Sunday, January 13, 2008

Photo Shoot #124, what's new with me...


I wasn't sure what I was going to post for Krissy's photo shoot this week because I am still unable to upload from my camera onto  my computer.  I have had a professional look at this box and he still can't figure out why I can't.  I guess I will have to wait until my next computer to be able to use my camera =( .  It's sad.  I visited old pictures to decide what to post.  The subject is "a close up".  I decided to do an animal theme as well.

This is dedicated to my sister D. who lives in Florida and has a birthday today! 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, D.!!!!!  I love you and miss you!!!   The first two creatures I shot were in Florida when I was visiting my daughter while she was delivering Josiah.  Boy, that was 17 months ago!...

This is a salamander I chased ALL OVER the back yard of my daughter's apartment.  The neighbors must have thought I was a loon!  I finally caught a shot of him in the air conditioner vent.  He was funny.  Every time I was ready to take a shot he would RUN!  LOL  I was fascinated that there were actually so many salamanders in homes in this interesting state.  LOL...


The second shot is of a friendly bird.  I was chasing him all over the road.  Again, the neighbors must have thought I was a kook.  Or maybe just a tourist who never saw wildlife.  LOL  He, too, would move every time I was ready to take a shot.  Here is my nice little birdie crossing the street...


Finally, here is Mr. Michael, my sister Krissy's lovely Maine Coon.  He is so nice, so sweet, so loving...


Krissy on a new look for her photo shoot and a third successful year!!  Wow, 124 hunts!   Krissy started back in October 2004 and is still going strong!  Congratulations, Krissy!

I haven't been posting a lot lately.  There have been major changes in my life (or the people in my life).  Chelsea and her babies moved back to Florida.  It was a GREAT SHOCK.  I miss them sorely.  I thought this could happen, but not so soon.  They left a few days before Christmas.  It hurts.  I was in mourning for some time.  I was seeing the boys every day.  I was talking to Josiah on the phone daily, too, and now I can't.  It's hard.

Also, my son is visiting from Florida.  Now, that is a good thing, but he told me he is moving to Texas after the visit.  Texas???  That was weird.  He lost his scholarship at school because funding was low, so he is moving to Texas where his girlfriend lives.  Oh, and my stepson, Michael got married and is moving to Texas, too.  Yes, got married.  And is moving to Texas.  LOL  I love his wife, Nicole.  Michael is going into active duty.  So much, so soon.  Everyone leaving.  I am happy to see them having lives, though, but I had to "absorb" everything the last month.  I will be back topost again very soon.  Thanks for visiting me this morning and viewing my "close-up" entry.  If you would like to participate in Krissy's next photo shoot
visit her journal
and see what the next subject is!  Have a good Sunday, everyone!! xox

Update:  On a side note, my son told me that the creature in the air conditioning unit is NOT a salamander.  It is a lizard.  I guess I don't know my amphibians?  Reptiles?  LOL  I need to go read...

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  1. Oh Val, I'm so sorry to hear that Chelsea has moved back to Florida!  I can't even imagine the pain and hurt.  I hope you get to visit them soon or they return soon to visit you.  Maybe they will even move back in time?

    My son and his wife have opted to move to MI where her family lives.  So, I will won't get to see my precious granddaughters very much.  I'm hoping and praying that I can visit my grandbabies in April.  

    I could see myself running around trying to take a picture of the salamander too!  I liked that one.  I'm glad you posted.  Also your cat is really pretty.


  2. Aww sorry about Chelsea and the babies moving.  It has to be hard.  

    The kitty is soooo cute!  Now the creature.. a different story I don't like salamanders, lizards any of those things!
    Nice job with the photo shoot.

    I'm having the same dang problem with my computer.. something is wrong with the USB ports. I've been working on it for days!  If I ever figure it out I'll drop you a note and let you know what was with mine.. maybe it's the same for you.


  3. lol i seen that bird around my dad way before i think he is in clayton new jersey.

  4. LOL great choices...  lots of movement goin on at your end.. sending strength

  5. I am lmao thinking of you chasing

  6. That first one is a neat shot and I bet Mr. Michael would have liked to have a real close up with the second photo ;-)
    Martha ~

  7. I hardly know my sardines from my salamanders - so I shouldn't worry Val - you haven't lost yer marbles yet. Tkae care.
    Lots of love

  8. Thanks for sharing your creature close-ups, Val


  9. glad you decided to participate.  sounds like you have had a bit of mental stress going on and its good to see you bouncing back.  it would be very difficult having your kids (and grandkids!!!) moving out of state like that.  getting active with other things will help.  :)

  10. Valerie I am so so sorry that you are struggling over Chelsea and the grand babies leaving.  And Matt and Michael in in a few months.  As somebody said, maybe they will come back in the future, who knows.  Either way, hang in there, you can call them by phone, you will always have a relationship with them.  Anyway, about the photos, I can see you you running after the bird and the lizard, LOL.  My favorite photo is the lizard.  Oh, I really can't pick a favorite!  I just love the subject matter of the lizard, b/c it is different.  Congrats on getting such an interesting close up!

