Monday, January 7, 2008

Photo Hunt #123 participants...

Photo Scavenger Hunt #123 participants


We received a good number of submissions this week!  Thanks so much you guys!  YOU ROCK!!  These entries are very creative, so please visit and leave a comment if you are able.  Krissy and I would like to thank the following journal for participating:

Photo Trek

     Promise... Me

     Gina's Space

     Linda's World

     Footprints in the Sand

     ALMOST Paradise II

     Smiles House
My Hugs Journal



     This and that, and hockey!

Thanks again, everyone!  You did a wonderful job!  Krissy will have this week's subject at her journal later on today so please go check her out
and see what it is.  She will be picking it up again.  Let's support her on her first month back in a few long months!  Thanks, Krissy, for honoring me by allowing me to do your Hunt for this period of time.  I love you, darlin'!

I hope everyone is having a good start to their week!  Oh, and hi Sara, ~waving~!!  Nice to have you back doing the Hunt!!


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  1. Waving back at you Val :o)
    Happy Monday lovely.
    Sara   xxx

  2. Enjoyed Krissy's "wants" for 2008.  Me, as for changes I have to say they're already in place, waiting to absorb.  This "power-year" will surprise many ppl right to the core, as I said to Kris.  Strap in fast and sure, this WILL finally be the time many disover their bliss, their passion, and follow it.  Luv u as ever - CATHY (What a good big sis u are to help out!  Special, strong bond btwn you two, I envy I admit, but admire). xoxo

  3. Val~I'm happy that you're happy about the good turn out!!
    Deb ;-)

  4. I'll do the next one.

  5. Hi Val    I have been sick but am feeling better finally.   I checked out the site you sent me and it was interesting (I can't remember what is was right now though).    Just letting you know I am thinking of you, and Krissy and John.    hugs,  mark


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