Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Good day everyone!  I have been having a hard few days with exhaustion and sleepiness.  I just want to get under my covers and disappear for a couple of days.  I have had a couple of weeks of busy-ness physically and in my brain and now I just want to escape for awhile. 

My brain doesn't even feel like giving me information to type this entry, but I am going to try and then I am going to get under the covers with my cat.  I do hope she joins me.  She was not a bed cat or a lap cat for four years and now all of the sudden she has been joining me almost nightly in my bed!!  This started about a month ago.  Why would a cat do this all of the sudden?  After four years?  I have been ecstatic about it as I enjoy her warm fur and her lovely face and her company.  She is not a bed hog and she does not like to plop all over me.  She has her little corner right up near my face.  It is truly lovely.  She said, "Hiiii!" this morning.  You all probably think I am crazy.  She is very vocal.  I was walking around this morning telling her, "Hii, hiii, hiii, hii!".  Then in her meow voice she said, "Hiii!"  She tries to copy the tone of my voice.  Silly cat.

My neurologist called me on Saturday, believe it or not.  He said that, yes, they inserted a non-programmable shunt when they had intended to insert a programmable one.  They admitted to their mistake!  Finally!  I was even amazed that they had admitted to it.  There is a bit of good news to this, though.   To get switched over to a programmable shunt is much easier than I had thought.  I am not going to get it switched unless I really have to, though.  Switching involves local anesthesia, not general, and can be done in the office, and they don't have to take out the shunt.  So I am not upset like I was.

I volunteered yesterday at a place called The Faith Centre.  It has a thrift store, a food bank, a coffee shop (fee donuts and coffee), a bible study, and you can check out books for free.  I was there for about an hour and a half.  I was tagging clothes.  It was a very nice to be a part of something that is larger than myself.  I am definitely going back.  The only problem with it is that it really bothers my pain.  But then so does everything else I do, so I am going to definitely go back.  There are about six volunteers there at any given time.  I had not realized how much work goes into places like these.  Being on disability, sometimes it is hard for me to feel like I have a "purpose" in life.  I am sure those of you who are also an disability know what I mean.  It is something that I am constantly struggling with.  What's neat about The Faith Centre is that I can work whenever I want, with whomever I want, or not at all on certain weeks.  Sounds lovely to me.

I have a riddle for you guys.  Put your answer in the comments section and I will tell you if you are correct.  Sorry, Krissy, you can not anwer this as I am pretty sure you have heard this:  An archaeologist finds the frozen remains of Adam and Eve.  Their bodies are whole in ice.  How does he know he has found Adam and Eve?

I am off for lunch and a nap...Take care and go VOTE if you haven't!




  1. If you find out how you got the cat to love up to you let me know as I don't think Jasper is talking to me at all.

    Good news about shunt.

    No belly buttons??


  2. I am glad the cat has suddenly decideed to join you-a timely gift indeed. Also that your neurologist admits his mistake-how amazing!-and it's not too difficult a fix, should you need it. I am happy, too, that you have have found a place to be part of a giving community. It makes me realize how much i will need to do the same. Thank you. Margo

  3. Am glad your cat doesn't like to plop all over you!!
    Am also glad that your shunt isn't too difficult to change - they admitted it, wonders will never cease!
    It took a while, but the old brain eventually got up enough speed to get the belly button thing ;o)
    Well done you for volunteering at that place, should be very rewarding, as long as you don't overdo it.  Take care, have a nice sleep and pleasant dreams.
    Sara   x

  4. I can't do that riddle. But I can see the goodness in you for doing the voluntary work. I do some occasionally, but would like to do more. Please tell riddle answer soon.

  5. I am so thick. That belly buttons bit didn't even register. For some reason I thought Stuart was still talking about the cats.

  6. tut tut...you told me off for writing in my journal too much when I feel exhusted and you go and do the same thing! Naughty Val! tee hee!

    I didnt get the belly button thing...I should have...I was thinking along the lines of ribs or something LOL!

    Glad to hear that the shunt is easy to fix.

    love Amy xx

  7. My brain is so election-minded right now, I can't think straight.
    BTW, you have an honest doctor. God bless you and be healed and healing always.


  8. Oh, I love the cat graphic.  I think God must've known you needed a pet bed buddy.  They are such blessings from God, you know.  Glad you found out about the shunt and that it is easily remedied.  Hope you get more energy soon.

  9. Oh Valerie, so sorry that they put the wrong shunt in, but I am glad that it is easier than you thought it would be too have it changed.
    That sounds so neat about the Faith Centre.  That sounds neat that you can work for awhile and then take a break for awhile.  That way, you can take a break if you have pain.  Sounds like the perfect volunteer job.  And it will give you meaning.  -Krissy

  10. I am so sorry they put the wrong shunt in but having them admit to it is wonderful as Drs rarely admit to any type of mistake. I hope the shunt you have continues to work and you don't need it changing.
    Adam and Eve had no belly buttons I think, like us??............Jules xxx

  11. Sounds like you've tired yourself out again.. but you did it doing something wonderful!  

    Thinking of you!

    (by the way,... is the answer to the riddle... no bellybuttons...?  Seems like I've heard that one somewhere...)

  12. hi val-well the new link worked. i will know what happened. i have been catching up on your blog, and can comeserate with you. i also have had a rough couple of years. by the by, my pussy, pumpkin sleeps with me every nite. she gets so close to me, i'm afraid of smothering her. my very first cat, rainey, was a no touch girl, when i became ill, she started to sleep on my face. the bed had no room for the three of us. Now that my husband is gone, she gives me all the comfort in the world. May i make mention that i see a wonderful psycologist who does hypnosis on herself, to relax herbody. she had an auto accident several years ago, and now she can live almost pain free. she has taught me the same thing. think positive and carry a small stick! always be positive.   speak to you soon. love and hugs,,,,,,roberta

  13. No doubt about it, your cat knew her house mate needed a buddy. Animals have incredible sensory perceptions that we humans have let lapse as we rely more on the neo-cortex. Enjoy that gift and let her gentle purrrrrr lull you to sleep and balance.

    Finally some answers on the shunt ordeal. Hopefully some further decisions can now be made?

    Answer to your question... umm neither were holding a game boy or remote? ... nota hu?.... OK .... hmmm .... *brain hurts from thinking* ... neither had any body piercing or tattoos?

    Best I kin do. Sounds like you found a place for your heart as well as succor for oyur working spirit at the Faith Centre.  Excellent! Remember energy is heading your way..... toodles.



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