Saturday, January 19, 2008

photo shoot, what's up...

I slept 16 hours last night.  16 hours.  I laid down around 4 PM to get a short nap and didn't wake up until 8 AM this morning.  I do this once or twice a month when my body needs it.  Wow.  When this happens I sleep solidly.  I don't feel refreshed when I wake up.  I never do.  I haven't in many years.  This is a problem with fibromyalgia.  You don't get enough oxygen to your muscles and organs when you sleep so you don't feel refreshed when you wake up.  Ever.  16 hours is better than two or three, which is what I get a lot of nights.

My kitty, Boo, made sure I woke up this morning.  He meowed every two or three minutes after 7 AM.  Whenever something is unusual, he will do this.  My sleeping this long was unusual, and he wanted to make sure I was okay, so he kept meowing.  I may have slept even longer had he not done this.  It's funny, Boo and I go to bed together on the same bed, but when I wake up he is on a chair by my bed staring at me.  Always.  No matter what time I wake up.  It could be 6 AM and I could wake up every five minutes.  He is STILL staring at me.  It kind of spooks me out.  Staring Boo.

Now on to Krissy's photo shoot.  The subject for this week's photo shoot is "
the letter 'T'... something that begins with the letter or resembles the letter

I have three photos today.  The first two are my children's tattoos.  Matt has a tattoo of a treble clef.  That is two t's.  LOL...  Matt has another tattoo on his other arm of a music symbol in Mandarin.  I don't have a picture of that, though.


This is Chelsea's tattoo.  It's on her lower back...


I don't have any tattoos.  I have always wanted to get one.  I can't get one, though, as I am on blood thinners because of my shunt.  I know what I would get and where, though.  Do you have a tattoo?  Would you get one?

Finally, this is a shot I took of "two T's" in the sky with a rainbow behind it.  If you look closely you can see a double rainbow.

If you would like to play Krissy's photo shoot visit
her journal
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Thanks for stopping by!!  Hope you're having a good weekend, journal pal =)!! xox

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  1. No tattoo here~I would love to get one too but like you am on a blood thinner.  I always thought a little butterfly on the shoulder would be fun.  Your double rainbow picture is beautiful.  How clever of you to use the two electric line poles for a "T" picture.   Great job,  Linda in Washington state

  2. Great photos but I particularly like the one of two t's in the sky.  How wonderful that Boo watches over you like that, just like a guardian angel.  Yes, I always wanted a tatoo.  It would be on my shoulder and probably be a butterfly or a rose.

  3. I think I experienced my first "real" chiari headache on Friday.  Felt like someone was hitting me on the back of my head with a bat.  Kept me laying down cause when I got up, the pain got worse!  Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Had a great rainbow myself this afternoon, although a lot higher in the sky - being so far north does that. Great pics, Val

  5. i am gettin a tattoo sometime soon i do want my tongue peirced though.

  6. I don't have a tattoo but would like to get one. I have a pretty good idea of what I want but don't know what it is called.

  7. i had to look twice...but did see the double rainbow.  good job on the 't's'.

  8. (((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))Nice Entry,I have always been afarid ofgetting a Tatoo,I was afaird of the big huge needle and hearing bad stories of people getting them.Have a good night.

  9. Those are cool pics.....

  10. I could see the double rainbow - it's always cool to see. :-)

    No tat's here, I'm too chicken for that!  Only my youngest son has one and I haven't seen it yet.

    Strange about Boo - I think that would kind of spook me too.


  11. Hey Val~Hope you are having a great weekend too. Always thinking of you~Hugs, Deb ;-)

  12. Boo :o)
    Good choices for the letter T m'dear.  I loved the rainbow photo, I think I could see a second one above the main one, just about.
    I do have a small tattoo, have always wanted another but wouldn't know what to get or where.
    Sara   xxx

  13. awesome!  I saw the second rainbow :)

  14. Very creative in the last one! I love the tattoo idea as well!! -Missy YPCRAWFOCYNG0000000325629976012008134729

  15. I think boo would freak me out too ;-)  I love Matt's tattoo ~ that's the one I would get if I could get one or at least have the nerve for it lol


  16. Great "T" photos. No tattoos for me!
    Martha ~

  17. GREAT job here!   But you didn't share what tattoo (and where) you'd get!!  Do tell.


  18. I loved these pictures; all of them; the rainbow was awesome!! I don't have a tattoo, would get a tattoo but my husband doesn't like them and out of respect for him, I won't get one.

    my son recently gone one though; waited until he was 18.5 years old to do so.

    sometimes our bodies do need a lot of sleep like that; glad you had the opportunity to perhaps catch up on some sleep


  19. like the flower tatoo

  20. Boo is just doing his job.  :-)


  21. Val, I'd have to be dead to get a tatto.  I think that would hurt, number one, and I just don't like the idea.  I am not in that age bracket that thinks they are cool.  I don't care for them at all.  So, I am glad you can't get one.  LOL

    Oh, one exception.  My friend Rhonda, had eyeliner tatoo'd above her eyes, and it saves her lots of time every morning because she never has to put eyeliner on.  Now, that I WOULD do!

  22. I love your pictures, Val.  I guess it won't be a secret after I post it here . . . I am going to get a tattoo!  I want a portrait of my mother when she was young . . . on my upper left arm.  It should be in olde tyme brown tones.  What do you think?  Let me know about what you would have done, ok hon?  Blessings and love to you,  Penny

  23. Val, I have been sleeping a lot too, and my fibro has been killing me.  
    Cool photos, by the way.  But I would never want a tatoo.  Penny and Betty, you both want a tattoo???  LOL.  Okay.  Val, you never told me what you wanted as a tattoo.  'fess up, girl!

    Krissy :)

  24. Great shots of the "T"s....good entry!  (I feel like I could sleep for 16 hours!!)

  25. I just added you to my alerts... I never feel refreshed when I wake up either. If I sleep 8 or 18 hours lol, I still drag myself out of the bed and am not fully awake for about two hours. Love you "T"s. have a great day. -Missy

  26. Very creative.  The tats are lovely and the sky shot is so beautiful.

    Great job on the T's


  27. Great photos for the shoot and I wouldn't mind a tatoo but hubby doesn't like them....
    Linda :)

  28. Wow you must have really needed some sleep...I do that too every once in a great while I will sleep forever...but like you I have the nights of only an hour or two...Thank God for the internet on those nights....June:)


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