Saturday, October 30, 2004


Good afternoon everyone.  This weeks photo scavenger hunt was a very interesting one.  The subject was "unusual".  I was kind of excited by it.  To me, lots of things are unusual.  I thought long and hard about this.  But could I capture "unusual" on camera?  Hmmm....  Well, let's see what you guys think.  The first picture I took was of the funeral home up the street from my home.  My daughter was aghast.  "Why a funeral home?" she asked.  I thought it had a very interesting roof.  It has a witch's hat!  Appropriate for Halloween, also!

The second picture I chose was quite a funny one.  I saw Mr. Squirrel on top of a telephone pole!  Quite and "unusual" place to perch!


Mr. Squirrel was quite funny!  He chirped and chirped for about a half an hour.  I think he had a lady squirrel he was trying to locate and found the highest point to communicate with her!


Here is a close-up of my buddy!  Such a nice squirrel!  He sounded very much like a bird the way he was chirping away!

The last photo I am chosing to put in is a picture that I took at night.  I was outside on Tuesday night trying desperately to take a picture of the lunar eclipse.  The moon was very red and so awesome looking.  Every time I got a glimpse of it it would hide back behind the clouds for a long, long time.  So there I was in the chilly weather, in my pajamas, staring up at the sky for what seemed forever.  So instead I snapped a picture of the view across the street...

I thought the shadows and lights looked kind of interesting.  I made the photo black and white which made it even more interesting and "unusual".  Hope you enjoyed my photos!  Have a good weekend, everyone and take care!!


  1. All of them are great for different reasons. My favorite is the squirrel.


  2. Oh Val, great pics!  I especially enjoyed the last one for all the special effects you incorporated into it!  You really captured the mood.  The funeral parlor is fascinating...It looks to have been built in the 1860's, due to it's architecture.  I bet that place is really haunted!  The squirrels are so cute.  They can be really mean to my cats though.  They are such a tease!  Keep up the good efforts.  I know you are having a  fun time learning about your camera and photography in general.

  3. Like all these pics. Think the last one is favourite because of the effects. Hope squirrel got down from the post alright. xxxx

  4. All good photos - the last is superb!

  5. Val, you really did 'unusual' well!!
    I love all your pics, the witch's hat is my favourite though, it really does look like that doesn't it?!
    Clever you.
    Sara   x

  6. I love the funeral home, I know it sounds weird but with the pointy bit it looks like a fairy castle. I have a story about animals up telephone poles, Mick went to rescue one with the fire brigade once and was gone 4 hrs, it was next to a electic pylon and they had to lose the electricity of 3 villages to rescue the cat  safely!!! He said it would have taken 2 mins with a hose to wash it out the the woner refused. She was charged by the electric company and the fire brigade so it ended up being an expensive cat!!!..........Jules xxx

  7. Well, good job on the unusual.  I almost entered Hubby's clown face photo, but decided against it.  LOL!

  8. That funeral home picture is unusual for sure!  I enjoyed the photographs, no doubt! :-)  

    I'm just frustrated I can't get the rest of my pictures loaded, sigh.


  9. Now I wanna live in that house. I love that house. Lori

  10. Great pictures, I really enjoyed the ones of the squirrel.God Bless

  11. Cool photos Val.  I like the first one the best.  That is an unusual building.  That does look like a witch's hat!  I love all your photos. -Krissy

  12. I especially like the last one's very artsy!!

  13. Awesome! A house with a witches hat... cackle, cackle. Could the door somehow be made into a goulish smile to welcome all in? In a bit of a daffy mood tonight.

    Methinks the squirrel was trying to tap into AT&T, perhaps his cell phone was dead? Or perhaps he is part of Homeland Security? Do  YOU know who your neighbors are?

    That last one is stunning. The black & white contrast is very effective. And the way each streetlight casts an eerie glow. *Applause* Good thing you got that battery pack!

  14. wow really liked the first pic. all were good but as you said the first went with the season.
    please give me the hook up on the scavenger hunt.  How can I get involved?


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