Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Weekly Sentence" #19 Winner, etc...

Happy Summer, everyone!  The weather has been beautiful in my neck of the woods the past five or six days.  It has stayed in the 60's and 70's and has been sunny.  The one thing I hate, though, is that there are cicadas everywhere.  I don't mind their sound, but I hate how they fly into me when I am outside.  I've had a couple fly into my hair, and that is NO fun!  Yuck!  They are all over on the ground, too.  Ewwww.  Anyone have cicadas in their neighborhood?

It's time to announce the winner of the "Weekly Sentence" #19!  The letters this week are
.  I was disappointed for you guys because I had to disqualify five submissions for different reasons.  Three were not sentences.  One had a wrong letter and one was late.  I am very sorry you guys.  Please make sure that your letters are correct and your submission is a complete sentence.  I still included every submission in the listing, though.  I know you guys work hard, and I am VERY proud of you all!!  Now, the judges and I would like to CONGRATULATE:

                    Nancy from My Life and Loving It

              Fathers are terrific, handy, earnest rangers.

Congratulations again, Nancy!! 
Please visit her journal and congratulate her if you are able.

Your award is below, Nancy!  Right click and save as .gif.  If you have any problems, just pop me an email.


Many thanks to everyone who submitted this week!  THANKS!!  Submissions are below:

  Father's artful talent helps exude rhapsody.  (ab45yui)
  Fathers are the heart everyone requires.  (lv2trnscrb)
  Father's are true heroic effervescent rocks.  (pamal3)
  Further along the highway Ethel ran.  (dsonney01)
  Fred and Tommy have everything ready.  (gitterdunna)
  Faith and trust helps every heart.  (justplainbill)
  From another time he entered reality.  (howiseeit101)
  For all the hugs ever received...  (nhd106)
  Future answer to Heaven's everloving reward.  (cdj0423)
  For all the heroes extra rations.  (specialadyfink)

I will see you all tomorrow morning with six new letters for your submissions!  Have a nice weekend, everyone!  Val =) xo


  1. Betty's was the greatest i luved hers its so true.

  2. Her sentence deserved to win!

  3. Good mind went blank on this one.  Linda in WA

  4. Congrats to the winner...good one!

  5. congrats to the winner; I'll go over to her journal in just a minute, Val, and offer congrats there; her sentence was good - so were a lot of the other ones; hard to pick a winner for sure this week I bet!

    we don't have cicadas here; I don't think I'd like them in my hair either

    happy summer to you!


  6. Valerie, I hate, hate, hate cicadas.  Dad has some ground into his car.  He said the other day, "I have to get my car washed, it has brown stuff allover it."  I said "Those are cicadas, Dad!"  He said "What??"  I said, "Yes Dad, when Mom went to Baltimore for her tumor checkup, bugs must have splattered allover the car."  He looked at me dumbstruck!  Ahhhh, those in your hair, crunchy on the windshield, crazy flying, loud buzzy bugs!  Can't live with them, can't live without them!  Not!
    Sissy, before I get too silly, I am going to go visit Nancy and congrat her.  Bye for now, I heart you, LOL,

    Krissy :)    

  7. Hey my val. I have never heard of those horrid flying things. I hate anything like that!! Eugh shudder! lol. Anyway, Congratulations to Nancy. Great sentences again this week. Love Pam xx

  8. Many congrats to Nancy.
    Good sentence

  9. I've just gotten my harddrive back from my computer tech like one day ago and the day care kids, now (4 of them) are keeping me quite busy. Thank you one and all for comments and to the judges. Got alot of emails to catch up on and now with a full day,5 day a week schedule with school out, I'll need some good adult time on line more than ever! hahaha
    Thanks again,

  10. I am struck by the variety and the audacity of everyone's words describing fathers!

  11. There are no cicada noises this year here in S. IL.   There must be swarms of them in PA where you live Val.    I don't recall ever having one fly into me.    I see the exoskeleton they leave behind on the side of a car tire or elsewhere.     I read some good Father letter derived sentence's, and as you pointed out, some were not 'related' to Father.  The beginning of the week I though my lumbar back was going to be a problem working on my roof, but it seems to have turned a corner, and has felt better than it has since I began trying to do more bending with it.    I went back to wearing the brace and it has helped.    mark


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