Monday, November 6, 2006

Monday Morning Question, etc...

Good morning!  I am posting the Monday Morning Question this morning for Krissy because she and John are in Hershey again.  John was rushed there because he had a fever over the weekend and was in extreme pain.  They think he may have a blood clot in his lung.  It could be pneumonia, but they are leaning towards the blood clot.  He is in critical condition.  She called me yesterday morning and it was heart-wrenching hearing John screaming in the background.  It was just so scary.  If you want to read about it and say hello to Krissy, her journal entry is here.  Also, when Krissy goes to the hospital she stops reading journals because she becomes so busy.  She gets all of her journal news from The John and Krissy J-Land Gazette that Tammy has tirelessly run for months now.  Thanks, Tammy!  Angels ARE in human form.  If you want to send her and/or John a well-wish, a "hello",  any news, a journal entry, or even something light like a joke or something to help them get through, you can send your submission to Tammy at  If you have any questions how to do this please email Tammy or me at  Thanks everyone!  Now on to the Monday Morning Question...   


Which of the four seasons do you look most forward to?

my answer:  I think I look most forward to the Fall.  I don't like the heat of the Summer, so the Fall is very, very comforting to me.  I like the cool days and chilly nights and I enjoy the changing leaves and the smell of the air.  I love the idea of the holiday season approaching, too!  People tend to be a bit more cheery!  Spring is a very, very close second, however.  My favorite day of the year perhaps is the first day when I can open all my windows and have the smell of Spring permeating through the house.  It is heavenly!  Spring never lasts long enough, though.  It never does for some reason.  It gets hot way too quickly for me.  I like temperatures to be below 70 degrees inside and out.  I have had a lot of thermostat wars when I have lived with others all my life.  What about you?


  1.   I heard about John and am sending them mega prayers.

        My favorite season is Spring because I still like to play in the dirt.  I love planting my flowers and the smell of the dirt.  I love throwing the windows wide open and warm sun on my face.  Plus it is the beginning of bicycle season.  



  3. I look forward to Spring.  It's when the temperature starts to rise and we are more comfortable.  I really hate the cold.  Coming in at a close second.  Summer and the hot temperatures have beat me down and I look to somewhat cooler temperatures.  I'm really a comfort creature.  Not too col - not too hot.  Blessings, Penny

  4. I could tell in Krissy's entry how scared she is. Bless their hearts.  It must be such a trying and scary time. Of course I'm sending my best thoughts and prayers that John recover and be free of pain.     As for your Monday morning question I'm right with you! I LOVE Fall.  It's my favorite.  Here, you can feel that change in the air, right before the weather changes.  Then you see little leaves, passengers on an autumn breeze.  The colors don't change quite as beautifully as they do up north probably but they do change. I just don't think I could live where the seasons are same year round.  Spring is my second favorite.  I don't even mind winter because we're cold enough to occasionally need a coat and do occasionally get snow.  So we have it all.  LOL
    Have a wonderful week, and again, my prayers are with Krissy,John and you all.

  5. I know Krissy is scared and I would be to, tell her to hang in there though.  God is listening and will protect them!

    As for my season, Spring.  it's when everything is new again and fresh start.  I clean slate both weather wise and mentally for me.  

    Luv ya and thanks for doing this for Krissy too!

  6. I don't know if I could pick just one.  UGH!  I have so many good memories and feelings and emotions connected with each.  If I had to pick, it would be winter, with fresh snow falling to the ground, a bright gray sky day, no work to do, and hot chocolate and a good book waiting for me when I'm done throwing around snowballs and building "Parson Brown"!  

  7. Early Winter......cooler days, a spattering of snow now and then, more family time, the kids have been in school a while and go to bed earlier because they're tired. : ) And, the new TV season starts and I like certain shows.....And, my favorite. Christmastime.


    So very sorry to hear John is going through another setback. Will check out her journal. And, will pray.

  8. I'm praying for John and Krissy, I hope it isn't a clot.
    I look forward to summer most, the hotter the better! I want heat!! Jeannette xx  

  9. Sorry to hear about John, please know he remains in my prayers as does Krissy.


  10. I like winter in Texas.  Finally get to cuddle with a blanket and a good book!  Plus dig out all my cute sweaters and not having to shave my legs...LOL just kidding!!!! Barbara

  11. I'm mid fall-mid winter enough to have a fireplace going every night...and cold enough to offer cleaner snow it....I hate the heat in the summers too...I love the blue skies but anything over 75 degrees...I'm

  12. i love spring!!!  i love fall!!!!  and when each rolls around i'm so ready for it that it becomes my favorite season.  i love the colors and milder temperatures of both, but if i just had to pick, i guess it would be spring.  its like a new fresh world birithing again with the flowers, trees, birds...just wonderful!  :)


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