Tuesday, November 14, 2006

MMQ, pics of Josiah...

Krissy posed a very interesting and silly, four-part Monday Morning Question yesterday.  I thought I would answer it in my journal.  The first question was: Cats:  Rule or drool?  They have ruled ever since my Dad brought in our first stray cat, Blackie, when I was a small kid.  I have been in love with cats ever since!  They are a darling animal to own, or be owned by, shall I say.  I do like dogs, too, but cats have my heart.  The second question was: Lobster: Eat or no treat?  I will say no treat, don't eat, meat too sweet.  My Dad used to buy them live when we were kids and allowed the lobsters to play with our cats.  Dad, lobsters ARE NOT playtoys for cats nor are cats playtoys for lobsters.  It was also no fun to watch them be cooked alive.  Number three was:  Ties: Wear or nowhere?  I think ties are fine, a personal preference.  I think a nice-dressed man looks sharp!  The final question was:  Escargot: slime or sublime?  I have eaten escargot before.  It was about 20 years ago.  I only had to try one bite.  It is rubbery and too garlicky and kind of slimy.  I will never try it again.

My sister, Grace, has
her first online journal!  Let's welcome her to J-Land!!  If you can pay her a visit, please do!

Chelsea sent me about ten pictures of Josiah last night.  Here are two of them.  The first one is him on Halloween...


The second one is him giggling from a tickle.  I can't believe he is already laughing and giggling!  He will be three months old tomorrow!...


Thanks for stopping by!  Take care! xox



  2. Oh, Honey!  Josiah becomes more handsome with every pic!  Ya gotta love him.  And aren't those giggles precious?  That sound will never leave my heart.  Lord Bless you today, Penny http://journals.aol.com/firestormkids04/FromHeretoThere

  3.  I can almost hear him giggling.  How cute.


  4. ok I recall the lobsters dad brought home. It was horrifying to be exact. After the cats played with the scary things and dad cut them down the middle and broiled it, I'm sure this isn't the best way to cook them he pulled one out and the legs while cut in half were still moving! Oh my God that was a nightmare! lol I recall trying some later and found it to be truly disgusting. Now as an adult Im going to give the lobsters a thumbs up... yummy! I prefer crabs but loster can be very good but hardly a food for kids, so my answer is drool, Ties you say? there is nothing like an attractive man dressed in a nice suit with a tie! I frankly have a thing for that hehehe so I say WEAR WEAR WEAR, and now Escargot, well let me tell you as a kid we had to drag the trash cans to the curb and on late summer nights we would run out there with no shoes, my bare feet would hit something wet and squishy... noooo it was a slug or more! yikes I would scream loud and smear my foot in the grass to get the dead gushed slug removed from between my toes! Now back to the question do I want to eat those little monsters that as a child we also would pour salt on them and watch them melt? No way they are slime with or without a shell involved, butter, and tons of garlic this thing will never pass my lips!

    Ok now as for the baby pics that darn baby is so cute I can't take it! Chelsea sent me some pics yesterday but I dont recall him wearing that little costume. Adorable, I can't wait till she brings him over for me to hold :)

    love xxxxxxx deirdre

  5. That grandchild of yours is just precious and beautiful....But you already knew that. : )


  6. Josiah is gorgeous Val, what a lovely smile he has too! Yeah, cat's rule OK! Jeannette xx  http://beta.journals.aol.co.uk/jlocorriere05/Welcometomytravels/

  7. he is so precious!!!!

  8. LOL at Deirdre's (Sissy's) comments, I remember EVERYTHING she said.  BTW, Josiah is the cutest baby in the world.  Never mind that he is my neice's son!  You did good Chels, LOL.  Val, you have a BEAUTIFUL grandson!  Love ya,


  9. I want one!!!!!!

  10. He's such a sweetie!

    Look how cute he is as a little cow :)

    I've put Grace's journal on alerts, too...


  11. Awwwwwwwwwww!! Pictures of Josiah.... I love that name...
    Linda :)

  12. this little one is so precious. I just want to kiss him and pinch his cheeks,lol. I know how he must make your heart sing


  13. What an adorable little boy!  You must be so proud!
    Hugs,  Kathy

  14. Absolutely the most beautiful and adorable grandson ever, Val !!  I think he's inherited your amazing spirit and sense of fun ... it shows already ! XOXO Love, C



