Thursday, September 21, 2006

Please click!...

               "Poverty is the worst form of violence"
                                                              -Mohandas Gandhi

I hope you have
The Hungersite
, which I try to speak of as much as I can, bookmarked.  I hope you visit it daily, too!  When I click on the link daily I give 1.1 cups of staple food to a person who is hungry.  I don't think this is a small thing.  If I do this every day for a year, that is 401.5 cups of food a year!!  That's just from little ol' me!!  From just a little click!

If you have never been to The Hungersite it has five other worthy causes that you can click on at the top of the page as well.  This month
The Breast Cancer Site
and The Literacy Site are DOUBLING their clicks!!  That means more mammograms for women who can't afford them and more books for children who are in need of them!  So, if you can, please pop on over to these sites and give them a click.  Try to do it daily if you can.  It only takes about 30 - 45 seconds to do all six.  You feel really good after you click them all!  I know I do!!  ...stepping off my soapbox

I took a recent picture of Krissy's cat, Michael, and wanted to share it with you, just because I think he is the most beautiful cat in the world!  He is a Maine Coon.  He is a 25-pound, gentle giant.  I take care of Michael when Krissy and John are away and he is such a pleasure to be around because he purrs the entire time.  He is just so loving...


I will be picking back up with "Wordplay" Saturday morning.  Hope you drop by and check it out!  Have a good rest of the week! xox


  1. michael is very pretty

  2. Love that you're promoting those clicky links...they're great and unfortunately I need the reminders.
    Also, sweet kitty!


  3. That is a BIG cat!  LOL

    Have a great day!  ;o)


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  4. I love Michael's picture!  I also have the Hunger Site plus Literacy, Pet Rescue, Save the forests, Kids Health and Breast Cancer site.  Oh, and I also click daily on all of those and the Bible Site where you can help get Bibles to foreign countries.  It goes to show you that we can work on our concerns one click at a time . . . and we can feel part of something much bigger than us - and we don't have to take from our limited incomes to show our support.  Ok - off the soapbox.  Love you and I am truly looking forward to "Wordplay".  Penny

  5. I dont understand how the clicky stuff works? I had a cat like that living with me (and its human owner) for six months or so. Maincoon I think its spelled, his brother also who was half ragdoll, both the sweetest cats I ever knew. Someday I would love to have another one. :)

  6. I guess I'll go check out the hungersite.  The cat is just beautiful.

  7. Hey, that kitty is beautiful!  No, I am not prejudiced just because he is mine, LOL!  He is the best looking cat in the world!

    I go to the Hungersite, I have the clicky link in my sidebar/All About Me section.  Thanks for mentioning it, Sissy.


  8. Michael takes an excellent portrait!    I clicked on all of the sites in the top bar.    mark

  9. The hungersite is a great site.  I love the kitty!

  10. Michael is beautiful.
    I will go check out the hunger site.
    Have you got any new pictures of your grandson? I bet he is growing and getting cuter by the minute.

  11. Michael is a beauty, I love the gentleness of my two Maine Coons and the way they play all day! Jeannette xx  


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