Saturday, October 23, 2004

Photo Scavanger

All of my entries for the Photo Scavenger Hunt this week come from inside my home since I was unable to go outdoors because of rain and illness. 

First, for holy I chose my crucifix...


I chose this for holy because it is the holiest thing in my home.  It is the reason I have come this far in life.  It is the reason I get up each day.  It is my hope for the future...

For scary I chose my daughter's laundry...

When she left a few days ago I had done mounds and mounds of laundry.  She still managed to leave me with another couple of loads.  Don't know where this laundry came from...

For orange I chose something from my pear collection.  These might be my favorites.

They are sparkly, holiday pears.  The sparkles are not easy to see from this photo, but they are very "happy" pears.  Hope you enjoyed my photos!  Have a good day everyone!


  1. Aw these are really nice Val.

  2. Great photo's Val :o)
    I love your happy sparkly pears, I can just see some of the sparkles!!
    They're so pretty.
    Willing to swap chocolate orange for sparkly pear!!
    Sara   x

  3. lol *Rofl* at your choice of scary!!!!  Crucifix is beautiful.  I love your pears.  Great photos, Val. xxxx

  4. Cute entries Val!!!  I love this game don't you!!!  Tell Krissy that I'm having a lot of fun playing... hope you are too.

    I also hope you're feeling better.  Been thinking of you alot!


  5. It is amazing how the laundry multiplies and sneaks in the hamper isn't it?

  6. Well done for managing to play even though you couldnt go out! I couldnt go out either so I took two 'indoor' photos and nicked the outdoors ones from google! I would have been able to take those photos myself tho if it a) hadnt been raining and b) I hadnt been so ill....I think that justifies me pinching them! lol....


  7. Excellent photos. Love the one of daughter's laundry, so true, so true. Perhaps we should have an indoor scavneger hunt sometime? Hope you feel better soon.

    Here's my entry.

  8. LOL! I dig the pears!

  9. Great pics and I like how people see things differnt ways...thanks for visiting my journal and leaving a nice comment.....Kasey

  10. Love your choices Val, and your photos are stunning.  Your crucifix is beautiful, the laundry is funny, and your pears are just gorgeous.  Love your happy entry! -Krissy

  11. Great choices!  :-)



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