  15. Dear Deirdre, Krissy and Valerie,  most people when they cook lobsters plunge  them directly into boiling water.  What I did years ago was take the live lobster, which has a very small head, and with a very sharp knife split its head apart with  one quick motion.  The lobster died instantly WITHOUT a few moments of excruciating pain of surrounding boiling water.  Brain tissue of any animal, including humans, has no pain receptors.  Lobbsters' brain encassing material is practically non-existant and has little or no sensory organs.  I had read in a publication, cannot remember which one, that the method I used was more  humane than the plunging- fully-alive method in common use.  So there!!!   Both the cats and the lobsters acted as if they injoyed stalking each other.  Cats love to stalk anything but I observed that they were very cautious around the lobsters and never made any actual contact.  Dierdre, snails are raised in very sanitary environments (specialty farms) and are alot cleaner that mullusca, such as clams, oysters, etc., which sometimes are eaten raw.  I prefer well cooked and seasoned snails.  If one can drink cognac, snails go well.


  16. I bet my great  grandson Josiah will appreciate a well prepared snail when he is older.      Chelsea's maternal grandfather. . Don. . Dadeo. . .Losing it as I approach 79.

  17. Those pictures of Josiah are fantastic -- he is a cutie!  Valerie, in the cow photo he looks just like you as a baby.  It is amazing.  The next photo of him is darling.  He is one cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute boy!   What a happy looking guy.

    I think cats rule but so do DOGS.  They are tied for me.  Cats are easier to take care of and are so beautiful, clean and soft.  Dogs are messy and pee on your carpet when they are puppies.  But dogs are so LOVING compared to cats.  They make excellent eye contact and gaze lovingly into your eyes for long periods of time.  My dog Kady is very smart and can smile (yes, she shows her teeth and lips are upturned).  She also gives you her paw to say she loves you.  I got another dog a few months ago named Cole (he is a black mutt weighing about 35 pounds).  He follows me around all day adoringly.

    As for the lobsters, I don't remember them playing with our cats, but I believe you, Val.  Maybe it was traumatic for me and I blocked it out.  I do remember them running around with their heads cut off.  I know lobster is elegant but I prefer shrimp.

    Men look fabulous in ties.  I think bow ties only belong with tuxedos, not with business jackets.  Ties look good with tuxedos or business suits.  I think men in nice suits are very attractive.

    As for snails, I don't remember eating them or not.  I like to looked elegant and sophisticated but not at the expense of eating something I don't want to.  So at a party everyone can eat escargot and I'll just stick with the meatballs, chicken, shrimp or weenies.  No snails, please.

    I am now a great aunt -- that makes me sound ancient.  

    Thanks, Valerie and Krissy for inviting your readers to my journal; I truly appreciate it.  I will be posting in my journal hopefully tonight.

    Josiah is so ADORABLE.  He looks a little like my Sarah

  18. awe dad I sure hope you don't think I mind that you were a lobster killer and that your methods were in question. As a kid the big things looking like giant bugs are scary as hell but as an adult cook me up one and kill it anyway you want! hehehe I do find it amusing you thought about the way to kill them and decided this cutting thing was most humane. I really don't see you as an animal killer. While you are cooking that lobster for me if you could also do a whole bunch of crabs I will gladly help you murder the little monsters. As for you letting them play with the cats while I was kinda horrified about the entire thing at the time now I think its very funny and certainly would consider allowing my cat some lobster play.

    Lastly snails as a nice treat and being clean... are you crazy???? hehehehe I don't care how clean those bugs are I'm not putting them in my mouth. I'm an adventurious eater in general but I draw the line on somethings...

    Anyway the reason I wrote an additional comment dadio was to let you know I don't harbor any ill feelings about your murder of the lobsters :)

  19. Hey sis, that little guy is making me laugh like crazy, he's got a sense of humor now!  Seems only yesterday he was newly come into your lives, doesn't it?  Bet you have great mems of Blackie, I get that.  Never had the opportunity to try escargot but love the word!  Remember when Ford came out with an "S" series of lemon cars?  Whenever I'd get behind one I'd yell "S-CAR, GO!"  lol great post sis!  Thanks for the emails.  xoxo CATHY

  20. Cats rule, eat Lobster!, wear ties, and please, no Escargot! lol  Love your entry and that baby is adorable! : )  Have a great weekend.  Hugs and GBU, Shelly

  21. Cats don't rule here (because of my cat phobia as a kid), Lobster's OK, Love a dressed up man in a suit & time, and escargot can be forgone. LOL Blech.
    That IS the cutest baby I have seen in quite some time. He looks like such a happy little guy.
    Hugs, Barb  

  22. I was looking for pics of the baby. He is gorgeous!! Love that smile. I'll try to visit Grace.

    Take care, Chrissie


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