Saturday, January 22, 2005

Let it snow!...

 We are in the middle of a snowstorm!  It is piling up right now!  Depending on which weather report you listen to, we can get 10 to 14 inches here in my area!!  I guess I don't mind so much because I don't have anywhere I have to go or anything I really have to do.  Chelsea stranded herself at her boyfriend's house on purpose last night so I am all alone.  She didn't have to work and thought it would be fun to be stuck for two days with him.  I think it would have been nice to have two days of "daughter time", but I understand as she is someone who has to keep going, and going, and going.  She doesn't sit still.  I didn't at her age either.

I have had a pretty strange week.  I haven't been able to taste very well or even not at all for quite a number of days.  It is mostly on the right side of my tongue, but sometimes it is the whole tongue.  It has been numb.  My first thought when I was experiencing this was that it was neurological and it concerned me a bit.  I called my neurologist's office and the nurse told me she thought it could be a dental problem.  Hmm...?  I just so happen to have a dental appointment on Tuesday, so they will do x-rays to see if I have an abscess.  I don't have any pain?!  Do you know how weird it is to not be able to taste your food?  You just don't want to eat!  It isn't a way to lose weight, either, because you keep tasting food trying to get something to "fulfill" your taste.  I don't know if this makes sense, but that is how it is working for me.  So, now I am eating for texture.  Weird, weird, weird.  If I don't have an abscess, they are going to do a CTScan before my appoinment with my neurologist on the 31st to make sure everything is fine.  I think everything is okay.  I wasn't so sure the other day when I was tipping over and actually broke my TV!!  Yep, a new TV!!  I fell into it and broke it.  I can get so clumsy at times.  So I stayed in bed because I was spending a day cleaning up messes after myself--dropping drinks and food and such.  Some days my coordination is just very "off" and I walk into things and drop things.  Most days I am not this clumsy, but on thosebad days I just want to hide, and I do!

I have been slow visiting journals this week and I hope you understand.  I am sure you all do, as you are all wonderful!!  Hey, I have a mind is wandering all over the place..flight of ideas!  Why is it that when it snows a lot of men HAVE TO go out and drive in it??  (Now, not all men, mind you...just a lot of them.)  It doesn't matter how much snow it is.  It could snow three feet and then they can turn to their wife and say, "I need to go check and see how the roads are.  I will be right back.  Do you need anything?  Bread?"  She is thinking, "Yeah, how about a sane husband!  An alive husband!"  So, why do you men do this?  The road will be cleared in just a few hours!  Or better yet, it will probably be melted in a day.  Sit down and enjoy the day with your family!  I am sitting here on my computer with the snow falling and I see all these cars out in it.  There are many inches on the ground and only men are driving these vehicles.  The roads ARE NOT clear!  What are these men thinking?  Check and see how the roads are???????  Hmmm...

So, Krissy from Sometimes I Think has a new Scavenger Hunt this week!!  I just love these hunts.  For those of you who participate, go on over and see the subject!  For those of you who don't, why not start this week?  It is loads and loads of fun!!

Here is a very, very simple way to contribute to the tsunami effort.  It is one very, very simple click daily.  It gives 1.1 cups of food for the hungry.  This site is also linked to other sites that only take a few moments out of your day....just a few, and can change people's lives.  Hope you enjoy your day!


  1. So glad to see you back posting my dear friend.  I hope you get the tongue situation sorted out, must make eating boring and difficult.  Send us some snow would you, I would just love some so I shall have to share yours.  We understand about your being slow on journals, please do not worry about it. You just get yourself right. God bless you xxxxx

  2. I know all that snow is beautiful! We were supposed to get some here tomorrow, but I think it is going to by-pass us once again. Thanks for the tsunami link. God Bless

  3. Oh, thanks for the great link Val, I had totally forgotten about it.  Oh heck, I think I have that link on my journal page, lol.  I had better go to it more often.  Thanks for the reminder.  Love, Krissy  PS  I love your graphics!  

  4. Snow?  I remember snow.  I once lived in Missouri.  I remember going out into the yard, briefly, when the temperature was below zero.  Now, back in CA, it hasn't dipped below freezing in years.
    Stay snuggy.
    I contributed to tsunami relief at my market.  They added my contribution to the red cross right on to my register receipt, which serves as receipt for tax purposes too.  
    I enjoy photo scavenger hunt too. If Krissy is feeling up to  having a new one, I sure will enjoy that.  I remember that it was you taught me how to get photos in my journal by using Photo Bucket.  Thanks.

  5. It's the only time we get to act like the NASCAR guys. Find a little sise street with no cars around, spin out like crazy. Did it all the time, growing up in Minnesota. The "operative" words were "growing up". Guess I answered that for you. rich

  6. Ah, lovely snow!!
    How lucky you are :o)
    Hope you feel better soon hon, re the clumsy thing and your tongue.  I hope they find out what's causing that.  
    And thank you for the tsunami link, will click there lots, it costs nothing and is still helping.  Take care hon, and stay warm!
    Sara   x

  7. HI Val,
    I hope you let us know what is going on with the taste bud things.  I hope it is something simple!
    Now about that that someone murdering someone in the window?  
    Oh, I may try the photo challenge this week.  We'll see.

  8. Hope the taste buds wake up soon, Val! What a bizzare problem! Hope it's nothing serious.

  9. I'm in NY in the middle of a snowstorm too. As a matter of fact here's a little cute man story. I put a DVD in and Richard Dreyfuss was on screen as my son-in-law walked in and he said, "Cool, you're watching Jaws?" He was already to join me and I said, "Nope, "The Goodbye Girl." And he sighed and sadly walked away. LOL!
    PS....I hope you feel better soon. : )

  10. oh snow how I will have to learn to get used to it maybe you can give me some tips. We are moving soon to Indiania from california what a change we will be in for hugh? Well I will say a prayer for you to feel better soon. GOD BLESS KELLEY  

  11. I've heard so much about the weather on the news, it's more interesting reading about it in the journals.  What people are doing, those who are staying in and keeping warm, etc.  I'd be curled up snug as a bug in rug until SPRING sunshine!!!  OK, maybe not that long.  


  12. Brrr, sounds like you need to stay inside, all warm and snug, with a nice mug of hot cocoa.

  13. Hi' i had a similar problem years ago, but mine was virus related, i couldn't taste anything, for weeks, the doctor precsribed medicine, but in the end it just came back, i hope you get it sorted, it's not nice at all, the snow sounds a real menace, but i must admit i do love snow, but we never get it real bad here. xx Julie xx

  14. I experienced something similar a few years ago, it was an inner ear prob. Hope you soon get it sorted. Take care.
    Sylvia x

  15. Cool graphic ;)
    I hope everything gets sorted out with you at the doctors, that is odd about your tongue being numb.  
    Thankfully, Chris is one of those guys that doesn't like driving in the snow (well mainly ice here!)  He goes to the store and fills up the gas tank before the snow hits...the man's addicted to the weather channel ;)
    Enjoy the snow!  Our ice is finally melting here ;)


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