Friday, September 2, 2005

Please Visit...

If you are able to house a displaced family please consider it.  They are in such dire straights.  If you are lucky enough to be in the position to offer a house or a job or money or anything that is laid on your heart please don't give it another moment's thought.  Thank you.

To Give Housing

To Donate Money call 1-800-HELP-NOW


  1. I will try and see if there is anyway we can donate money from over here.

  2. What a great idea.  A housing effort.  God bless everyone who offers their home.


  3. I am grateful that so many people are rising to the occasion.  Criminals shooting at rescue helicopters.  It is insanity.  My prayers for all the people who are suffering, and unfortunately dying.   Take care, and God bless,   mark

  4. This is a great idea Val, Thank you!  You have such a big heart!  <<HUGS>>
    ~Miss O


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