Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Morning Question!...


This question comes from Krissy's husband John.  If we found out there was an advanced civilization on another planet should we try to make contact with them?  Why or why not?

my answer:  I would say ONLY if we had EVERY indication that they were peace-loving.  Then we should go for it.  If we didn't understand them and what they were about we should hold off.  What do you think?


  1. i think that maybe we sould leave well enough alone.  they may not even know about us and they may think we are coming to destroy their would be a nice thought but there are too many risks. look at our own countries, we cant seem to ever get along
    great question

  2. Yeah, contact them.  Since there is only one God, and has always been, then our God would be their God, and those little green, one-eyed, four horned, cloven feeted (is feeted a word??) creatures would be our brothers and sisters.  Ain't we just better off not knowing???   Heheh

  3. I think we have enough to take care of here without looking for more people or creatures to eventually be at war with....or feed....or support.  Barbara

  4. My instinct says no...but that would be interesting--what they look like, how they deal with problems...if they're actually happier.  :-)
    Take care,
    Gem :-)

  5. I say Yes.   I'm under the assumption that there is always something to be learned...even if it's learning what to avoid.
    Good question John!

  6. of course we should contact them. Why would we assume they wish to do harm?

  7. I am sure there is and I can't wait til we discover them or they finally contact us becuase if they are advanced I'm sure they already know about us....
    Linda :)

  8. We could contact them if only for the sake of being friendly or see like if they have cures and answers for problems we have.  You being the nosy planet we are, we couldn't leave well enought alone!  LOL


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  9. I think not.  If they are an advanced civilisation they would have contacted us if they`d wanted too.  It would be better to leave things as they are.

    Sandra xxxx

  10. I'm with you on this one.

  11. I am scared, LOL.  I don't want to talk to anybody from anywhere else!  Where does my husband GET these questions from, LOL?


  12. I'd love to find out about life on different planets! Maybe it wouldn't be for our own good but what will be will be! If we're meant to find them we will! Jeannette xx  

  13. Well, just for fun.... the only life on the other planets are the Martians who begot scientologist's. Scientologists have an ancestors out there although they don't like to talk about it. If there ancestors ever come back, I don't think they will be very happy with their and hey its not really that weird....chimpanzees dont look like us either,,,lol

  14. I'd be thrilled to talk with another civilization, but only if I could be sure of their good intentions.  If there were any doubt in my mind of their motives, I think I would choose not to contact them.



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