Saturday, November 4, 2006

"Wordplay", etc."

Words - so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing
        in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they beome
        in the hands of one who knows how to combine them.
           - Nathaniel Hawthorne


Good Saturday, all, and welcome to "Wordplay"!  I wanted to talk about the dictionary today and new additions to it.  Merriam-Webster will be adding nearly 100 new words to its new addition this year.  When I read this I wondered how many I knew or if I used any of them regularly.   Take this small seven question quiz and let me know how you doGo to this site and view 30 of the new wordsDo you know most of these wordsSome of themWhat percentageDiscuss any of the words you want in the comments section.  I took the quiz and got six out of seven correct.  I did know most of the words in the word list and use, or have used, about a third of them in my vocabulary at some time or another in speaking or writing. 

I wanted to say congratulations to Jennifer, a friend of mine who goes all the way back to middle school, who was the only one who was able to pick me and Krissy out of my sibling photo, and in fact, was able to identify the whole brood!  Cool, Jen!!

Voting has started for the VIVI Awards and will be over on the 6th.  Have you voted?  All you need is a valid AOL or AIM screen name.  Go
if you haven't and have your vote counted!!

Chelsea called last night and said she was definitely sending new pictures of Josiah for me and to checked my email this morning!!  I got on the computer this morning to download them and there were no pictures from her!!?!!  Why do you tease me so, Chels?!!?!!  Why?  Why???  What an AWFUL thing to do to a grandma!!  Send them!!  Send them!!!  LOL  Hopefully you all will see an updated picture of the little guy soon!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend and keep enjoying the little things! xox


  1. Igot three out  of eight ,obviously I'm  hopelessly out of date ,....Jan xx

  2. Hi Val,  I got 4 out of 10 but I haven`t heard these words used in the UK.  I suspect these words are mostly used in the US. :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  3. Hey Val,
    It's been a long time for me to be here. Don't know how I got sidetracked. OMG Josiah wasn't even born the last time I was here. I'm gonna have to look back and see some pics since mommy is behind. Grandsons are wonderful things believe me I treasure mine dearly.
    Now on to business, I did the seven question quiz and got 6 out of 8, would have been 7 out of 8, but I changed my mind on one..LOL. Then I went to the new word list and there were three that I didn't know at all. There were a couple that if you just read them you could figure out what they were. So I guess I know more new words than I thought... it's just all the old ones that I have problems with.
    I'll be back to see if that baby is on here yet.
    Take care, Chrissie

  4. I got one wrong in the quiz, I'm not into facial hair, i spend all my time with the tweezers. LOL!
    Jenny <><

  5. I got them all right but only because I'm really good at word deduction and tests. Not bragging......just born that way. I liked the mouse-potato. : )


    PS......Grandmas need their photofixes.......How's that for a new word. : )

  6. Hi hon - I got all 8 right plus knew most of (-3) of the 30 word list.  I hope Chelsea sends those pics of Josiah sooner than soon.  Love and Blessings, Penny

  7. I got 7 out of 8.  I had to guess at a couple of them, but they were pretty self explanatory. I haven't been by for a while. I gotta go back and see your entries with the baby pics!  Hope you are having a good weekend.
    Hugs, Barb  

  8. I managed to work out 7 / 8 correctly. I never heard of any of them LOL but there you go. Have a good Sunday, and hope you get those pics soon

  9. I got 4/8....but it's been a long day...I am really tired.  Will update you later.

  10. Hey Val, I got all of them correct! I am both a nerd and hep at the same time. "Hep" is another way of saying "hip".  My twins when they were little invented their own language. It took years for me to decipher it. Although "twinspeak" will happen with identicals and fraternals , it also occurs with siblings in the same age range. Since I am your you remember what nukey meant? If you have forgotten, ask our sister Krissy...and don't be a hopeless head! LOL...Do you also remember having our own language, as well as words sometimes?  I think we spent too much time together!!!!

  11. I didn't do bad with the word thing - got all right. :-)  Does that make me a nerd?  I was never a nerd but, I love to read.

    How is your grandson?  Will you get to see him over the holidays?  I don't know when I will get to see my precious grandbaby again.  ::sigh:: That's always hard, not knowing.

    Sorry, I don't know about the ViVi awards thing - guess I've been out of touch too long!



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