Saturday, September 16, 2006

Special Photo Hunt!...

This week's subject for The Photo Scavenger Hunt is "gifts for Krissy and John".   Krissy and John are actually on their way home from Hershey Medical Center as I type this.  I did some calculating and they have been away from their home a good six to seven months out of the last eight - living out of suitcases and in strange beds.  That has to be very difficult.  They haven't had their own bed, TV, cat, refrigerator, shower, nothing.  Krissy and John, my wish for you both is that you get to settle down very soon once and for all in your home!  John, may your healing continue.  My prayers are fervent for both of you.  But you know that =)!!!!!

I was thinking alot about what I wanted to do for this Hunt and I decided that I am going to give you two photos that are comforting.  Photos that soothe your senses.  Ones that hopefully will make you happy and bring a smile to your faces.  You two know what you mean to me.  You are the world!!

The first photo is of Honey-Honey.  Aunt Krissy and Uncle John, here, give Honey a pat.  You haven't in a long time.  Let her know how much you love her.  Spend a few moments stroking her and loving her!..


Here's John2.  He is calling you and saying, "Hi guys!  I miss you and love you and you are always in my prayers!!  Let's get together soon and have a cup of coffee!!"  Can you smell the yummy coffee?!...


The next photo is of the park near my home.  I know you guys like to go there and sit and watch peopleand enjoy the nature.  See the bridge on top?  Take a walk across and toss some feed down for the birds and the fish!  Enjoy the fresh air as you two walk across the bridge and enjoy the beautiful sites!...


Now, sit down on the rocks and enjoy feeding the ducks.  Did you remember your bread?...

Cross, the bridge and sit under this big, knotty tree.  Watch the kids on the swing or listen to the musical performer in the gazebo.  Toss some rocks in the water.  Isn't the air cool and crisp and wonderful?!...


Finally, a flower for you both.  Put it in some water and put it on your computer table, Krissy.  No, better yet, copy and paste it, and put it on your computer screen, LOL  Smell the wonderful fragrance!  Ahhhh...


John2 and I love you both very, very, very much!!!!!! xoxoxox


  1. This is the most beautiful entry I have ever read Val. Krissy and John will be over the moon when they read this.
    Take care my friend.
    Lots of love
    Sylvia xx

  2. It will be in the Gazette tomorrow! Tammy

  3. great pictures..have a great weekend

  4. what a wonderful entry!

  5. You did good...beautiful thought and beautiful pics....

  6. You're such a kind wonderful sister to Krissy and John. They'll love your gifts! Jeannette xx  

  7. Beautifulentry and tribute. I hope I'm not to late I just posted mine. The links below, I also left it in gregs journal. I wasn't sure were to leave it really.


  8. Wonderful gifts for Krissy and John and I'm so happy they are going home!!
    Have a great Sunday!
    Linda :)

  9. Awww that was a sweet idea!

    be well,

  10. Wonderful selections and I'm sure they both need a nice day at the park to enjoy the fresh air.  I hope they get home in short order and work on moving back into their house....for a very long time.


  11. Beautiful photos! Loved that big tree. Trees like that always feel wise in a silly way but I do admire them. I know your happy to know your sister will be able to stay home more and John be in a place that has so many memories. Family is so important. I have a twisted family. I love them but its just different for me. I'm glad you guys all have each other. Your all so very lucky!

  12. What a wonderful entry idea!  That's a splendid gift!

  13. Lovingly done, Val, very sweet.  CATHY

  14.  Wonderfully done.  It will be just like they are there the way you described it.


  15. very sweet idea Val! Im sure Kris loved the pics!
    love xxxxxxxxx Deirdre

  16. You took some beautiful photos Val!    Your expression of love to your brother-in-law John and sister Kristina are words they will cherish.    I have heard the expression 'Where there is life, there is hope' and I hope they celebrate life to it's fullest.    I have not been getting out and doing much staying at home and instructing my worker on the building of my addition several hours a day.    I have been unable to do much with the severe pain in my hip that is coming from the Stenosis of my lumbar vertebra.    I will find out this week if a Neurosurgeon will accept my Medicaid Card as the State of Illinois has not paid doctors or institutions in over a year.    Best wishes to John and his family!    mark

  17. Valerie, I am overwhelmed with this entry.  It brought me such joy!  I love you Sissy!  I am overwhelmed with the whole hunt this week!

    Krissy :)

  18. I'm a bit late but here's my gift for John and Krissy! Jeannette xx

  19. Heres mine!

  20. Val~This is such a sweet entry and pretty too. Makes me want to go feed the ducks bad! Krissy and John~I hope you are enjoying these! xox Deb


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