Thursday, September 29, 2005

And The Winner Is...

Interesting.  There was a time in my life when I attracted chaos.  I thrived on it.  It is a bipolar history that is very painful.  I found it a bit surprising that according to Krissy's psychological test I view myself as soothing, calming and meditative.  I hope this is true.  Is it?  I know I want my environment to be this way.  I crave it.  I have really changed.  It is much more peaceful now :-).  According to her test others view me as independent, playful and soft.  I find that a bit funny.  I thought about the word independent and my choice of it.  I never thought I was as independent as I would like to be.  Life's situations have made me have to depend on more people than I have wanted to and has lowered my self-esteem.  I view myself more as unique and an individual and creative.  I am gaining more independence, though.  Soft is an interesting word.  I do think I am very feminine.  I love being a woman.  And, yes, I am very, very playful.  I think the test was very accurate, Krissy!!

Thanks to everyone who played yesterday's "Up Close With Val"!  It seemed to be a pretty easy one.  I realized after I posted and people started guessing that I really didn't know what the name of the object was!  It was a shower poofy net thingy that you use with shower gel or soap.  My sister says they are called Shower Puffs.  Perhaps that is their official name.  Who knows?! LOL  Anyway, the first official submission and correct guesser was The Fair
!!  Congratulations, my saussage!!!!!!  Here is your blue ribbon:


Have a happy Thursday, everyone! xox


  1. Well dfone Colleen, I didn't know what they were called either. All I know is that my Maine Coon, Katinka, ripped mine to pieces!! Jeannette.

  2. hello friend good to see you back on I have not seen you on my journal in a long time I thought something happend to you good to see this is not the case. I think you are sweet and loyal and faith filled and i do not need a test to say that this is just my expericance hope you have a good day God bless kelley

  3. I think I recognised it because I have one the same colour.I saw some today in the supermarket and they were called bath scrunchies. . in the chemist they were called mesh sponges. .wonder what they are called in America?I view you as soft, kind ,gentle and great fun to know Val.

  4. We call them bath scrunchies here.  I use them all the time but didn`t guess until after I`d read Colleen`s answer.  This was a very tricky one Val.  I look forward to your next "Up Close" ! :-)

    Sandra xxxx

  5. ok i didn't know it was a contest lol sometimes i am not with it sorry


  6. I don't call it a "bath scrunchy", lol.  A scrunchy is one of those things you put in your hair to make a pony tail, in our part of the country (reading the comment below).
    Val, this wasn't that easy.  Love ya Sissy


  7. Good game. I have no clue what we call them in New York !!! I know I need a new one , though, LOL


  8. Krissy's game was really cool!  I wish mine were true, but not all of them were!  Some were rather acurate though!  
    ~Miss O

  9. Oh... a Shower Puff! I thought you meant it was a sausage. Guess not... unless you had photographed it at the microscopic level and thus had caught those nasty purple bacteria multiplyin and dividing away as they created their vile toxins that will spread bile and... UNHG.... excuse me I think I just made myself sick.... UNGH.....


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