Saturday, February 5, 2005

And The Winner Is...

Apparently the two installments in this week's "Up Close With Val" were pretty easy.  Four guessers got both pictures correct!  The first to get both correct was Promise from No Promises No Demands.  The top object was a candle and the bottom object was a TV remote control.  Way to go, Promise!  Here is your blue ribbon:


The other correct guessers were Rich, Shannon, and Becky.  Thanks for playing everyone! 

Now, if you are feeling a bit blue, or not so good about yourself, or just a bit curious, click HERE !!


  1. I didn't see the photos. I'll have to scroll back. : )

  2. Congrats to everyone who guessed correctly.


  3. I don't usually do too well on these....but then I usually type out the first thing that enters my mind.

  4. Lol, am feeling good now ;o)
    I guessed one right then, that first one still looks like a dead bee to me though!!
    Sara   x

  5. Next "Up Close with Val" I shall have to remember to put my specs on, reckon that's why I keep getting it wrong. keep smiling.
    Sylvia x

  6. Boy, I was wrong on the photos, lol.  I thought the first one was the center of a starfruit or kiwi! -Krissy


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