Nice Matters Award.    I am not doing much on the computer and spend my time on my back reading.   The board and cushions and throw rugs that I put over it ( it is a plywood board that I put on my mattress) gives my back support and the best relief.   I just had a steriod epidural several weeks ago and it is not doing much.  I have another one schedualed for Feb 14.    I can have a max of 3 in 6 months I am told now.   If it wasn't for Lyrica I would be absolutely miserable.    You have encouraged me and shared with me your struggles which I appreciate tremendously.   Out of a world of people on the internet, I have found a few people that I keep in contact with year after year.   I will keep in contact with you as your sharing with me is of great importance in my life Val.    hugs mark


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