Saturday, February 12, 2005

Scavenger Hunt and More..

Hello all in J-Land!!  I am not sure what I want to write about today.  It seems like all my journal entries are postings of photos or updates on my health.  Is this true??  Maybe I am wrong.  I am not sure.  I feel like I am in a bit of a funk.  My mind has been wandering and my words are stuck in my head or on the tip of my tongue.  I feel like I have been stuck in this one long day - like that movie "Ground Hog Day", I guess.  I am spacing out alot.  I can spend a day doing nothing.  Absolutely nothing to show for my day!  I think it is a way of my brain shutting down when it can't take anymore.  Or perhaps my brain is not able to function well in the first place.  I am not certain.  So my neurologist's office called on Friday.  They want to do this test inpatient in March.  They think that my brain pressure actually may be too low and this is responsible for some of the symptoms I am having.  They will be inserting a needle into the reservoir of my shunt (which is in my brain--not too fair in, though) and checking what pressure my cerebral spinal fluid is.  It is kind of like a spinal tap, only doing it in the head and over a period of time.  Hmm...  I will be "Needle-Head".   I am envisioning myself sitting in bed for two days with a needle sticking out of my head.  Val the "Needle-Head!  Oh my, why do I always make jokes?  It makes things a little easier, I guess.  So, they told me it shouldn't hurt too much - it should only be about as bad as an I.V. needle.  Hmm... I.V. needles hurt!!  Oh well.  If they decide that my pressure is too low (which they think it is) or too high then they are going to bring me back three weeks later for a couple of days and put a programmable piece in the shunt and figure out what setting to set it on.  Now, all this wouldn't be going on if they PUT THE CORRECT SHUNT IN IN THE FIRST PLACE!!  Oh, my!!  Now, no more about my health for awhile, I hope.

So, on to this week's Scavenger Hunt, brought to you by Krissy at Sometimes I Think!  This weeks subject is "glass"!!  I love glass!!  I collect glass!!  I actually have a moderate-size glass collection and it was hard for me to decide which pieces to photograph.  I also was trying to figure out if I could capture "glass" some other way.  I was not feeling well at all this week and did not leave my home much, so I will present to you some pieces of my glass collection.  I used to have many more pieces, but I have lost them.  That is a long, long, sad story.  They belonged to my grandmother.  She was a collector.  She had an antique store.  She had a love for glass as well.  So does my mother.  Can you inherit this??  I think that you can!  So, the first picture I am showing you is three pieces of cracked glass that belonged to my Grandmother on my Mom's side.  I have no idea how old these pieces are, but I have found similar pieces in antique stores and they sell for a pretty penny.  I would never sell them, of course!  My favorite is the orange one on the left, I think.    


The second picture is a paperweight that    
belonged to my Mom.  I think she got it in the early or mid 70's.  Is that right?  I remember looking at it when I was little and loving it.  I finagled it out of her possession as I loved it so much :-)!  Thanks, Mom!!  My son used to love to stare at it when he was little as well.  I love the bubbles inside of it.

The last one I am showing you is a vase I got this Christmas that I love!  It is from a neighbor and I just love the red color!  It is my largest piece!  I like putting flowers and branches and such in it.

            One thing I noticed while doing this hunt and posting these pictures is that it is hard to capture the true beauty of glass in a photograph.  It is just not the same in a picture.  But I tried. 

I find so many pieces of glass as I am out and about and wishthat I can purchase them, but my budget doesn't allow.  Anyway, when would I stop, even if I had the money?  So, I remain content with what I have.  Hope you enjoyed them!

Krissy and I have been spending time looking at dresses for her wedding.  Woo Hoo!  How much fun is that?!!  I would show everyone, but it is a secret! LOL

So, I have a question for anyone who can answer it... Does anyone know how to put text next to a picture?  I have seen it in a couple of journals so I know it can be done.  I have asked them and they haven't been able to respond for some reason.  So, could someone help me, please!!  I hate having all that white space next to a small picture..Do you guys understand the question?  I feel like I sound stupid.  Maybe I don't sound as stupid as I think I do.  It is taking me so much longer to write my entries these days because my brain and word-center are a little off.  Oh well.  The snappy Val WILL RETURN!!!  Take care all!!  Love ya!!


