Saturday, September 23, 2006

"Wordplay", etc...

Good Saturday to everyone!  Hope everyone is well and happy today.  I woke up with a big ol' headache.  I'm trying to kill it with a strong cup of coffee.  That usually works.  I have been worrying about everyone and everything and I think that's why I have the headache.  I am going to try and take it easy this weekend.  I do have to do alot of cleaning and arranging as my apartment has gotten in a bit of disarray since I got back from Florida.  I have had a huge problem with organization, especially since I have had my brain surgeries.  I spend alot of my day trying to "find things" and "fix mistakes" that I make from forgetting things and losing things.  It has gotten almost to a crisis point.  I am going to have to make my living situation more organized.  Period.  If anyone has any suggestions on organization, I would really appreciate it.  Krissy is giving me pointers, and I really do appreciate them!  


It's time for "Wordplay" this morning!  It feels good to get back into the swing of the game =).  I found a neat
site that has five spelling quizzes.  They have 50 words in each quiz.  I took the first three quizzes.  I missed four on the first.  Three on the second and two on the third.   I find it interesting that when I see two words together they both seem to look like they are spelled correctly, or they both seem to be spelled incorrectly.  LOL  Ask me to spell a word on a piece of paper or type a word on the computer and I have no problem, but on these tests it was a bit tricky at times and I had to do some thinking.  Let me know how you did!  I'm not asking you to do all five or even three like I did (unless you want to!).  I just want to see how everyone fares on one of them!!  What words did you have problems withWas this a hard test? Thanks for playing along!

I had promised a few week's back to post poems that were submitted to a previous "Wordplay" before I went to Florida.  I was unable to post them because Chelsea went into labor earlier than expected.  Below are these poems.  Thanks to those who contributed!

The first one is from
Barbara at Confessions of An Angel Waitress
.  I wrote back Barbara after I received this poem and she told me Ezra truly DID exist!  This poem gave me a big smile and laugh!  Thanks, Barb!

I'll just Have The Chicken

Ezra who is three years old came to visit me.
I was working at my job
Waitressing for a mob.
I said, "What would you like for lunch?"
And he replied to me,
"I would like some chicken please."
And sat down ready to eat.
His order was taking way too long
To come out of the kitchen.
He was getting restless and
Started causing tension.
He could not stay there in his chair.
He began to wander.
Introduced himself to everyone
And could not wait for the chicken to be done.
I went over to him to help the situation
And asked him this simple question,
"Ezra, do you have a case of wiggle worms?"
To which he simply smiled, "No thank you,
not today, I'll just have the chicken!"

The second and final poem I received is from Krissy at Sometimes I Think.  Thanks, Krissy!

This Love Overflows

Deep down inside
it grows
it grows

and pushes it's way out
to others
this love overflows.

Who would have thought
who would have known
we'd be here today
hearts interlocking?

I'm off to go do some of that organizing that I was talking about.  Ah, what to do first???  Have a good weekend, everyone! xox


  1. I'm not too good myself in that dept.   BUT...I just did a bunch of stuff and feel terrific!  It's like a high of sorts.  One of the things that helped me the most was the suggestion to only do one little area.  Commit to just that.  That way, you'll feel you accomplished something and may even be pumped to do more.  When I try to organize, I get so overwhelmed and it often leads to more piles of disorganization.   Pick one spot, one anything and make it nice!  
    Good luck from one clutterbug to!


  2. Neat little spelling site, but isn't it for kids?  It seemed to be, we need something for adults!  So sorry about that headache, didn't know caffeine could help - thanks.  Stay well xoxo

  3. Ah! Need help do ya! Well I redecorated some but it's still a great place to ask questions. So come on down! Tammy

  4. I missed ten on the first one and son2 was helping me, lol...
    Have a great Sunday!
    Linda :)

  5. I got 5 wrong on the first one!  But I just want to say to all of us who missed some, that I was told when I was in college the last time,(in my 50's)  that spelling is not an indication of your IQ.  Oh, do I hope that is true!  I'll try more tests later.  Have to rest now.  I loved those! I love the poems as well!  They were GREAT!  Val, sweetie, I think it's against the law to "organize on a weekend," isn't it?  LOL

  6. PS  Just wanted to say that caffee helps me a lot with headaches!  You are right!!

  7. I did 1 through 4. Here's my scores: (1) 45 correct; (2) 40 correct; (3) 40 correct; and (4) 39 correct.

  8. You have a good weekend too, hon. Try not to fret so much about the little mistakes you make or things you misplace. LOL  Laughing cause I am an organized person and still make mistakes - and once in awhile misplace something, which drives me crazy. I'm a list person. It helps me keep track of what I want or need to get done, and what I've accompllished. Perhaps you could write down things you need or want to do, and even where you've placed something you need. Leave the list in the same place so it doesn't get lost. i keep mine on the table because I'm always sitting there, having coffee, tea, or studying. box- type, stackable shelves help me too, because I can SEE what I put in them, which makes it easy to find something.
      Thanks for visiting my journal. I'm happy it lifted your spirits. Take care now. Will be back again.

  9. Val~Right now I just have time to say I hope your head is better this sunny Monday. I will be back to read again later. Thanks for the sweet comment in my WORD journal. xox Deb

  10. Val~I took the first test and got 8 out of 50 wrong. I always got A's in Spelling in school so I'd say it was a trickey test. I do use my spell check though so perhaps I have gotten spoiled! What irritates me a bit is when people don't even use spell check! ;-)...That Ezra poem is very cute; I can just imagine that happening. I'm glad Krissy feels the love; it couldn't have happened to a nicer or more deserving gal! xox Deb (What I do much more often then mispell is mistype!)


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