Thursday, February 24, 2005

Ten Unique Things About Me!...

John Scalzi challenged us to list "Ten Things That I Have Done That You Probably Haven't"  I am going to attempt to do this challenge.  Play along if you would like!  His entry is linked here as well as other's!  Here are mine:

1.  I was in a county spelling bee in seventh grade.  I froze up and lost.

2.  I had two brain surgeries.

3.  I was homeless for a few months and slept on a friend's couch.

4.  I won an award for a watercolor in a county art show as a child.

5.  A man with an axe in the female protection aisle tried to hit me over the head with it when I was 19.  I was quick to flee!  He went to jail. 

6.  I have talked a few people out of suicide.

7.  I threw-up at school and on the school bus in sixth grade.  It was awful!

8.  I gave a beer to the WWF wrestler, Superfly Snooka.  Does anyone remember him?

9.  I drank my first glass of milk when I was 11.  I remember it distinctly!

10.  I ate only beef hearts and pears for about two years when I was a tot because of allergies.


  1. Thats a cool list Val! I hope you dont mind if I nick it for my I just have to think of 10 things....hmmm.....

    love Amy

  2. Wow Val!!
    All things I didn't know about you, except the brain surgeries and I think I remember you saying about the beef hearts and pears once before :o)
    A man tried to attack you with an axe???  
    Sara   x

  3. wow. I am trying to think of ten things that I have done but since I am only 21 I can't really think of any.

  4. Val, I love it!  It shows how unique we all are!  Love you, Penny

  5. Wow Val, I have certainly learned a lot more about you by reading this. I do not think I can come up with ten things. xxxx

  6. Yikes!  Beef hearts and pears?  Well, I guess you were young, but still.  Eeewww!

  7. One of my brothers would only eat meat paste sandwiches when he was small.

  8. WWF wrestler?I know of him as I took my sons to see WWF AND WWE in London.They would have loved to done that!

  9. Now, it all makes sense!! LOL rich

  10. WOW, VERY INTERESTING.........................STORMIE

  11. um, an AXE?  whoa that is one i hope to never live through!

  12. You have led a full life, and survived some of the worst things that can happen, don't you think it makes you a stronger person! Thanks for telling us. xx Julie xx

  13. Wow, very interesting :)  I never would have guessed!

  14. this is probably the most unique list I've read! You've come a long way baby!  :-)


  15. I knew all of these Val except for Superfly Snooka.  You have been hiding a deep dark secret from me, lol. -Krissy

  16. You are one interesting woman!  You are right that's a lot of stuff I heve never done.  LOL


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