Friday, February 4, 2005

"Up Close With Val"...

Happy Friday afternoon to all!  Some of you asked me to report whether Phil saw his shadow or not.  Well he did.  Apparently, we are to have six more weeks of winter.  As I stated before, he is wrong two-thirds of the time, so perhaps we will have an early Spring!!  That would be delightful!! 

My appointment went just fine yesterday in Baltimore.  It was a very, very long drive home, however, as there was a lot of snow falling in both Maryland and Pennsylvania.  It was a 13-hour-day for an hour MRI!!  Phew!!  We got home safe and sound, but it could have been worse with all of the icy roads.  I will let everyone know the results of my MRI when the doc calls me back.

I have two pictures for "Up Close With Val" today.  It seems like I don't have a particular day to post these.  I was trying to do one a week, but it doesn't seem to be working that way.  Thanks for stopping by to play even though it has been sporadic!  I have a lot of fun with this game and enjoy reading your guesses as well as playing around with the camera and the pictures!  Please post your guesses to these pictures in the comment's section or send them in an email.  I will let everyone know who guesses them correctly in a day or two.  Have fun!!



Atleast I know everyone has heard and seen both of these objects, so those of you in the U.K. are not at a disadvantage this time!  Sorry about the past weeks.  I have really, really learned a lot about the differences we have as well as the similarities.  Now, I am off for a nap.  I can't believe how sore I am from taking two trips to Baltimore in just four days!  It is not good on the fibro.!  Have a good weekend everyone!!


  1. I'm thinking that first one is the top of a candle (the wick)  and the second one is a remote control Dang OR a phone.. okay I'm going with remote!
    ~ Promise

  2. These are some real teasers Could be a candle, a fly in a pot of ointment or gorgonzola cheese.  The only thing that comes to mind in second picture is a bun tray for baking cakes (cookies), but it doen'st  fit because of numbers. Will have to come back and try again.

  3. Mmmmnh?First one is a tablecloth with a cigarette burn LOL!Second on is a telephone?Glad your appointment went ok.

  4. Yeah...a candle and a remote control. The remote looks just like mine. LOL

  5. The first one is an apple and is the next one an old phone?

  6. I think it is an apple and a telephone.  So, six more weeks of winter. It has turned very cold here today so maybe Mr. Groundhog is correct. Mike is very very down as his boss told him he is too old and passed it. We both feel very shocked and shaken by the whole thing and my blood sugar continues to be all over the place. I know you will continue praying and I think you were going to send me some verses?  God bless you my dear friend.

  7. The second one definately looks like a TV remote to me, but the first one looks like a dead bee in a bowl of mouldy soup!  Could be I'm wrong on that one ;o)
    Glad your trip went well, take care and rest up hon.
    Sara   x

  8. The first one looks like a lemon or lime cut in half, and the second looks like a remote control.  I'm glad your trip was safe, I hope you're feeling better soon :)
    Take care of yourself doll!

  9. A candle and a remote .

  10. #1 some type of aroma candle, #2 TV remote. So much "brain strain" so early in the morning! LOL Keep us posted. rich

  11. I would have never guessed but now that I know, of course it's easy. : )


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