  1. Val you don't sound stupid at all, I totally understand the question!  Unfortunately I don't know the answer, but if you do find out I'd be interested to know too.
    I love your glass pictures, the colours don't come out right in photo's though do they, my little vase is actually orange, but came out looking red!  And I like the paperweight with the bubbles inside, I have a lamp like that, with bubbles in the glass, that actually is red!
    Take it easy my dear.
    Sara   x

  2. Hi Val! Love your glass selection!So sorry you are having a needle in your head.Wishing you well from the U.K. x x

  3. I found the hardest part of this hunt was deciding WHAT to photograph.  I LOVE glass, my mom loved glass, and from what I understand so did her mom!  :-) Another family passing it down the generations.  It is hard getting glass photographed just right.  I wish there was more light on my glass entry. But, I had no  control on the lighting.  You did a great job with your photographs.  I wish I could come over and look at all your glass. :->


  4. oh my, a needle in your head?!  that sounds a bit scary, I'll definitely be saying prayers for you...and your head ;)
    I love your glass photos, I really like the orange vase on the left too, it reminds me of sunflowers for some reason....very artistic anyhow!
    I'm not sure about the words in the pictures..i remember when setting up my journals that there was a box to click to wrap words around pictures, maybe check in the journal settings part.  I'm not certain though ;)
    Take it easy Val!

  5. Val,
    Oh honey I'm sorry for what you are going through, and what you will have to go through with that test.  My prayers are with you for a good outcome.  If you need to talk you know where I am (at least on the web :)

    Beautiful entry for the glass hunt!!
    Much luv,

  6. Dear Sis:

    I loved the glass pieces.  Hey, since my maiden name was Glass perhaps that's why I cannot take a good picture?!?

    I love you, and you know that you are in my daily thoughts and prayers.  Let me know what I can do for you, Needlehead.


  7. Nice pics, I to found it s hard to capute te full beauty of the glass in a picture.I hope things go ok with what you ae getting ready to go through. Please keep us up to date and you will be in my prayers. I think I may know how to get the words next to the pictures how you want. I will double check and make sure I am right and let you know one way or another.......Kasey

  8. Valerie, beautiful glassware.  You know I love your glassware collection!
    Sorry you have to be a needlehead! -Krissy

  9. I promise not to "needle" you about your comment GALB!! Glass, is like a golf course. Pictures, though beautiful, just can't get the true beauty, right? rich

  10. I just love crackle glass myself.. love your glass pieces there! As for the whole needle head thing.. you are in my prayers..! Feel better hun.. :) Mel

  11. hey val so sorry to hear what is going on you are a very strong person to be able to go thriugh these things and still keep your head about yourself. You are still in my prayers dear friend. God bless Kelley THEREFORE MY DEAR BROTHERS STAND FIRM LET NOTHING MOVE YOU ALWAYS GIVE YOURSELVES FULLY TO THE WORK OF THE LORD BECAUSE YOU KNOW THAT YOUR LABOR IN THE LORD IS NOT IN VAIN. 1 CORINTHIANS 15;58

  12. Easy to do the text bit. Just insert your photo at the beginning of the text you want it to appear with, switch to HTML view mode and find the code for the photo you just put in. It will be in <> brackets with the image location/name. Just before the end put in a space and add align=right
    or you can put

    Then switch back to regular mode and you will see your text now flows next to the photo and the photo will be off to the right or left. It's a snap. The hard part is inserting the photo into the right spot in your paragraph before you add the align bit. But you can drag the photo and reposition it afterward, I think.

  13. I love the movie "Groundhogs Day!". Sorry to hear about your health issues but am glad you are able to share. Cool photos, makes me think I need to get back on the photo scav hunt track one of these days. Blessings and good vibes to you.

  14. I like your grandmother's jugs. Re: putting text next to photos. When I used to use the quick "view larger" way of inserting pics I could put text by side like this:- Go to edit journal and find option "wrap around text" and tick box. Unfortunately since I have been putting pics into FTP space this doesn't seem to work the same.
    Sylvia x


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