Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Up Close With Val"...

Happy Wednesday, all!  I have an "Up Close With Val" installment for you today!  I haven't done one for awhile and it was fun hunting for objects to photograph last night.  I wonder if this is an easy one?  For those of you who don't know what this game is...  I took a photograph of an ordinary object and perhaps played with it a bit.  If you think you know what it is, put your guess in the comment's section or send me an email at  I will let you know if you are correct by email or in an entry soon!  Go ahead, give it a try!!!  Have a good day!!! xox


  1. Hi Val!. .This looks like my bath net sponge ball thingy!

  2. yup, that's what it looks like - but i'm gonna go with a scrubber for the dishes :-)

  3. Looks like a hairnet to me!


  4. Yeah! I've got one of those. It looks just like my purple buff puff bath scrubby thingy that I use with my bath gel. LOL

  5. I agree with Colleen`s answer....yes, I`m sure that`s it!  :-)

    Sandra xxxx

  6. Bath scrunchie???

    Be well,

  7. I am going with the majority...bath thingy!  LOL


  8. Well, I cheated and looked at everyone elses answers , now, thats all I can think of to say !!!! u uuummmm..... so, I will go with that.


  9. Looks like hair curlers to me, BUT, I'm just a guy!! LOL rich

  10. I have soooo many of those!  Everytime I get a gift basket there is one in it!
    ~Miss O

  11. Whew!! I almost peeked at the next entry before I made my guesses. So then here goes... I know I'll get this one cause it's so simply dimply. Its.... a photo of the inside of your head when a migrane is raging and all you can see is various purple swirls as the pain throbs... until you feel the healing, soothing prayers of family and friends. Not bad hu?....

    OK maybe I need anudder guess... hmm... By Jove, I've GOT IT!!! It is a phot of a toddler's efforts fingerpaining with grape jelly. Ewwww... sticky, icky mess... but oh so tactile! Got it now eh? Eh?..... Not quite?

    Could it be the inside of your kitty's litte pan after they have scratched and scritched all the purty purple kitty litter spread around? How's THAT!?

    All right enuff already the suspense isa killin me. Must peek and see the answer.


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