    Thanks for playing JLand Photo Shoot.

    Krissy :)

  11. (((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))Very nice entry.I didnt do this weeks Photo Hunt but will do it next week.Have a ncie evening.

  12. OH MY GOODNESS I didn't know you were going through all that Valerie. I would be heartbroken with my grandson around for me to hold everyday. He keeps me going. I hope that everyone does come back or maybe you're able to move closer to them. That's when you need to get a cell phone that has free nights and weekends and no long distance. Then use it to call your daughter and grandsons when it's free for you to make calls.
    Enjoyed your pictures and the stories. I can just imagine you running around chasing those things.
    I guess I should go to listing the public journal when posting the photo shoots.
    Congrats on winning the Silly Sentence game everyone came up with some good stuff. I'm glad you liked your tag. I didn't know whether to put Val or Valerie on it so I just went by what Deb and Steph were doing on your member tags, but if you want Val on it I can redo it for you. I just didn't know.
    Take care, Chrissie (DSD) (private) (public)

  13. I loved the pictures; the lizard in the air conditioning vent was my favorite; I'm sorry your family seems to be scattering around; I know if I had grandchildren and they moved away, I would miss them intensely


  14. I'll take the occasional blizzard if it means I live North of wherever a lizard could crawl into my vent.

  15. I think these are cool shots.  They were worth chasing those critters for!

    With Love,

  16.  I love all your shots.  I especially love lizards.  I had them as pets growing up and always liked them and my snakes.


  17. cool pic of the salamander..err...lizard! LOL..
    Take care,
    Gem :-)

  18. Hey Val~I am having probs posting too; I picked out 3 close up portraits. My dumb scanner is acting up again; may need software update. Sorry your kids are all taking off; I know it really is hard. Sometimes phones just don't cut it....Love the Michael pic. especially...TY for the kind comment in my private journal. So far so good; I've prayed about my fear and have finally asked someome to go with me.
    Love you~Deb ;-) PS. Congrats you and Krissy for the sweel turn-out! ;-)

  19. Well, now  you know how I feell because I can't seem to learn to post!

    I know you have had big major changes in your life, and I am sure it's been awfullly hard and sad for you.  Know that I am here if ever you need me, just a phone call or email away.  You know you are like my "SISTAH")!  

    I love you ooddles!

  20. You sure have had a lot of major changes in your life. I wish you well adjusting to them I know it is hard. My son move to va. when he got out of the Air Force this month I had hoped he'd move closer, not on the opposite side of the country.
    Best wishes.

  21. My brother and his wife and son live in San Antonio.   My Mom lives an hour away to the northwest in Kerrville.   So I have family in Texas also.   Growing up in northern Illinois I am used to the cold of winter and snow.   It is 10 degrees warmer where I live in S. Illinois.   I would not want to live any further south and have to deal with any more heat.   Since last fall I have only used my woodburner 4 days.   This is the first year I am relying on my 4 electric heaters set on low.   I did not buy any firewood this year.   It only cost about $20 more a month with the electric heat over buying firewood.    Firewood heat is messy and the cabin gets too hot upstairs so it is nice this year with electric.  I will use the woodburner when the days are below freezing and the nights in the low digits.    That is not much though unless it is a severe winter.   My electric bill was $139 last month for 30 days.  I have been making my cabin insulated and sealed and it makes a big difference keeping warm and lowering my bill.   That is the way to go  In years to come I will be starting over with my cabin and go inside the walls by taking down the paneling and insulating to the maximum.   Well I will change subjects, lol.    Your close up photos' are wonderful and Mr. Micheal looks great!   Hugs, Mark

  22. It seems there are a lot of changes going on in your world...and your right that is a lot to absorb. I hope you are doing better now...I know it hurts when the people you love are so far away. As far as the lizard goes I wouldn't have known the difference either....they all go into one group for me....creepy crawly...LOL. Hope you get into a new routine and life seems a little more normal for you soon...June:)

  23. Hi Sissy, I am testing your comment alerts.  Love,

    Krissy :)


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