Sunday, November 26, 2006

"Wordplay" and Tournament...

              "Women and cats will do as they please, and men
                and dogs should relax and get used to the idea."

  -- Robert A. Heinlein

Good afternoon all my pals!  I do hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Mine was very quiet and nice.  I wanted to ask if you guys like this font type and size better?  If you do, I will use it.   I think it might be easier to read.  Let me know.


I have something fun for "Wordplay" today!  It's very easy so everyone can participate.  Visit this
link from
.  It says, "Get a Random Quote".  Press the button.  Share your quote with us in the comments section!  If you don't like your first quote, pick another.  Why did you pick this quoteIs this a serious or funny quoteAre there any thoughts you would like to share about your quote?

My quote is:  "I planted some bird seed.  A bird came up.  Now I don't know what to feed it."  by Steven Wright.  I chose this because I thought it was funny!  Do you feed it bird?  LOL  What do you think?  Tell me about your quote!

On another note, Kellen is hosting an abbreviated version of his Journal Tournament called
"Tournament Revolutionized"
.  I have participated in a couple of his Tournaments in the past and they prove to be loads of fun and I have learned a heck of a lot!  Kellen puts a lot of time and energy and creative effort into his Tournaments to make them a great time!  You can also meet new journalers in the process!  If you want to try something new and like a little bit of competition (or a lot!) give it a go and sign up!!  Now is the time to do it.  Registration runs through November 30.  Kellen asked us to put this blurb in our journals and I am happy to comply, Kellen!...

JOURNAL TOURNAMENT - A three task tournament between journalers,
      building community and friendly competition in J-Land.  The tournament is in
      an experimental phase... a one task 20 question Tournament Revolutionized.
      If you sign up, you will be asked to complete those 20 questions by the
      appropriate deadline, and whoever has the most points, will be declared the
      winner!  It's a great way to get involved and see if you like the Journal
      Tournament without signing up for the full three tasks.  Everyone who has
      joined the past three tournaments has had a blast!  See what it's all about...
  .  Now registering
      through November 30!

Have a good rest of the weekend everyone and don't forget to leave your quote!  Adios! xox


  1. Hello Val, I heard a good one a few weeks back on the anniversary of Will Roger's birthday.  He was known for some good ones.  The one I heard on the radio was "what this country needs is dirtier fingernails and cleaner minds."  I liked that's so true.   Have a good Sunday afternoon,  Linda in Washington state

  2. Hey, Val--I get a random quote in my in-box every day.  This one came last week, and I thought that it was interesting:

    "No one can lift you up very high--you lose your grip on  the rope. But on your own two feet you can climb mountains."  Louis Brandeis

    I signed up for the journal tournament....should be interesting.

    Hope all is well with you.

  3. (((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))))Sounds like a fun idea,but,I dont get any,were do you find them or can you make them up?HAve a nice week.

  4. My quote:  If most auto accidents happen within five miles of home, why don't we move ten miles away?  I like it b/c it is so silly and stupid!  It was the first one I got, LOL.  
    I like your new font, it is much easier to read!
    Kellen's tournaments are great, I have played twice, as you know.  They are a blast.  I am signed up for this one also.


    Visit Krissy and Val's Christmas journal:

  5. Quote: Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.
    Albert Einstein

    Well, he swould have known about trying something new. I don't mean his great accomplishments. I mean cheating on his wife....the SOB......leaving her with one son and another schizhophrenic son who eventually made her so sick (son attacked her physically) that she died. I believe she stayed in the mental hospital with her son, so he wouldn't be alone. Geez, didn't I pick a subject to bring cheer! Yikes! See what happens when I'm sleep deprived!!!!!! : )

  6. A new journal is here!
    It is my gift to J-land.
    Come and celebrate with me and spread the word! Also my friend Krissy has one too! Put hers on alert! Let's all have a Merry Christmas! Tammy

  7. Visit my journal for my quote.  It's quite funny.
    Hugs,  Kathy

  8. Steven Wright is hilarious !     In answer to your question, well ---   if bird seed grows birds and birds eat bird seed  ----    planting a dead bird should produce fertilizer for growing seed that comes from some other place than planting bird seed.     Remember,  baby's come from underneath cabbage leaves!    Obviously bird seed comes from over the Internet and is delivered to your home.    No question's asked!    Did the deer have a little doe?   Ya, two bucks! ( The Three Stoogies )   So you see the Internet gets the seeds from the Three Stoogies.    Do you see where I going with this?    Steven Wright is Curly's grandson!  ( not to be confused with the actor personally )     mark


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