Thursday, January 13, 2005

Facts about me...

Good afternoon all!  Seems a lot of people are sick in my world.  This sickness wasn't included in the flu shot apparently, so I am wishing that my Dad, Chelsea, Krissy and John are feeling much better soon!  Krissy wanted me to tell you that she will be back journaling and visiting others when she is feeling better.  She visited the doctor this morning and was given an antibiotic.  She sounded awful on the phone.  Everyone is losing their voices.  I'm not sick yet.  I am hoping that I don't get sick.  I usually catch everything that goes around.  I am crossing my fingers and saying a prayer.  I wanted to wish my little sister, Deirdre, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Deirdre is the youngest sister in my family.  There are five girls.  I don't know if everyone knew that.  Yep, five of us.  I have one brother.  He is the oldest. 

I thought I would tell everyone some interesting (or not-so-interesting?) facts about myself today.  I always like learning new things about fellow journalers...obscure things.  I was thinking of things about myself that were not known.  I came up with this list.  I hope you find it interesting.  It may help you understand who I am (and am not).

-  I was born with six fingers! (I am polydactyl!)
-  I have found thousands of four-leaf clovers in my life, hundreds of five-leaf,
   many six-leaf and a few seven-leaf.  I am still looking for the elusive eight-leaf!
-  I have been married twice and divorced twice.
-  I played the violin in middle school and part of high-school.  I also played the
   guitar when I was around eight and nine.
-  I got straight A's in high school except for Algebra II.  I graduated number     
   13 out of 550 students.  We had 3 valedictorians.  I hate math!
-  If I have change in my pocket, I put money in every donation can or box I see.
-  I dream in color.
-  I want to write a book someday.  I will, I really, really will!  It is in my head...I 
   just need to get it written!
-  I want to learn how to play the piano and wooden flute.
-  I have had two brain surgeries and a shunt in my head.
-  I love to do transcendental meditation.
-  I pray every day.
-  I dance and sing with my cat.
-  I love flowers!  My favorite is the red geranium.  It reminds me of my childhood.
   I also love the hydrangea.
-  Krissy is my soul-mate.  She calls me Violet.  I call her Rose.  We have a "Little
   Flower Club" where we help each other out with our needs.  We know each other's
   needs instinctively.  I am going to be her bridesmaid!
-  I hate crowds.
-  I love nature.  I love sitting in the grass.  I love staring up at the clouds.
-  I love teenagers.  They are very special.  We connect.
-  I have bipolar disorder and obsesessive-compulsive disorder.  They suck.
-  My son is in a school for the performing arts.  He loves to sing.  I can't sing.  He
   wants blue hair and I think that is way cool!  He gets straight A's.  (That's not 
   about me is it?  That's about him!  I just want to brag! when
will I do that
   entry about him????)

-  I love color.  I can stare at a pretty color for a long time and it changes my mood.
   I like to paint and when I do I stare at the colors when I am mixing them.  It 
   almost gives me a high.  It surely gives me energy.
-  I am addicted to a few reality shows...Big Brother, The Apprentice, The Biggest
   Loser, American Idol.  I think TV is mostly trash, but why do I watch these?
-  I love music.  I am a secret Barry Manilow fan. is out!  I also LOVE Josh
   Groban.  I just can't get enough of his voice!
-  I sleep on my right side at night and never, ever move.  I am told I snore 
   ocassionally.  I can not sleep with someone else in my bed.  I will kick you out!
-  I absolutely HATE TV commercials.  I change the channel when they come on.  I
   am a channel surfer and freguently watch two TV shows at one time.  What is that
   all about?
-  I hate, hate, hate the telephone and I have the answering machine answer all my
   calls.  I pick up on the machine or call the person back.  My family and friends are
   used to this.  What is this all about, too?
-  I hate grocery shopping!
-  I love glass and gems and anything sparkly!!  I have a glass collection!
-  There is almost no food I will not eat.  I get this from my parents who introduced 
    me to all kinds of food.  I have strange, strange meals.  People groan when I 
    suggest they eat at my home.  Yesterday for lunch I had lobat gow with hoisin 
    sauce, pecans and brazil nuts, and cheese and crackers.  What kind of lunch is
    that?  I could eat a whole lunch of a can of spinach or a cup yogurt and raisins,
    etc.  Give it to me and I'll try it!
-  I will smile at anyone who walks by me in public.

I guess that is all I will write for now.  I am sure I could keep going, and going, and going.  I don't know if I am interesting or not, but this is ME.  Perhaps I will give you more in my next entry.  The sun is actually shining.  I guess I should try and clean my house.  I don't want to.  House-cleaning fairy, where are you???


  1. It's nice to find out so much stuff about you! Maybe I should do a similar entry in my journal...I dont really know where to start though...hmmmm

    love Amy

  2. Sorry to hear Krissy and Chelsea are unwell now, please give Krissy  my love when you speak to her. I have an 'old wives' recipe for avoiding flu bugs etc.  - hang a clove of garlic around your neck. It's a bit smelly though and won't make you very popular!
    Love Sylvia

  3. So many interesting facts - I don't know where to start!!
    Have you eaten escargot - presume that's how you spell it - or frogs legs?  
    What is lobat gow, and what's hoisin sauce?
    Do people more often than not smile back at you when you smile at them?
    Are all your fingers fully functioning?
    Do you mind me asking that?  
    Ooh, ooh, so much info!!
    I LOVE details :o)
    Sara   x

  4. Oh, and I hope everyone feels better soon, and that you don't catch whatever it is they've got!!  
    Sara   x

  5. wow, thank you so much for sharing all that with us. You are a fascinating and lovely person and I feel I know you so much more now. Hope you all feel better soon.............Jules xxxxxxxx
    Happy birthday to Deidre as well xxxxx

  6. You sound a very interesting and warm person.Best Wishes!

  7. some great facts there.  and i know now that i would never accept an invitation to eat at your place!!!!  LOL  what is lobat gow with hoisin sauce?  love nuts and cheese.



  9. Thanks for the info. It was interesting to me. wow five of you all and one brother!! I too dream in color. We share alot in common that I won't get into now but great entry.


  10. Loved reading this even though I already know you.  Love, your soulmate, TBADT, Sissy Krissy

  11. I really enjoyed your entry and I feel I know you even better.  

    I do hope everyone gets well soon and that you do not get whatever everyone seems to be passing around.  :-)

  12. Thanks for sharing all that about you. We had a few things in common. The phone being the strongest. I hate telephones. : )

  13. Thanks for sharing all of this Val, yes I do know more about you now.  Loved our chat last night. My favourite flower is the red geranium as well, have them in the garden every year.  Hope Krissy and all get better really soon. Send her my love. God bless you, I am praying for you. xxxxxx

  14. Val,
    I'm happy to know more about you.  I should do something like that in my journal.  But, I may just scare people away. I can't sing either, but it doesn't stop me from getting up at Karokee bars.  Love you bunches Lu

  15. Chris finds 4 leaf clovers all the time too.  I've found ONE in my whole life, and I think Chris may have helped me ;)
    I hate crowds and eat strange things too.  
    I love these details ;)  so much fun!

  16. Of course this entry is interesting.  Thanks for sharing!  

  17. This is a great entry, Val.  I've discovered we have a lot of things in common.  So many, in fact, they are too numerous to mention.  Bet that's got you wondering, huh?  Hope you have a happy Saturday and Sunday.

  18. Fantastic entry, makes you think about yourself, some spooky thoughts though! you sound very unique, which is good. xxJuliexx


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