Saturday, January 1, 2005

Interesting Blog and Light a Candle..

Lovely Jeannette has an incredible entry where you can do a healing ritual by lighting a candle for the tsunami victims.  She also has a link to an incredible blog from Sri Lanka.  Go read it, it is incredible.  Click here!  Thanks for this, Jeannette!


  1. thanks as always ur thoughful and wonderous compassion shows. I love to pass things forward and have my friends on line i sent the link to hopefully we can light this world up with prayer and well wishes this holiday season. Happy New Year and ps. more stories r coming i was working and ended up behind thanks for reading  and hope al ur best prayers r answered
    In  Respect and Friendship

  2. That certainly is an incredible journal!
    Sara   x

  3. Very good links, thanks for sharing.

    Happy New Year!


  4. both the candle and the blog are incredible, I agree. The candles you light only burn for 24 hrs so you can visit it more than once...........Jules xxxxxxx

  5. Thanks for posting this Val.  I do not mind you linking at all.  I think the candle site is so lovely that I shall use it often when praying for victims of the tsunami, for friends, even for myself. The candles burn for 48 hours but there is nothing to stop us going back again and again. I have put it under my favourite places and I am going to add it to favourites on my journal as well.  The Sri Lanka blog has been updated.  I do so admire that person, I do not think I could cope with all those horrors and heartbreak. God bless you dear friend xxxxxx

  6. Thanks for the link, Jeannete has a wonderful journal that should be enjoyed by all. What a wonderful, thoughtful gesture.


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