Thursday, November 2, 2006

Color test results, family picture...

This is my results of the color test I gave you guys yesterday.  I didn't post it then because I wanted you all to be surprised by the depth of the test.  Also, I wanted to let everyone know that NO ONE was able to pick out me and Krissy in our family photo.  From left to right the children in the photo are Grace, me, Therese, Krissy, and Carl.  Thanks for trying, though!  


You have always been on the move seeking affectionate, satisfying and harmonious relationships. Your ultimate goal has been the realisation of an intimate union in which there could be love, self-sacrifice and mutual trust. It has often been said that 'True love is just around the corner' and - if you haven't found it as yet - you possibly soon will.

At this time you 'need to be needed' and again you 'need to need'. You have had this feeling for some time now and you are looking for someone who could share a close bond in an atmosphere of shared intimacy. You have the belief that with the right person you could conquer the world.

Enough is enough - but the problems never seem to stop. They never stop. You feel, and maybe you are right, that the problems seem to go on and on and you have indeed had more than your fair share of trials and tribulations. But to give you credit - you bounce back time and time again - you stick to your beliefs because deep down you have that inner knowledge, that 'belief' system that in the end, everything will turn out OK - and you are right -it will!

You are an emotional, sincere and impressionable individual experiencing frustration and unnecessary stress. You vehemently resist any form of pressure from outside sources, insisting on your independence as an individual. You want to be a decision maker - to make up your own mind without interference. You wish to be able to draw your own conclusions and arrive at your own decisions. You detest uniformity and mediocrity as you want to be regarded as one who gives authoritative opinions. Your favourite expression could well be that 'I may not always be right but I am never wrong'. You're a perfectionist and even though you may feel that the other person's point of view may be right, you find it extremely difficult to admit that you could be wrong.

You would like to be respected and valued for yourself and this can only be achieved from within a close and harmonious relationship.


  1. Yours was very interesting and very different from mine. Good test. : )

  2.   Oh and cutey you were too.   Do you think the test was accurate?  It sounds like you from what I know of you.


  3. I posted my results of the profile in my journal.  Everyone seems to really agree with what the profile says about them but me.  Hmmm!  Have a good one.

  4. Val~I had Krissy right, but wasn't sure which cutie was you! xox Deb

  5. These are very accurate aren't they?! I got you right in the photo but Krissy had her hand over her face! Jeannette xx  

  6. hi Val...

    i done the test and mine was wishes!


  7. I did the color test and it was interesting.     I just saw are read which of your family the photo was of.    I could have picked out you but Krissy's has her hand in front of her face but I could have guessed by process of elimination.

  8. I did the color test, quite fasinating, seems to fit quite well with everything in my life right now. I adore the family pic. your all so cute, especially you and krissy :)


  9. I took the color test. It was fun and right on except for one thing it said that I was outgoing/people person and I am sooooo very much the opposite.

  10. AWWW cute family photo. Love it.
    Take care, Chrissie

  11. Cute pic.  


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