Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Bird Calls

My lovely kitty was doing bird calls today.  Too funny.  She does various ones.  They always make me laugh.  I swear nobody would believe me if a few people hadn't heard some of them.  She does a few birds.  Crows with their caw-caw sound are "meeaaw-meeaaw".  There is one little bird she chirps at with a  "meh-eh-eh, meh-eh-eh."  It sounds kind of sickly.  She thinks the birds are paying attention to her.  Maybe they are.  When they stop chattering with one another she begins her chirping so they start up again.  I think she thinks she is talking to them.  So funny.  She also likes to talk to the chipmunks.  I can't even begin to spell that sound. 

I went out and bought my battery pack and rechargeable batteries for my camera today so I can participate in Krissy's Photo Scavanger Hunt.  Sounds like so much fun!  Can't wait to get going with my photography!

Chelsea got a job at JC Penney this week.  She really enjoys it.  She gets 20% of all their clothes and items and she is excited about that since they have alot of sales already.  She is getting tired of sitting at home and not meeting anyone and is looking forward to being out and about.  She has worked two days already and really likes it.  I am very proud of her!  We are going to go visit her college on Friday and talk to a financial counselor and see if she can get in January and see what we still need to do and see if she still qualifies for any grants.  So much to do and so little time.  She thinks she wants to take occupational therapy.  I think she will be very good at this!  Way to go, Chelsea!  Wish us luck!

Well, Chelsea wants back on the computer so I am going to get off here and get to bed.  Wanted to tell you about my funny cat and let you know that I was okay.  I will put an entry in here about my son, Matt, tomorrow or the next day.  Got some neat stuff to tell you about him!  Night, night!


  1. My kitty, Baby, used to  say 'Brrrrr. Brrr' in these high pitched sqeaky tones.  It was funny.  And if you whistled that whistle guyd do when a pretty girl walks by, my kitty would come next to you, lay down, and roll over.  She was a cutie.  So, I believe you, Val :)


  2. Yeah it's a riot when our cats get all excited about the birds. We have one attached to our window, up close and personal like. All three will take turns swishing tails and "talking." They used to go after the birds but have figured the window thing out.

    Go Chelsea, a working woman now! Watch that wardrobe grow. Good luck with her interview at the college. I'm sure something will work out. A great occupation to take up. Can't wait to hear about Matt and his marvelous doings. Toodles.

  3. I attest to Honey making these bird call noises to the birds as I have heard her do it!  It is so funny to hear the cat and the birds calling back and forth to one another.
    Valerie, I am so happy Chelsea likes her job!  
    Looking forward to hearing what is up with Matt. -Krissy      

  4. they are so funny when they get excited about things. I wish my cat only got excited and didn't kill them and give  me them as presents!! I hope you enjoy the photography, let me know how it goes cos I quite fancy doing it to. Sorry I haven't been around to comment lately but I am back now.........Jules xxx

  5. Wow, a cat that mimics.  You should get it put on a t.v. show lol. I would love to hear it.  Glad Chelsea likes her job. Looking forward to the entry about Matt.

  6. Hello you.  Cats do have such funny personalities don't they, my old cat - sniff sniff, still miss him - used to be the neighbourhood ruffian I'm sure, out on the pull night after night!!
    Congrats to Chelsea for her new job, glad she's enjoying it.
    Re-mixed that spoons story to fit little man, that story can be used to explain so many things can't it.  Take care my friend.
    Sara   x

  7. So glad your doing well and Chelsea likes her job.  20% discount is good!  It'll help around the holidays, too.  Your Honey is a very intelligent kitty.  Have a good day.

  8. Cute kitty you have, good luck Chelsea.  Am pleased your ok Val.  Sleep well. xxR.

  9. I beat Chelsea. I got 30% off at JC Penney's. They sent me a card in the mail. I did some shopping yesterday. Your cat does bird calls? LOL! I think that's terrific and so funny. Good luck with your camera. I can't take a good picture for anything. I just don't have a photographer's eye. : )

  10. I loved working retail when I was a teen. It's the best job! The on your lunch half-hour...getting new clothes all the time. LOL What can beat that? Well...maybe the time I worked at the ice cream parlor...

  11. Kitty's doing bird calls?! Too much! Ever considered a deal with the circus? Heehee! I would pay to hear that. Hope that you and those you love are happy and well~ Heather


    I believe you about the cat Val...  I used to have that cat that whistled.  Not tunes necessarily but she's sit at the window and whistle at that birds.  I guess she thought that might make them come near... it didn't.

    Have a great day!

  13. I wish you culd put your kitty bird calls in the journal. Hey thats great she got a job at Pennys but I bet she will spend all her money on clothes LOL Dont you just hate sharing hte computer. Lori


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